• dooblet

    Free Web Website

    A search engine to find the alternatives to a broad range of subjects. Each alternative is rated by its relevance.


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    Free Web AlternativeTo SaaSHub SoftwareSuggest Website

    Solution Suggest helps you find the right software solutions and automation tools available in the market. Find the best alternatives for the software, games or apps you already know or use and want to replace with a better option.

  • AppRecs

    Free Web Website

    The iOS and Android app search engine that can filter out fake reviews, alert you about price drops, and give you app recommendations based on your favorites.


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  • eBool

    Free Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Offers product research platforms where users can find various products and categorized lists of products.


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  • Toolmuse

    Free Web Website

    Toolmuse is where entrepreneurs share their favorite apps & software so that you can discover the top startup tools to run your small business.
    Tools are fully crowdsourced by startups and users can upvote their favorite, as well as say what they like/dislike about each. With user upvotes, tools are ranked amongst each of their categories.

    You can also follow friends so that, as you browse through the site, you can see what your friends are using across all tools.


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  • Software Theater

    Free Web Website

    Software Theater is a team of software lovers. We love modern, cutting-edge, smart and beautiful software and we wanted to share our best-picks in a set of various categories.

    There are amazing software solutions out there; sometimes you just need a comprehensive list to get started. Our goal is to make discovering new amazing tools as easy as possible.


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  • Versus

    Free Web Website

    When I am exploring alternatives to a product or service, I often to go Google, type "[product] vs ", and just see what it autocompletes. That usually tells me the most popular competitors. If I want to be thorough I'll do the same for the competitors, etc.
    This tool just does that automatically for you.


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  • The Startup Pitch

    Commercial Web Website

    A place for startups to share themselves with the world. The Startup Pitch is a Startup Directory with a difference, Startup submissions are in the form of a pitch questionnaire.


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  • Growthparty

    Free Web Website

    A curated directory of tools and resources for your work, start-up or side hustle.


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  • SideProjects

    Free Web Website

    A platform where you can share side projects and newly launched projects you're working on.


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  • StartupBase

    Free Linux Web Website

    StartupBase is a community of makers and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. It is a place to discover and get early access to exciting new startups.


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