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  • Aritic

    Freemium Web Website

    Aritic is full stack automation software platform for digital business. Aritic platform for business help business with full-stack marketing automation, communication automation, CRM application, service desk application and business automation stack.


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    Freemium Android iPhone Chrome Website

    Zest enables you to upskill your marketing talent through continuous digital marketing learning while limiting content clutter.

    Having built a community of 20,000+ monthly active marketers through a Chrome Extension, Zest is now a mobile native app that brings bite-sized knowledge-building experience on the go.

    Thanks to the community of contributors and moderators within Zest, the content delivered to your Content Stream on a daily basis doesn’t add to the feeling of content shock many marketing professionals are experiencing.

    Zest’s mobile app also has one huge advantage compared to the desktop version, and that is Zest Enlight. 🧠💡

    Zest Enlight is a premium, knowledge-building machine that allows you to tailor your self-learning path on a highly individualized level.

    Zest Enlight channels its curating potential with the power of AI to enable a personalized marketing learning experience for every member based on their learning preferences, schedule, and the topics they want to improve in.

    That means that you’re able to enjoy time-saving benefits such as:
    • An AI-guided learning path
    • Determining the quantity of the content you want to be exposed to on a daily basis
    • Tailoring your knowledge-building sessions so that they fit your schedule
    • Full tag customization

    Zest Enlight comes with a 2-week free trial and a monthly subscription of $5.99.

    If you don’t feel like Enlightening yourself after the 2-week trial, you’ll be able to switch back to the free version of Zest.

    Free Zest on mobile offers everything that Zest on desktop does:
    • Saving content for later
    • Audio/Video filtering
    • Tag customization (except with a 2 tags limit)

    Are you ready to kick off your self-learning adventure?

  • Mondovo

    Freemium Windows Web Android Chrome OS iPad Website is an all-in-one digital marketing toolset. Consisting of SEO, Social and Analytics modules, this toolset is designed to help online marketers streamline their digital marketing activities. The provision to extract the performance metrics of multiple URLs, generate ideas for content marketing, perform a thorough website audit and track the SEO & Social activities of your competition is the highlight of this toolset.

    Mondovo offers Pay-As-You-Go option. Which means no obligation to monthly subscriptions. You can get reports starting from just $0.0001$


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  • Behavee

    Freemium Web Website

    Save time with marketing automation tool. One-click marketing campaigns, super accurate web analytics, tools for behavioral analysis and e-commerce overview.


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  • Academic Writing Services

    Free Windows Linux Web Android iPhone ... Blackberry Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone Self-Hosted PlayBook Kindle Fire Website

    Professional academic writing service offering wide range of services for students. High qualified writers, 24/7 support and complete privacy guarantee. Unlimited Client Support.


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  • Socialyz It

    Freemium Mac Windows Chrome OS Website - Put Your Social Media on Autopilot! You get Multiple Scheduling Queues and SPIN, Content Library Storage and a Professional Image Designer. Build your Authority, Promote your Brand, Create Traffic and Generate more Leads with ease.


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  • Viglink

    Free Web Website

    VigLink works with over 30,000 advertisers and retailers to monetize your links. Clicks that turn into sales earn you a commission. Affiliate marketers spend hours signing up for and managing countless affiliate programs. With VigLink, it takes minutes. And because we negotiate on your behalf, even professional affiliate marketers find they earn more with VigLink that they would by going direct.

    There's no cost to try, and you can get up running in minutes.

    Sign up at or give us a call at 1-888-828-8492.


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  • AdVirte

    Freemium Web Website

    An advertising network for both advertisers, and free for web-masters who want to monetize websites as ad publishers. Geo-location with website targeting and this ad network also has an affiliate referral system built into the ad publishers panel.


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  • iDevAffiliate

    Commercial Web Self-Hosted Website

    iDevAffiliate affiliate software provides you with affordable affiliate program software for you to start your affiliate tracking! Inexpensive affiliate software!

    Our latest release of iDevAffiliate is jam packed with all the latest technologies making it completely responsive to any device being used.

    Since 1999, our affiliate software has been the industry leading product in it's class. iDevAffiliate has become known for it's ease of use and includes thousands of features dedicated to all levels of users.

    Our latest release of iDevAffiliate is jam packed with all the latest technologies making it completely responsive to any device being used.

    Since 1999, our affiliate software has been the industry leading product in it's class. iDevAffiliate has become known for it's ease of use and includes thousands of features dedicated to all levels of users.

    With years of proven stability, thousands of user friendly features and technical support located in the USA, it's no wonder iDevAffiliate has been the leading affiliate software in it's class for so many years. We've taken things a step further in the latest release by adding the missing ingredient. Affiliate Training. Now with a monthly subscription you can offer your affiliates hours of video training!


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  • Simplero

    Commercial Web Website

    The perfect all-in-one solution for online courses
    — email marketing, billing, membership sites, landing pages, video, audio, PDF; all integrated in one elegant, easy-to-use package.

