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  • Racer

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Car simulator project with easy development of cars and tracks with realistic vehicle dynamics in an open environment.

    Racer is a free car simulator project (for non-commercial use), using high-end car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism. Cars, tracks and such can be created relatively easy (compared to other, more closed driving simulations). The 3D files, physics and other Racer-specific file formats are documented. Editors and support programs are also available to get a very customizable and expandable simulator. OpenGL is used for rendering.

    This is NOT an Open Source project, although many people think so. You CAN contribute to the source if you want (or cannot resist), but all changes will go through the main developer to the master source code.


    Racer icon
  • TreeGen - 3D Tree Generator

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    TreeGen consists in a platform indipendent Python script which should work as a plugin for Small Blender iconBlender . Thanks to the graphical interface, it aims to create random trees and forests in a simple and alternative way to L-System.


  • Xfrog

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Cinema 4D Autodesk Maya Website

    Xfrog is a procedural organic 3D modeller that allows you to create and animate 3d trees, flowers, nature based special effects or architectural forms. Xfrog is available as a Mac OS, Windows, and Linux plug-in for Maya, Cinema 4D and as a standalone application


    Xfrog icon
  • Blended Cities

    Free Mac Windows Linux Blender Website

    Blended Cities is an open-source city generator for Blender. it allows to create quickly a large amount of streets and buildings, with various shapes.


    Blended Cities icon
  • Graphite

    Freemium Windows Website

    Graphite is Quad Software reference renderer for Grome editor.

    Middleware reference outdoor renderer, 100% integrated with Grome pipelines, directly from the makers of the editor.

    Out-of-the-box solution for scenes created in Grome or other world modeling packages. Well documented and with backing support from the developers.

    Render large areas of terrain, water, vegetation and other decoration layers in various engines, games and 3D simulation applications.

    Available for professional companies and indie developers. Company licenses have full access to the engine source and premium support. Indies can use the engine free of charge for non-commercial products.


    Graphite icon
  • Building Generator

    Free Windows Autodesk 3ds Max Website

    Building Generator is a procedural building generator script for 3d Studio Max. The script will work in 3d Studio Max 9 SP1 and above.

    Main Features:

    * Wide variety of structural controls.
    * Automated detail creation for things like windows, ledges, railings, balconies, etc.
    * Ability to generate a series of randomized buildings along a spline path.


    Building Generator icon
  • ghostTown

    Free Windows Autodesk 3ds Max Website

    A city generator and tool for creating urban environments.

    * Lopoly or highpoly buildings
    * Roadtool for making basic road layouts
    * Easy material system, add your textures and they will be randomly distributed
    * Add details were needed with basic scripts for facades etc

    Custom scripting and support for openstreetmap coming soon.
    Works with 3ds max 2011 only.


    ghostTown icon
  • Citybound

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Open-source city building sim with a focus on realism through microscopic details.


    Citybound icon
  • L3DT

    Freemium Windows Website

    L3DT is a Windows application for generating terrain maps and textures.
    It is intended to help game developers and digital artists create vast high-quality 3D worlds.


    L3DT icon

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