• ImageOptim

    Free Personal Mac Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Reduces the file sizes of images without quality loss by removing bloated metadata.


    ImageOptim icon
  • kodeWeave

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Chrome OS Android Tablet Website

    kodeWeave is a realtime coding playground for HTML, CSS and Javascript. Similar to JSFiddle and JSBin, but kodeWeave was made to work offline but also as a prototyping application to build applications for desktop operating systems while on mobile devices. (PhoneGap Build is recommended for mobile devices)

    kodeWeave similar to jsfiddle, jsbin, dabblet, liveweave, codepen, cssdeck, cssdesk, tinkerbin d3 playground, plunker and pastebin, but allows you to export your web app as a desktop and/or chrome application.


    kodeWeave icon
  • hastebin

    Free Mac Linux Web Ruby JavaScript ... Cloudron Node.JS Website

    Sharing code is a good thing, and it should be really easy to do it.

    A lot of times, I want to show you something I'm seeing - and that's where we use pastebins. Haste is the prettiest, easiest to use pastebin ever made.Type what you want me to see, click "Save", and then copy the URL. Send that URL to someone and they'll see what you see.

    To make a new entry, click "New" (or type 'control + n')

    Source code :


    hastebin icon
  • Etherpad

    Free Web Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Etherpad is a highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time.

    Collaborating in really real-time
    No more sending your stuff back and forth via email, just set up a pad, share the link and start collaborating!

    Etherpad allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time, much like a live multi-player editor that runs in your browser. Write articles, press releases, to-do lists, etc. together with your friends, fellow students or colleagues, all working on the same document at the same time.

    All instances provide access to all data through a well-documented API and supports import/export to many major data exchange formats. And if the built-in feature set isn't enough for you, there's tons of plugins that allow you to customize your instance to suit your needs.

    You don't need to set up a server and install Etherpad in order to use it. Just pick one of publicly available instances that friendly people from everywhere around the world have set up. Alternatively, you can set up your own instance by following our installation guide

    This opensource project is based on the original Small Etherpad (by Appjet) iconEtherpad (by Appjet) , made from AppJet Inc. , later acquired by Google which open-sourced the key libraries required to create Etherpad Lite.


    Etherpad icon
  • PRISM Break

    Free Web Website

    Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop the American government from spying on you by encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services.


    PRISM Break icon
  • MDN web docs

    Free Web Website

    MDN Web Docs is an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web, including:

    • Web standards such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
    • Open Web app development
    • Firefox add-on development.


    MDN web docs icon
  • Telescope

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Telescope is an open-source app that lets you easily set up your own online community. You can use it to create your own discussion board, social news site (like Small Hacker News iconHacker News or Small Reddit iconReddit ), or collaboration space.


    Telescope icon
  • Hacker News

    Free Web Website

    Hacker News is a social news website that caters to programmers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to computer science and entrepreneurship.


    Hacker News icon
  • Vesta Control Panel

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Website

    – What I love about Vesta is that it's fast and easy to use
    – I have tried almost every panel and Vesta is quite good very simple to install and noob friendly
    – I was impressed with their overall system
    – No gear shifting required, the thing just .


    Vesta Control Panel icon
  • Text

    Free Windows Web Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Text.app is a simple text editor for Chrome OS and Chrome. It's fast, lets you open multiple files at once, has syntax highlighting, and saves to Google Drive on Chrome OS.


    Text icon
  • Sentora

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Sentora is an open-source web hosting control panel built specifically to work on a variety of Linux distributions. Sentora is licensed under the GPL and is a separately maintained fork of the original ZPanel project.


    Sentora icon
  • Grav

    Free Web Self-Hosted PHP Markdown Cloudron Website

    Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, opensource CMS that requires no database. In a nutshell, installing Grav is a matter of unzipping the file. It is fast, has sophisticated caching, and a light footprint for optimal performance. Content is just simple markdown files in folders, with no complicated databases to deal with. A powerful API and extensive hooks allow for plugins to extend Grav. Flexible Twig templating allows easy realization of your designs.


    Grav icon
  • Arduino IDE

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.


    Arduino IDE icon
  • Scratch

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Drag-and-drop visual programming language and platform for learning, creating and sharing code and interactive projects.


    Scratch icon
  • Libre Projects

    Free Web Website

    A directory of free & open source hosted web applications and alternatives to many proprietary web services.


    Libre Projects icon
  • Blockstack

    Free Personal Web Website

    A new decentralized internet where you own your data and apps run locally without remote servers.


    Blockstack icon
  • Golem

    Free Web Website

    Golem is a global, open sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It's made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters.


    Golem icon
  • Hoppscotch

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Hoppscotch is an open-source API request builder. It helps you create your requests faster, saving you precious time on your development.

    Features ?
    ?? Lightweight: Crafted with minimalistic UI design.
    ?? Fast: Send requests and get/copy responses in real-time.


