GIS for fieldwork

This list is a mess and and I yet have to move lots of apps and websites to other lists.
I just made a mix of everything that doesn't necessarily have relationship with GIS.
But it will be a real list of GIS for fieldwork!!!

  • Mapnik

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Mapnik is a Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications. Above all Mapnik is about making beautiful maps. It is easily extensible and suitable for both desktop and web development. - C++/Python GIS toolkit


    Mapnik icon
  • GeoNode

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    GeoNode is a web-based application and platform for developing geospatial information systems (GIS) and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDI).


  • uDig

    Free Windows Website

    uDig is a GIS software program produced by a community led by Canadian-based consulting company Refractions Research. It is based on the Eclipse platform and features full layered open source GIS. It is written in Java and released under GNU Lesser General Public License.


    uDig icon
  • ESRI Geoportal Server

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Esri Geoportal Server is a free, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including datasets, rasters, and Web services.


    ESRI Geoportal Server icon
  • 3geonames

    Free Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Geocode is a one-dimensional geo location code. It maps a two dimensional point (latitude,longitude) to either an alphanumeric string or a geoname triple with no loss of information.


    3geonames icon
  • OpenCage Geocoder

    Freemium Web Website

    An easy, open, worldwide, affordable API to convert coordinates to places or vice versa. Free and paid usage levels. Libraries for most programming languages.


    OpenCage Geocoder icon
  • Pathshare

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Website

    Pathshare is a beautiful app that helps you share your path in realtime. It was designed to be simple to use and make realtime location sharing a safe experience. With Pathshare, you can easily setup a session with your friends and share your location for a defined period of time. You and only you are in control of for how long you want to be seen by other participants! And there is more: Pathshare will automatically stop sharing your location when the defined time expires. That’s safe and easy!


    Share your realtime location the next time you are
    • on a night out with friends
    • stuck in a traffic jam and late for dinner
    • on your way home: no texting while driving!
    • heading to a professional meeting and want to make your business partner aware of your arrival
    • want to know your kids are safe at school
    • shopping with the girls and lost them in the mall
    • skiing or snowboarding in a group and want to join on the other slopes
    • in an emergency situation and want to let help find the exact location

    • It's fast, it's realtime
    • It's safe
    • It's exceptionally easy to use
    • You control how long you're sharing and when Pathshare stops automatically
    • Pathshare runs on your Android device, your iPhone and your web browser


    Pathshare icon
  • MapLarge

    Freemium Windows Linux Web Website

    Beautiful, User Friendly online mapping software that scales to big data.

    The MapLarge API enables user-driven, low latency, interactive visual exploration and analysis of very large geospatial and non-geospatial data collections to recognize patterns and identify anomalies. Users access MapLarge visualizations from any web browser. The system enables dynamic real time querying and generates interactive visuals with millisecond response times. The MapLarge team approaches big data analytics from a unique perspective because we focus on both high performance real time analytics and consumer grade interactive visuals.


    MapLarge icon
  • Cyfe

    Freemium Web Website

    Cyfe offers an all-in-one dashboard software that helps businesses easily monitor and analyze all of their vital business data from one single location.


    Cyfe icon
  • PanXpan

    Free Web Website

    An online platform allowing manufacturers to find and work with local partners all over the world.


    PanXpan icon
  • Life360 Family Locator

    Freemium Android iPhone Blackberry Website

    Easily and privately stay connected with loved ones with invite-only circles that let you share locations and get notified of changes.


    Life360 Family Locator icon
  • cYou cMe

    Freemium iPhone iPad Website

    With cYou cMe you can invite people to a session and share your locations in real-time.

    You see where they are and they see where your are.

    It's completely safe and you have full control over when your location is shared and not.

    The people you invite does not need to have the app installed. When they receive an invitation from you they have an option to download the app or join the session via the web-browser.

    You can also talk to the participants using the build in walkie-talkie.


    cYou cMe icon
  • Swarmly

    Free Android iPhone Website

    Swarmly helps you find your friends, see where people are hanging out - discover popular areas, events, bars, restaurants, venues and people near by, right now. Find out where all the action is on a beautiful real-time, interactive map. Think of us as your social sat nav.

    A city map app to find people, find friends and see where they hang out in real time.

    Swarmly is free, requires no sign-up and uses location services to automatically and anonymously aggregate users to give reliable populations without giving away your identity. We don't track your movements from A-to-B and we don't let other users see where you've been. Great if you are new to a city - share it with friends to see what they are up to and where they are hanging out, right now!


    Swarmly icon
  • guibber

    Free Android Website

    guibber is a social, geolocation application that allows you to safely share where you are in the world in real-time with your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you choose who has an Android smartphone. guibber gives you complete control and is the best GPS location sharing application available.

    guibber's new Guide Me feature directs you like a Star Trek tricorder. An arrow on the screen points you right to the person like a compass arrow and updates in real-time. guibber Guide Me makes it really easy to find someone in a crowd or tailgating at a football game.

    guibber gives you the ability to set markers and share them with your friends. Have you ever parked at the mall and forgotten where you parked? With guibber you can save your parking spot! Instead of walking around aimlessly, guibber shows you where your vehicle is on the map, and can even guide you right to it.

    You can set a marker for your favorite "fishing hole" or any other location that's important to you. And the best part is that you can share your markers with you friends!

    Everyone knows GPS apps tend to use battery. guibber includes an easy On-Off Toggle Widget that you can put on your homescreen allowing you to turn guibber on and off with one click. The widget also supports opening the application so that you can use it to replace the normal app icon.

    guibber is great for personal use and for small businesses.

    Please note that guibber is a free download, but may require a paid subscription in the future. guibber is a premium application with no advertisements. The real-time, detailed information -including speed, altitude and more, is amazing.

    Use guibber with your friends or coworkers, and you'll never believe you lived without it!

    Use guibber for your business and save thousands in time and money.


    guibber icon
  • snapp!

    Free Android iPhone Website

    snapp! is a radical social networking application that helps you keep in touch with your social networks, friends and family anywhere! snapp! uses a revolutionary location technology that even works indoors and in urban areas. Together with indoor location you can use indoor maps to navigate at various shopping malls and airports.
    With snapp! you can

    · Integrate with major social network sites including: facebook, twitter, fourquare, and friendswhere.
    · Post pictures and messages from your location.
    · Check-in anywhere with preferred network(s).
    · Share your location and messages with friends and family anywhere: on the move, indoors, outdoors.
    · Automatically check-in anywhere including to indoor venues;
    · Configure settings for automatic check-in.


    snapp! icon
  • iSharing

    Free Android iPhone Website

    iSharing allows you to easily locate your friends and family from your Android phone, iPhone and iPad. iSharing uses the latest GPS technology available to provide the most accurate GPS locations.

    iSharing shows where all your friends are on a map and updates their exact locations with real-time. Just install the App on all the phones that you want tracked and sign in with your email address.

    iSharing can send your current location to friends even when the application is in the background and has been optimized to avoid draining your battery.

    If you prefer, you can receive location-based alerts when your friends are near or out of the zone. