• Invoice At Once

    Free Web Website

    Easy Invoice creation.
    By editing the invoice template you can get an invoive in Pdf and/or send it via email.
    Just edit, just get the invoice. Simple.
    Your invoices won't be stored on the web.
    No sign-in required.
    You can add your logo.


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  • inoERP

    Free Windows Linux Web MySQL Community Edition Self-Hosted ... MariaDB PHP Oracle Database Website

    inoERP is an open source php based enterprise management system.
    The ERP systems contain all the required modules for running any small to mid-size businesses.
    The features are very similar to Oracle R12/ Fusion Application and SAP.
    It also contains a light weight CMS which seamlessly integrates with the ERP

    Why inoERP
    The ideas behind inoERP is to provide a dynamic pull based system where the demand /supply changes frequently and traditional planning systems (such as MRP or Kanban) are incompetent to provide a good inventory turn.

    What is Dynamic pull System

    Dynamic pull system is an advanced version of pull system which encompasses the best feature of traditional pull system & MRP. The major disadvantage of traditional kanban system is the fixed kanban size and requirement of at least 2 bins for full operation. In the event of sudden demand decrease, kanban system can result in extra inventory and the value of unused inventory can go up to 2 bin size. Similarly, In case of unexpected demand increasing, it can result in line down and the issue will be severe if the lead times are not short.
    Dynamic pull system overcomes this issue by recalculating the bucket size (kanban size/lot size) before creating any supply (requisitions/purchase order/work order). Each time a new supply is created, system automatically decides the best supply size as per the existing actual demand.


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  • Finance41

    Freemium Web Android Website

    Finance41 is a personal finance service that keeps track of your spendings, incomes and savings.


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  • Mentio

    Free Mac Windows Web Windows Mobile Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Website

    Mentio monitors your businesses finances, lets you know when something is wrong, and what to do to fix it. Its for small business.


  • Simply Wall St

    Freemium Web Website

    Simply Wall St is Pintrest/Xero for the stock market. We give everyday people the power to make their own investment decisions by meaningfully visualizing the stock market in a way that has never been done before.


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  • You Need A Budget

    Commercial Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Apple Watch ... Kindle Fire Amazon Echo (Alexa Voice Service) CrossOver Website

    Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money.

    Our Four Rules are the key, the magic, the secret sauce, if you will. Learn our method and you could budget successfully, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back. (Well, you could, but it’s still easier with the software.)

    Access to real-time information, from any device, anytime, makes it drop-dead simple to share finances with a partner (and not accidentally overspend at Target).

    Budgeting isn’t about restriction. It’s about setting and reaching your goals. And then setting new, bigger goals, and doing it again. Boom!

    Eye candy (read: graphs and charts) make it fun to obsess over your progress. Watch out—we might make a budgeting nerd out of you yet!

    We’re invested in your success. Shoot us an email. Or check out one of the 100+ free, live, online workshops we offer every week. (Seriously!) Our team is here to help!

    Security is our #1 priority. We encrypt our data, bcrypt hash all user passwords, and the data centers we use are accredited multiple times over.


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  • ClearCheckbook

    Free Web Android iPhone HP webOS Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    ClearCheckbook is an extremely easy to use online checkbook register and money management tool. Balance your checkbook, view spending reports, set a budget and more.


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  • Pocketsmith

    Freemium Web Chrome OS Website

    A time machine for your money.

    PocketSmith is personal finance software with cash flow forecasts.
    Understand your money and its potential. Start saving today.

    Understand present spending.

    See where your money is going, and get control over your spending.

    See the future.

    See your future bank balances with our budget calendar and what-if scenarios.

    Reflect on your past.

    All your accounts and transactions in one place, easily, with our Live Bank Feeds.


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  • FrontAccounting

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web MySQL Community Edition ... Apache HTTP Server PHP Website

    FrontAccounting is a simple, but powerful, system for the entire ERP chain and covers:

    * Purchase Orders
    * Goods Receivable Notes
    * Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes
    * Payments
    * Allocations
    * Accounts Payable
    * Items and Inventory
    * Stock
    * Manufacturing
    * Sales Orders
    * Customer Invoices/Credit Notes
    * Deposits
    * Allocations
    * Accounts Receivable
    * Dimensions
    * General Ledger with Budget
    * Languages
    * Currencies
    * Several Companies

    The databases can be placed anywhere in the world and can be reached from everywhere.

    FrontAccounting is free and released under the GNU General Public License.


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  • Thrive

    Free Web Website

    Free online personal financial advisor to help you manage your finances. Save money, decrease debt and make plans with Thrive.