    🌈 Make it yours: Customizable combinations for background, foreground and accent colors.
    🔥 PWA: Install as a PWA on your device.
    🚀 Request: Retrieve response from endpoint instantly.
    🔌 WebSocket: Establish full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection.
    📡 Server Sent Events: Receive a stream of updates from a server over a HTTP connection without resorting to polling.
    🌩 Socket.IO: Send and Receive data with SocketIO server.
    🦟 MQTT: Subscribe and Publish to topics of a MQTT Broker.
    🔮 GraphQL: GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.
    🔐 Authentication: Allows to identify the end user.
    📢 Headers: Describes the format the body of your request is being sent as.
    📫 Parameters: Use request parameters to set varying parts in simulated requests.
    📃 Request Body: Used to send and receive data via the REST API.
    👋 Responses: Contains the status line, headers and the message/response body.
    ? History: Request entries are synced with cloud / local session storage to restore with a single click.
    📁 Collections: Keep your API requests organized with collections and folders. Reuse them with a single click.
    🌐 Proxy: Enable Proxy Mode from Settings to access blocked APIs.


    Hoppscotch icon
  • H5P

    Free Web Website

    H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content - all you need is a web browser and a web site that supports H5P.

    Create richer HTML5 content in existing publishing platforms
    Share the content seamlessly across any H5P capable site
    Reuse and modify the content in your browser at any time


    H5P icon
  • Admin4

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Admin4 is a tool for server maintenance via several plugin modules, running on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and many more platforms. Currently, plugins for BIND DNS, LDAP, IMAP and PostgreSQL are included.


    Admin4 icon
  • Aether

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Website

    Open source, self-governing communities with auditable moderation and mod elections.


    Aether icon
  • cheat.sh

    Free Web Terminal explainshell Hyper Bash Website

    The only cheat sheet you need
    Unified access to the best
    community driven documentation
    repositories of the world.


    cheat.sh icon
  • Caesium Image Compressor

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android Website

    Caesium Image Compressor lets you compress your pictures up to 90% without visible quality loss. Providing a simple yet effective interface with a real-time preview and multiple image processing at the same time, everyone will be able to reach the best result. Advanced users will find extra features, like metadata storing options or folder structure support.


    • Resize your pictures up to 90% preserving the file format. The software use an intelligent file compressing method.
    • Batch processing. Compress in a few second as pictures as you like.
      Most common file format are supported. (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, WMF)
    • Easy preview, with a twin picture box that display the final result with a button.
    • Picture-by-picture compression level. You can set every single compression level at every picture.
    • Compression level an be set with an easy slider.
    • Drag&Drop. Drop your pictures directly into the list.
    • Rename all files with a custom suffix.


    Caesium Image Compressor icon
  • GitCenter

    Free Web Chrome OS Self-Hosted ZeroNet Website

    Git Center is a decentralized hosting platform for Git repositories. We provide several collaboration features such as bug tracking for every project, and private and public repositories for free. Join us by creating a new repository.


    GitCenter icon
  • ShareDrop

    Free Web Self-Hosted WebRTC Website

    ShareDrop is an HTML5 clone of the Apple AirDrop service. It allows you to transfer files directly between devices, without having to upload them to any server first. It uses WebRTC for secure peer-to-peer file transfer and Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling.

    ShareDrop allows you to send files to other devices in the same local network (i.e. devices with the same public IP address) without any configuration - simply open https://www.sharedrop.io on all devices and they will see each other. It also allows you to send files between networks - just click + button in the top right corner of the page to create a room with a unique URL and share this URL with other people you want to send a file to. Once they open this page in a browser on their devices, you'll see each other's avatars.

    The main difference between ShareDrop and AirDrop is that ShareDrop requires Internet connection to discover other devices, while AirDrop doesn't need one - it creates an ad-hoc wireless network between them. On the other hand, ShareDrop allows you to share files between mobile (Android) and desktop devices and between networks as well.


    ShareDrop icon
  • facileManager

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    facileManager is a modular suite of web apps built with the system administrator in mind. Say good-bye to manual management of services running on multiple servers.


    facileManager icon
  • HestiaCP

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Hestia Control Panel is an open source web server control panel with an easy-to-use interface as a lightweight alternative to cPanel, Plesk, etc. Hestia It's also the continuation of the development of Vesta Control Panel.

    Hestia Control Panel supports:

    • Standard Web Server (Apache/NGINX) with PHP
    • PHP Web Application Server (NGINX + PHP-FPM)
    • Multiple PHP versions (5.6 - 7.3)
    • DNS Server (Bind) with clustering capabilities
    • Mail Server (Exim/Dovecot) with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam (ClamAV and SpamAssassin)
    • Database functionality (MariaDB/PostgreSQL)
    • Let's Encrypt SSL with wildcard certificates


    HestiaCP icon
  • Lottie

    Free Windows Web Android iPhone Android SDK ... C# Apple Swift React Website

    Render After Effects animations natively on Web, Android and iOS, and React Native.


