Best Operating Systems for Pentesting and Privacy

When choosing an operating system to work with, you can think of Kali Linux, or Black Arch, but it is always important to know some of them in order to choose a better option.

Of course, as they are not in alternative I can not include them, but I recommend you also: DEFT and Xiaopan

  • General

    These distributions are the most recommended to install, because it offers a complete solution of tools.

  • Kali Linux

    Free Windows Linux Windows S Website

    This is the most famous distribution of Pentesting, distributed by Offensive Security, contains many packages when testing.

    I personally recommend Kali Linux for more experienced people.


    Kali Linux icon
  • BlackArch

    Free Linux Arch Linux Website

    A very heavy distribution (about 15 GB) since it contains 2554 pre-installed pentesting tools, it is very useful for a LiveCD, since you probably don't have the need to install tools.


    BlackArch icon
  • Parrot Security OS

    Free Linux Website

    Sharing Kali Linux repositories and adding your own, we have this operating system, which is recommended for people just starting in this world of pentesting.


    Parrot Security OS icon
  • Bugtraq

    Free Linux Website

    Bugtraq is a distribution that, as in Parrot OS, I recommend for beginners. What I like most about this distribution, is that it contains many more categories (in its tools), than the rest of operating systems (and it is something that is very appreciated).


    Bugtraq icon
  • BlackBuntu

    Free Linux Website

    This distribution reminds me of Kali Linux, but being completely Ubuntu


    BlackBuntu icon
  • WIFIs and Network Auditories

  • Wifislax

    Free Linux Website

    This distribution LiveCD or installable, is made to perform wifi audits from a field little experienced, is one of the best to start in the field of wireless networks.


    Wifislax icon
  • Network Security Toolkit

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    This LiveCD distribution based on Fedora, allows you to make audits in local networks, of this type of distributions there are few, and that among them this one is thankful.


    Network Security Toolkit icon
  • Privacity and Security

  • Tails

    Free Linux Electrum Tor Browser Bundle GNOME Tor ... VeraCrypt Thunderbird Website

    Tails, a LiveCD distribution developed by the Tor team, allows you a lot of privacy by being completely based on Tor


    Tails icon
  • Qubes OS

    Free Linux Fedora Xen Website

    If you want an extra security, when doing your audits, I recommend Qubes OS, this operating system runs each application in a separate virtual machine


    Qubes OS icon
  • Linux Kodachi

    Free Linux Website

    This distribution has the place on my list of the most private, since all the traffic goes through it: VPN + TOR + DNSCrypt, which makes it much more private than any other operating system.


    Linux Kodachi icon

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