Productive Daily-use Linux Setup

  • Artha

    Free Windows Linux Website

    Artha is a handy thesaurus based on WordNet with distinct features like global hotkey look-up, passive desktop notifications, regular expression based search, etc.. Artha may be used as a free open-source replacement to the proprietary WordWeb Pro.


    Artha icon
  • Rnote

    Free Linux Flathub Flatpak Website

    Rnote aims to be a simple but functional note taking application for freehand drawing or annotating pictures or documents. It eventually should be able to import / export various media file formats.


    Rnote icon
  • Audio Sharing

    Free Linux Website

    With Audio Sharing you can share your current computer audio playback in the form of an RTSP stream. This stream can then be played back by other devices, for example using VLC.

    By sharing the audio as a network stream, you can also use common devices that are not intended to be used as audio sinks (eg. smartphones) to receive it. For example, there are audio accessories that are not compatible with desktop computers (e.g. because the computer does not have a Bluetooth module installed). With the help of this app, the computer audio can be played back on a smartphone, which is then connected to the Bluetooth accessory.


    Audio Sharing icon
  • Marble

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn more about Earth: You can pan and zoom around and you can look up places and roads. A mouse click on a place label will provide the respective Wikipedia article.


    Marble icon
  • OpenRGB

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Open source RGB lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software.


    OpenRGB icon
  • Albert

    Free Linux Debian Xfce Website

    Omnilauncher for Linux to help you quickly find and run apps and do other useful things.


    Albert icon
  • MyTourbook

    Free Mac Windows Linux Eclipse Java Website

    MyTourbook is free software to visualize and analyze tours which are recorded by a GPS device, bike- or exercise computer and ergometer.


    MyTourbook icon
  • Golden Cheetah

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    GoldenCheetah is a software package that:

    Downloads ride data directly from the CycleOps PowerTap and the SRM PowerControl V. Support for SRM PowerControl VI and VII is planned for the future.

    Imports ride data downloaded with other programs, including TrainingPeaks WKO+ and the manufacturers' software for the Ergomo, Garmin, Polar, PowerTap, and SRM devices.

    Provides a rich set of analysis tools, including a critical power graph, BikeScore calculation, histogram analysis, a best interval finder, and a pedal force versus pedal velocity chart, to name just a few.

    Is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. (The Windows version does not yet support direct downloads from the SRM PowerControl.)

    Is released under an Open Source license.

    We believe that cyclists should be able to download their power data to the computer of their choice, analyze it in whatever way they see fit, and share their methods of analysis with others.


    Golden Cheetah icon
  • SMPlayer

    Free Windows Linux BSD mpv ... Haiku MPlayer Mac Website

    SMPlayer intends to be a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, and VCDs to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters and more. SMPlayer remembers the settings of all files you play. So you start to watch a movie but you have to leave... dont worry, when you open that movie again it will resume at the same point you left it, and with the same settings: audio track, subtitles, volume...

    Plays almost all formats without the need to download and install any codecs yourself due to it being based on Small MPlayer iconMPlayer. Now SMPlayer supports Small MPV iconMPV as well.


    SMPlayer icon
  • GtkHash

    Free Windows Linux BSD Cinnamon GNOME ... MATE Xfce Website

    Currently supported hash functions include CRC32, ADLER32, GOST, MD2, MD4, MD5, MD6, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3, RIPEMD, HAVAL, TIGER, WHIRLPOOL and BLAKE2.

    • Support for verifying checksum files from sfv, sha256sum, etc.
    • Keyed hashing (HMAC)
    • Parallel/threaded hash calculation
    • Remote file access using GIO/GVfs
    • File manager integration
    • Small and fast, written in C


    GtkHash icon
  • X-tile

    Free Linux Xfce Website

    X-tile is an application that allows you to select a number of windows and tile them in different ways. It works on any X desktop like Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE. The main features are: many tiling geometries, undo tiling, invert tiling order, optional system tray docking and menu, filter to avoid listing some windows, filter to check some windows by default, command line interface.
    tile checked windows vertically
    tile checked windows horizontally
    tile checked windows grid
    tile checked windows custom
    tile checked windows triangle up, down, left, right
    tile checked windows quad
    undo tiling
    invert tiling order
    cycle tiling order
    maximize checked windows
    unmaximize checked windows
    close checked windows
    filter to avoid listing some windows
    filter to check some windows by default
    optional system tray docking and menu
    command line interface


    X-tile icon
  • Strawberry

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Haiku Website

    Strawberry is a music player and music collection organizer written in C++ using the Qt framework.