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  • GreenSherpa

    Commercial Web Website

    GreenSherpa - Easy Personal Finance Software, Online Money Management & Personal Budgets.


  • LoveMoney

    Free Web Website is here to help you make the most of your money. Whether you are after a better savings rate, cash back credit card or cheaper borrow rates we can help you find the best deals. Live life richer with


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  • Money Dashboard

    Free Web Website

    Free online personal finance software that helps individuals & families in the UK to manage their money more effectively.

    View your past and plan for your future with our budget planner and budget tracker.


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  • inDinero

    Free Web Website

    inDinero helps business owners monitor the financial health of their companies. Most small business owners hate the idea of learning accounting software, so weve created a solution thats easy for anyone to use.

    In less than 5 minutes, youll know precisely how much youre earning, spending, what your cash situation looks like, and more. Since inDinero understands your spending, we can also remind you of upcoming bills to pay, and warn you about low balances and unusual account activity. inDinero works for your business, and is a new approach to business finance.


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  • Mesabe

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Mesabe is the private, open-source version of Wesabe you can run on your own computer.


  • Less Accounting

    Commercial Web Website

    Online book keeping app that is available on online and iphone. Features include Invoicing, Expenses tracking, bank integration, send project proposals, multiple currencies, import / export Data and 256 bit Encryption.


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  • Ronin

    Freemium Web Website

    Online invoicing, client management, and time tracking web application for freelance, creative professionals, and small businesses.


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  • CashBase

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Website

    CashBase helps you track your personal finances, providing a clear overview of income and expenses. is the web version of the app which you can use on your computer or any other device with Internet access.

    Your data is securely synchronized and backed-up on our servers, so you never lose a thing!


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    Commercial Web Website

    BillGrid is an easy to use online invoicing, billing and expense management system that will save you time with tracking clients projects, expenses, invoices and payments.

  • Inzolo

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Website

    Online virtual envelope budget system. Plan where you are going to spend your money before you spend it, by allocating to envelopes. As you spend, match transactions to their envelopes. Supports automatic transaction importing from your bank using OFX direct connect.


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  • Kittysplit

    Free Web Website

    Kittysplit is the easiest way to share group expenses. Period.

    No registration, free of charge, no emails, no password.

    You should try it right now


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  • FlowZR

    Free Web Android Android Tablet Website

    Budget and Finance management: financial planning, money management that help you have a clear vision so you concentrate on your real job.
    FlowZR Cloud Sync add the ability to backup your device.
    It allow you to sync your accounting documentation between several devices.
    More: Flowzr let you give access to some of your account to another user, securely.
    -Multiple accounts, multiple currencies
    -Home currency and exchange rates
    -Transfers, scheduled & recurring transactions
    -Split transactions
    -Hierarchical categories with attributes
    -Budgets, project, payees and locations
    -Filtering and reporting
    It is used in pre-accounting to take note of the issued checks, bills to pay and invoices receivable.
    Flowzr can remind recurrent maturities and collect data from your bank. It allows bank reconciliations.
    It can then be used immediately to communicate with your accountant of the operations performed.
    It allows you to archive transactions and analyze budgets create reports and forecast.


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  • Craftybase

    Commercial Web Website

    Keep track of what you make! Helping you manage your handmade products, determine your incomings and outgoings, and keep track of your stock levels.

    Stock and inventory tracking

    • Keep tabs on what you have in stock and what you need to reorder

    Customer and vendor management

    • Know your best customers, and where you can get the best price for your materials.

    Sales and invoicing

    • Track your sales and generate invoices.

    Time tracking

    • Track how long it takes you to make each item you sell so you can keep on top of your labour costs.

    Import your Small Etsy iconEtsy shop

    • Import your sales, Small Etsy iconEtsy fees and listings at the touch of a button.

    Powerful searching

    • Our software makes finding your records a breeze.

    Fast & easy to use

    • Designed to be as intuitive as possible, with a well stocked help article section for reference should you need it.

    256-bit SSL security

    • We use industry standard technology to keep your data safe.

    Daily offsite secure backups

    • Plus you can download your data at anytime for your own records.

    Personalised, friendly and fast support from the founders.

    • Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!


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  • Manilla

    Freemium Web Website

    Manilla offers a secure, online place to organize and manage your household bills, financial accounts, travel rewards programs and more


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    Free Web Website

    Free Online Accounting Software for Small Business Bookkeeping.
    Create your own P&L groups and look of your invoices.
    Unlimited number of users including look only for bankers.
    No need to send files for everyone to see & work together.
    Great for start ups.


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