Lesser known yet amazing programs.

  • LibreOffice - Draw

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com Website

    Great, free, open source drawing program/pdf editor. This is a part of the LibreOffice suite, alternative to Inkscape.


    LibreOffice - Draw icon
  • KeepNote

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    KeepNote: note-taking and organization. KeepNote is a note taking application that works on Windows, Linux, and
    MacOS X. With KeepNote, you can store your class notes, TODO
    lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines, etc in a
    simple notebook hierarchy with rich-text formatting, images, and more.
    Using full-text search, you can retrieve any note for later


    KeepNote icon
  • Nordlocker

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    Nordlocker is an encryption tool, 2GB of encryption for free, for more a payment is required, alternative to Cryptomater.


    Nordlocker icon
  • SpeedCrunch

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    SpeedCrunch is a free, fast, high precision open source algebraic calculator with an intuitive interface and a extensive list of features, including:
    Unlimited Variables,
    Syntax Highlighting,
    Functions, with 'Automagic' Completion,
    50 Decimal Precision,
    Input History
    and more...


    SpeedCrunch icon
  • Daphne

    Free Windows PortableApps.com Website

    Daphne is a small (system tray) application for killing, controlling and debugging Windows' processes. It was born to kill a Windows process and became almost a task manager replacement. You can kill a process by dragging the mouse over the windows, by right-clicking the process in the main process list, or by typing its name with the "Kill all by name" command. You can set a any window to be always on top, to be transparent, to be enable, et cetera.

    Although Daphne was born just to kill Windows processes, you can think of Daphne as a Task Manager replacement. The main window displays a list of currently running processes with detailed information about: CPU usage, Process ID, Process name, Full path (and arguments), Priority, Class (Process / Service), Current memory usage, Peek memory usage, Current swap usage, Peek swap usage and Number of threads


    Daphne icon
  • WizTree

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Basically WinDirStat but SO MUCH FASTER It managed to scan my 128GB SSD in 5 seconds big recomender.


    WizTree icon
  • Mailspring

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Arch Linux Fedora ... Ubuntu Website

    Boost your productivity and send better email with Mailspring, a beautiful, fast email client for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Mailspring is free to use and an optional pro version adds read receipts, send later, reminders and more.


    Mailspring icon
  • Typora

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Typora will give you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions. Replace them with a real live preview feature to help you concentrate the content itself.

    It has features of:

    1. Markdown support including tables, code fences with syntax highlight, LaTeX, Table of Contents.
    2. Cross-platform.
    3. The real live preview and WYSIWYG features.
    4. Beautiful interface and Custom CSS theme support.
    5. Easy export

    Typora will only be free during its Beta period. When it gets out of Beta, it will be a paid app.


    Typora icon
  • Dynalist

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Website

    Dynalist is a web app that lets you break down and organize your thoughts in the format of lists.


    Dynalist icon
  • Kodi

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Raspberry Pi Fire TV Website

    Kodi, formerly XBMC, is a free and open source media player and entertainment center for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, XBox, and iOS. Kodi is designed to be the perfect companion to a home theater PC - it supports an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful (and highly "skinnable") interface, Kodi feels very natural to use from the couch.

    Currently Kodi can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback, so you can stream your multimedia from anywhere in the house or directly from the Internet using practically any protocol available.


    Kodi icon
  • FileTransfer.io

    Freemium Web Website

    An alternative to WeTransfer, this service allows packages up to 3 times more storage
    of files and is a little less THAN 6 TIMES CHEAPER THAN WETRANSFER.


    FileTransfer.io icon
  • Everything

    Free Windows Website

    File and folder lookup tool that searches across local, removable, and network mapped drives.


    Everything icon
  • NSIS

    Free Windows PortableApps.com Website

    NSIS is a simple way of converting ZIP files into EXE packages.


    NSIS icon
  • Ditto

    Free Windows PortableApps.com Website

    Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time.


    Ditto icon
  • Olive Video Editor

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Olive is a free non-linear video editor aiming to provide a fully-featured alternative to high-end professional video editing software.
    Olive is making rapid progress and users are already producing videos with it, but it's still currently in alpha meaning it is incomplete and not fully stable. Regardless we invite you to download the latest build and try it out for yourself.
    New features are being added every day. Even if Olive is missing something you need, come back in a month or two and it's possible it will have been implemented.


    Olive Video Editor icon
  • Universal Viewer

    Freemium Windows Website

    Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer for wide range of formats. Supported file formats are:

    Images: all major graphics formats: JPG BMP ICO GIF PNG WMF TIFF PSD..., over 40 formats. Also RAW images from 400+ cameras are supported.
    Multimedia: all major media formats: AVI MPG WMV MP3 MP4 FLV MKV..., over 170 formats.
    Word: file types of MS Office Word: DOC DOCX.
    Excel: file types of MS Office Excel: XLS XLSX.
    PDF: Adobe PDF format, plus DJVU XPS CBR CBZ.
    RTF: Rich Text format.
    Internet: all file types supported by MS Internet Explorer: HTML XML MHT...
    Text: text view for unknown file types. Files of unlimited size can be shown (even 4Gb+ sizes are allowed). All major text encodings supported. Unicode/UTF-8 views are present.
    Plugins: all file types supported by Total Commander Lister plugins.

    Universal Viewer Pro additional features/changes are:

    support for Word, Excel files (including DOCX XLSX). MS Office not needed
    preinstalled PDF plugin. Adobe/Foxit Reader not needed
    new multimedia player, which supports over 170 formats. External codecs not needed
    support for complex RTF files (with images, tables...)
    support for RAW-images (from 400+ cameras)
    image panel with "Convert to" feature
    options added:
    option "Fit window to media size"
    search option "Highlight all matches" (Text mode)
    NavPanel add-on doesn't need registration


    Universal Viewer icon
  • Cryptomator

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    With Cryptomator you can encrypt your files from other people with a password. A freemium alternative to IObit Protected Folder.


    Cryptomator icon
  • Kate

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD KDE Website

    Kate is one of the best note taking and note editing programs I've tried.


    Kate icon
  • File Converter

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    File Converter is a simple tool for converting files, including video's. Together with 4k Video Downloader it can be a complete replacement to Wondershare UniConverter.


    File Converter icon
  • 4k Video Downloader

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Website

    4k Video Downloader is a great program for downloading video's of the internet for free.


    4k Video Downloader icon
  • Bulk Rename Utility

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Bulk Rename Utility is a free file renaming software for Windows. Bulk Rename Utility allows you to easily rename files and entire folders based upon extremely flexible criteria.

    Add date/time stamps, replace numbers, insert text, convert case, add auto-numbers, process folders and sub-folders....plus a whole lot more!


    Bulk Rename Utility icon
  • Icedrive

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Icedrive is a cloud provider offering 10GB of free storage.
    A huge downside is that the storage amount used to be 20GB but they lowerd it to 10GB.


    Icedrive icon
  • CopyBucket

    Freemium Web iPhone Website

    CopyBucket is a cloud-based clipboard. It gives you the power of cloud-storage with the ease of use of copy/paste.

    Add items in buckets using copy/paste or drag-n-drop.

    Items appear on your other devices.

    Create new buckets and keep related items together.

    Share buckets with friends or colleagues for instant collaboration.

    It's the easiest way to get data from A to B.

    Watch our video for an intro and full product tour and learn about features such as Auto-Copy and the Screenshot tool.

    If you do most of your work on a computer, give CopyBucket a try and see how it can boost your workflow. Sign-up for free at www.copybucket.com :)


    CopyBucket icon

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