    Strawberry icon
  • QDirStat

    Free Linux BSD Website

    QDirStat is a graphical disk usage utility. The successor of Small KDirStat iconKDirStat without any KDE dependencies.


    QDirStat icon
  • Helvum

    Free Linux Website

    GTK-based patchbay for pipewire, inspired by the JACK tool catia.


    Helvum icon
  • KeePassXC

    Free Mac Windows Linux Homebrew ... Chocolatey Flathub AppImageHub Snapcraft Chrome Microsoft Edge Firefox Self-Hosted Website

    KeePass Cross-Platform Community Edition - A community maintained fork of the popular KeePassX application with more features and frequent updates.


    KeePassXC icon
  • ghostwriter

    Free Windows Linux Website

    No excuses. No distractions. Just write. ghostwriter is a feature-rich text editor using Markdown syntax which makes it suitable for note-taking, document redaction, simple HTML website creation and much more.


    ghostwriter icon
  • GPXSee

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    GPS log file viewer and analyzer with support for GPX, TCX, KML, FIT, IGC and NMEA files.


    GPXSee icon
  • Gaphor

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Gaphor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) UML and SysML modeling environment easy to use that will help you create your applications.
    You are able to create nice UML diagrams while it assists you with design decisions. Supports models composed by multiple diagrams and allows to share objects between the. And diagrams are styleable with a CSS-like language!


    Gaphor icon
  • Dia

    Free Mac Windows Linux FreeBSD ... Xfce DragonFly BSD NetBSD OpenBSD Website

    Dia is a GTK+ based diagram creation program for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows released under the GPL license.

    Dia is roughly inspired by the commercial Windows program Small Microsoft Office Visio iconMicrosoft Office Visio, though more geared towards informal diagrams for casual use. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and many other diagrams. It is also possible to add support for new shapes by writing simple XML files, using a subset of SVG to draw the shape.


    Dia icon
  • KRename

    Free Linux Website

    KRename is a very powerful batch file renamer which can rename a list of files based on a set of expressions. It can copy/move the files to another directory or simply rename the input files. KRename supports many conversion operations.


    KRename icon
  • qBittorrent

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Snapcraft ... Haiku Flathub AppImageHub Website

    The qBittorrent project aims to provide a Free Software alternative to Small µTorrent iconµTorrent. Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD).

    qBittorrent is based on the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library.


    • Polished µTorrent-like User Interface

    • Well-integrated and extensible Search Engine
    Simultaneous search in most famous BitTorrent search sites
    Per-category-specific search requests (e.g. Books, Music, Movies)

    • All Bittorrent extensions
    DHT, Peer Exchange, Full encryption, Magnet/BitComet URIs, ...

    • Remote control through a Web user interface
    Nearly identical to the regular UI, all in Ajax

    • Advanced control over trackers, peers and torrents
    Torrents queueing and prioritizing
    Torrent content selection and prioritizing

    • Natively integrated: When Downloads Completes Options (no need for additional script or plug-in)
    Exit, Suspend, Hibernate, Shutdown

    • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support

    • Available in ~41 languages (Unicode support)

    • Torrent creation tool

    • Advanced RSS support with download filters (inc. regex)

    • Bandwidth scheduler

    • IP Filtering (eMule and PeerGuardian compatible)

    • IPv6 compliant

    • Sequential downloading (aka "Download in order")

    • Available on most platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD

    Free community support by volunteers:


    qBittorrent icon
  • Zotero

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux iPhone iPad ... Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Microsoft Office Word Google Drive - Docs LibreOffice Firefox Website

    Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.


    Zotero icon
  • Freeplane

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Java Website

    Extensible, multi-platform mind mapping creation, analysis and presentation software.


    Freeplane icon
  • TreeSheets

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    A "hierarchical spreadsheet" that is a great replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases.


    TreeSheets icon
  • Zettlr

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Zettlr is a supercharged markdown editor that combines many writing editor features and collect them in one application. It aims at speeding up your workflow and help you write without any interruptions. Therefore it integrates all features that one might need during a writing process.


    • Full File and Folder Management
    • Zotero Citeproc Engine Support
    • Full Zettelkasten support (file IDs, tag support, and internal links)
    • Powerful Search Algorithm with a Heatmap
    • Quickly preview files without closing your current file using Quicklook
    • Custom LaTeX template support
    • Use Projects to split up expansive work in multiple files
    • Keep an overview over the amount you write using the word counter
    • Access the most important commands using the comfortable toolbar
    • Export and import your files to and from all possible formats
    • … and many more!


    Zettlr icon

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