    Lottie icon
  • Solid

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    Solid (derived from "social linked data") is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized Web applications based on Linked Data principles.


    Solid icon
  • Firefox Send

    Free Web Android Website

    Send is a free encrypted file transfer service that allows users to safely and simply share files from any browser. With Send you can share file sizes up to 1GB quickly. To send files up to 2.5GB, sign up for a free Firefox account.

    Send uses end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure from the moment you share to the moment your file is opened. It also offers security controls that you can set. You can choose when your file link expires, the number of downloads, and whether to add an optional password for an extra layer of security.

    Send makes it easy for your recipient, too. No hoops to jump through. They simply receive a link to click and download the file. They don’t need to have a Firefox account to access your file. Overall, this makes the sharing experience seamless for both parties, and as quick as sending an email.

    Whether you’re sharing important personal information, private documents or confidential work files you can start sending your files for free with Firefox Send.


    Firefox Send icon
  • Cockpit Project

    Free Linux Website

    Makes it easy to administer Linux servers via a web browser. It allows you to easily perform simple tasks like storage administration, inspecting journals, starting & stopping services, monitoring & administering several servers at once.


    Cockpit Project icon
  • Netdata

    Free Mac Linux Web BSD Self-Hosted ... C (programming language) Python JavaScript Node.JS Bash Website

    Infrastructure-wide health monitoring & performance troubleshooting in one place. Collaborate in the same place as relevant data from your systems and applications, reducing mean time to acknowledge (MTTA), & mean time to resolution. (MTTR). .


    Netdata icon
  • Mastodon

    Free Web Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Mastodon is a decentralized microblogging engine.


    • Free and open-source.
    • Decentralized, no worries about a single company controlling your communications.
    • Supports the standardized ActivityPub protocol
    • Fully interoperable with Small GNU social iconGNU social and many other ActivityPub or OStatus platforms
    • Real-time timeline updates
    • Media attachments
    • OAuth2 and a straightforward REST API
    • Background processing for long-running tasks
    • Deployable via Docker


    Mastodon icon
  • Gitfolio

    Free Web GitHub Node.JS Website

    Gitfolio is a Small Node.js iconNode.js based portfolio creator for GitHub users. Simply clone the repository and run a few Node npm commands to create a great-looking site fast and easy.


    Gitfolio icon
  • Nakama

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted ... Unity Website

    Nakama is an open-source distributed social and realtime server for games and apps. It has a large set of services for users, storage, and realtime communication; as well as specialized APIs like realtime multiplayer, groups/guilds, and chat.


    Nakama icon
  • Scoold

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Scoold is inspired by StackOverflow and implements most of its features. You can ask and answer questions, upvote and downvote posts, earn badges and reputation. Each edit creates an new revision, making it easy to follow the history of edits. Scoold is optimized for the cloud. You can simply click the 'Deploy to Heroku' button and get up-and-running in minutes. You can deploy it to your favorite PaaS, too.

    Each post is indexed and analyzed by Para and Elasticsearch — a powerful search engine. You can search for users, questions and answers from the search bar on top. Questions can be associated with a specific location and then filtered based on that location. This feature enables geolocation queries an gives you the option to search for questions around you.

    Like all StackExchange sites, Scoold implements a simple but effective reputation system with badges. People are awarded reputation points for good questions and answers, as well as various badges for their achievements on the site. We kept things simple on the frontend, that's why we chose to use jQuery, the trusted JavaScript library. It takes care of AJAX requests and toggles elements on the screen, nothing more. Pages are rendered on the server, just like in the good old days, making them easily crawlable by search engines. Page URLs are pretty tidy, too.

    Scoold is enterprise-friendly and supports LDAP. It's great for intranet deployments behind corporate firewalls and Scoold users can be seemlessly authenticated by your company's LDAP server.


    Scoold icon
  • exercism

    Free Web Terminal Website

    Download and solve practice problems in over 30 different languages.
    For code newbies and experienced programmers.


    exercism icon
  • Wick Editor

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    A free and open-source tool for creating games, animations and everything in-between!.


    Wick Editor icon
  • OpenLayers

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    OpenLayers is a high-performance, feature-packed library for all your mapping needs.


    Tiled Layers
    Pull tiles from OSM, Bing, MapBox, Stamen, MapQuest, and any other XYZ source you can find. OGC mapping services and untiled layers also supported.

    Vector Layers
    Render vector data from GeoJSON, TopoJSON, KML, GML, and a growing number of other formats.

    Fast & Mobile Ready
    Mobile support out of the box. Build lightweight custom profiles with just the components you need.

    Cutting Edge & Easy to Customize
    Map rendering leverages WebGL, Canvas 2D, and all the latest greatness from HTML5. Style your map controls with straight-forward CSS.


    OpenLayers icon
  • OpenStreetMap

    Free Web Website

    OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.


    OpenStreetMap icon
  • CC Search

    Free Web Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    Search content free of rights or in public domain on selected websites (including Google and YouTube).


    CC Search icon

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