    Stop tearing your hair out trying to make all the pieces work together!

    As someone selling e-books, online courses, seminars, and coaching programs online, you know all too well how many different systems and how much new information there is to learn and keep track of.

    You have one system for your newsletters, another for your web site, a shopping cart, one or more payment gateways, yet another system for delivering videos, audio files, and PDFs, an affiliate tracking system, and... ARRGGHHH! You just want to tear your hair out.

    Then, just as you thought you had it all figured out, something that used to work just fine suddenly stops working. Something changed and you have no idea what. It feels like it requires a Ph.D. just to figure out who to call for help!

    You're an expert on your audience and what you're teaching, not on the technology.


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  • Rack Up Skills

    Free Web Website is a directory of websites where you can learn to do pretty much anything. Our categories include business, music, travel, technology, health and fitness, gaming, academic, family and many more.

    How do we choose which sites to include in our directories? Our selection criteria are based on websites with quality content about acquiring or enhancing skills. While we do have an affiliate relationship with some sites, it does not influence our selection. The compilation of our directory is ongoing and the site reviews are updated periodically. If you notice a site with only one review, don’t get discouraged. The content is still very useful.

    We’ve categorized our directories to make it easier for you! Our Rackets category includes information sites about topics such as government, business, and finance. Our Knacks category includes instructional and education sites about music, design, home and self. Our Preps category includes exam and practice test sites regarding education, language and science. Our Wholeness category can help you find a site about fitness and health and our Technology category can help you discover digital tech, gaming and DIY sites.


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  • Backly

    Freemium Web Website

    Generate leads and sales directly from the stuff you share by adding your own call to action to any piece of content.


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  • Panda Cash Back

    Commercial Web Website is a rebate website that reward online shoppers for shopping in affiliate partners. The website offer coupons and local deals in over 3000 online store.


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  • Scribe

    Commercial Web TypePad Drupal Joomla Wordpress Website

    Scribe is an SEO software service that analyzes the content of web pages, blog posts, online press releases, you name it… at the click of a button.

    The API then reports back and tells web writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and small business owners how to tweak their content to get more search engine traffic, all while maintaining quality reader-focused copy.


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  • Magento 2 Affiliate Product Links Extension

    Commercial Web Magento Community Edition Website

    Magento 2 Affiliate Product Links extension by MageComp allows you to easily manage affiliation products in your Magento store by redirecting them to seller’s website.


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  • get2clouds

    Free Personal Windows Android Website

    It encrypts the data twice using RC4 encryption and sends it via a secure socket layer (https). This end-to-end (E2E) encryption makes interception or access to the data impossible by anyone other than the user.


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    Free Web Website

    Free custom URL Shortener and branded URLs with advanced links tracking and Link Management Platform & API. Shorten and replace long URL to short link. Track your links.


    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Wordpress Website

    Magforest - Digital Magazines. An Online Distribution Platform for Magazine Publishers and Readers.
    An innovative digital magazine newsstand featuring hundreds of magazines.


    Commercial Web Website

    RedTrack is the leading ad tracking & conversion attribution solution, helping affiliates, advertisers, publishers, and businesses around the world get higher ROI.

  • Refersoft

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile HP webOS ... Chrome OS Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Refersoft is a powerful affiliate & referral tracking platform built to grow SaaS and e-commerce businesses in 3 easy steps:

    1. Install the tracking pixel on your website. Copy and paste in under 30 seconds without a tech guy.

    2. Easily choose how much you want to pay affiliates, and customize your program to match your branding.

    3. Share your program with affiliates and customers, and watch your MRR soar with no upfront marketing cost.


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  • TrackingDesk

    Commercial Web Website

    Tracking and traffic management platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers. Suitable for all type of traffic, but especially for ppc and cpv (ppv). Provides dashboards, analytics, api integrations with Cake, hasoffers, linktrust, clickbank.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Android Tablet Website

    Web browser miner and Mobile mining SDK.
    Use safe javascript browser miner to mine cryptocurrency online, using your web site visitors’ CPU power. The most effective web miner on the market with the highest mining ratio.

  • WPDigiPro

    Commercial Web Self-Hosted Website

    WPDigiPro is a WordPress plugin which helps to sell Digital Products like Plugins, themes, PDFs, Photos etc. Using WPDigiPro, membership websites can also be created for selling Video Tutorials etc. Full details are available at .


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  • Kehalim

    Free Web Website

    Kehalim automates monetization of affiliate programs based on contextual & semantic technology. It is a good alternative to other monetization tools since it is both contextual AND based of affiliates. It is also completely flexible in the size of real-estate you need to devote and the way ads appear and open up.

    There is no need to register with the affiliate networks or negotiate with advertisers and your revenues are optimized based on real-time analysis. Pretty cool overall.


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  • ChannelSale

    Commercial Web Website

    ChannelSale offers smart services taking your online retail store across multiple channels including comparison shopping engines, marketplaces and affiliate networks.Cut costs and increase efficiency via product date feed management and optimization.


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