Our selection of the best alternative launchers on Android for 2018

  • Nova Launcher

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    Let's start with one of the best known, if not the most known. Highly customizable, Nova Launcher recently introduced a new function that allows you to fully harmonize your icons, whether they come from different packs or not.
    The numerous options and adjustments are concealed in a very successful launcher, both aesthetically and practically. It is close to other very good launchers like Small Apex Launcher iconApex Launcher. Very ergonomic, it offers very useful functions and has been designed for the latest version of Small Android iconAndroid and works perfectly on smartphone and tablet.


    Nova Launcher icon
  • Evie Launcher

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    Evie Launcher is a relative newcomer to the launcher scene, especially next to storied launchers like Small Nova Launcher iconNova Launcher, but Evie is a light little launcher that doesn't quit and uses gestures in a few really good ways. First and foremost, like so many recent launchers, Evie has a swipe up gesture to open the app drawer. Another popular launcher gesture Evie has is the ability to double-tap the screen to put your phone to sleep, either using the phone-locking Instant Lock or Smart Lock-friendly Timer Lock. There's even a gesture shortcut to take you to Small Google Now iconGoogle Now, if you miss that dedicated feature from Small Google Now Launcher iconGoogle Now Launcher.
    Evie is easy to set up and run with, but you can customize the desktop grid and turn gestures on and off as needed. It's a quick launcher that's also getting quick updates, so look forward to more optimizations and tweaks to help speed up your launcher experience.


    Evie Launcher icon
  • Apex Launcher

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    Apex Launcher is a close competitor of Small Nova Launcher iconNova Launcher. The difference between the two is quite small and is due to a few features that are paid for by one and free by the other - and vice versa. Nova and Apex each have their own strengths, weaknesses and design differences. It's a matter of taste, then.


    Apex Launcher icon
  • Pixel Launcher

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    At the Google Pixel announcement conference, Google presented a new exclusive launcher for its phone, Google Pixel Launcher. The application is, of course, derived from Small Google Now Launcher iconGoogle Now Launcher, but offers some specific features such as a new round icon set or the ability to access the application drawer by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen, instead of the icon historically located in the center of the dock. Although this launcher is normally a Google Pixel exclusive, it is possible to download the installation APK from the Internet. Although optimized for Android 7.1, the launcher also works with Android 5. x Lollipop and Android 6. x Marshmallow.


    Pixel Launcher icon
  • ADW.Launcher

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    This launcher offers a minimalist interface that is very close to Android stock, many customization options are available. It is available for free on the Small Google Play Store iconGoogle Play Store, however, a pro version exists. The application is very popular with between 10 and 50 million downloads from the Play Store. The options are particularly numerous.


    ADW.Launcher icon
  • KISS Launcher

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    KISS Launcher will allow you to cleanse the home screen of your Android mobile device very seriously, and quickly and easily access the only features you need most in your everyday life. In addition to saving you time, the technology developed for KISS Launcher not only saves you time, it also saves you a considerable amount of battery power, thanks to a very low use of resources. Depending on the use of your mobile phone, KISS Launcher will provide you with a continuously adaptable service.


    KISS Launcher icon
  • Action Launcher

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    Action Launcher, like many of the launchers presented in this list, is based on the design and icons of Small Google Now Launcher iconGoogle Now Launcher. It adds some additional customization options - such as the ability to make Small Google Search iconGoogle Search widget more convenient - and above all a left-hand side menu listing all the applications installed on the phone. However, its free version has a little too much tendency to encourage users to switch to the paid version to unlock new functions.


    Action Launcher icon
  • Smart Launcher

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    The main advantages of this launcher are the few resources needed to run it and the minimalist design it benefits from. The developers would like to point out that the term "minimalist" is used for the interface, but that there are many options!
    Cataloguing and automatic sorting of installed applications are also features that set it apart from its competitors. The Smart Launcher has been designed for people with a 5-inch screen smartphone. With the Pro version you will have a second screen allowing you to place widgets.


    Smart Launcher icon
  • AIO Launcher

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    One of the oldest and particular launchers in the market. Without an horizontal scroll or an app drawer, it only has an interface with vertical scroll where all the information of your device is gathered in just one single feed presented in a minimalist and clean way, from the battery use, ram, apps, messages, contacts, RSS and many more sections that you can organize as you want. It looks a bit different from the traditional android layout, but the fact that everything is in the same place, allows you to access several functions in a much more faster way.


    AIO Launcher icon
  • ASAP Launcher

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    As its name implies, ASAP Launcher focuses on getting things done as quickly as possible, and achieving almost everything you might want to do using just one hand. Everything is a swipe away from different parts of the screen, from apps, configuration options, widgets, and even different customizable actions such as lock screen or Small Google Now iconGoogle Now with just a double touch on the homescreen. If you want a quick and ready for every occasion layout, this is just he one for you.


    ASAP Launcher icon
  • FastKey Launcher

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    If what you are looking for is something a little different from most launchers but without getting too crazy, you might want to take a look at FastKey Launcher.

    The main difference of this launcher is the full size keyboard that you have in the lower part of the screen, with which we will navigate through all the content of our device. Simply start typing the name of an app, contact, email or whatever you want, and you will get related results almost instanly. Excellent option for those who constantly search among many documents or specific contacts/apps.


    FastKey Launcher icon
  • Lawnchair

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    At the beginning Lawnchair might seem very similar to the Small Pixel Launcher iconPixel Launcher, but its charm lies in adding more features to what is already a very good launcher, making it incredibly more powerful and productive. If you spend a little time in the customization settings, you can add and customize icons, the app drawer, widgets and the background, modify text scale, get android O style shortcuts with notification badges, hide or delete some of the default features of the pixel launcher and many other amazing details.

    This is an excellent option for those who want to get the best experience on android and still enjoy the best pixel experience.


    Lawnchair icon
  • ZenUI Launcher

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    ZenUI is one of the launchers with the best rating in the Play Store, which should be enough reason for you to give it a try. With gestures like swipe up to manage home, and swipe down to see the search box, you can quickly access different options and organize your apps on smart groups folders that gives you new apps recomendations based in your regular use and needs.

    You can also get different themes for your layout, customizing the colors of the icons, transitions, wallpapers, widgets and even the fonts. Plus, you can always use the integrated AppLock and Hide App features to protect your applications and files without the need for an extra app.


    ZenUI Launcher icon
  • Microsoft Launcher

    Free Android Website

    Formely known as Arrow Launcher, this one has been gaining very good reputation among Android users for its good performance and number of options. Initially designed for those into the Microsoft ecosystem, this Launcher makes you almost forget about Google services on Android, natively prioritizing those from the Redmond company. Integration with Small Microsoft OneDrive iconMicrosoft OneDrive, quick access to your Small Microsoft 365 iconMicrosoft 365 files, Small Outlook.com iconOutlook.com email, Small People iconPeople (contacts) and Small Calendar iconCalendar, Small Wunderlist iconWunderlist integration, Small Microsoft Bing iconMicrosoft Bing search and MSN News are some of the best features of this powerful personalization layer.

    In addition, the continue on PC feature allows you to beautifully integrate your mobile device with your PC, being able to continue your work or send files between devices easily and very naturally.


    Microsoft Launcher icon
  • Linux CLI Launcher

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    With Linux CLI Launcher, transform this hideous interface of your Small Android iconAndroid smartphone into a superb command line launcher.
    This launcher for Android is like a "desktop" for the main screen of your smartphone, which allows you to replace the traditional graphical interface with good old Linux command lines.
    The application, available free of charge (and without in-app purchases) on the Small Google Play Store iconGoogle Play Store, behaves like a real Linux terminal. Its interest? Instead of clicking on icons to launch applications, you enter everything with command lines. Want to uninstall an application? Just type uninstall and the name of the application. Want to send an SMS? Type sms then the name of the contact and the message in question. Obviously, it's better to be familiar with the command line and not be afraid to type everything on the virtual keyboard.


    Linux CLI Launcher icon

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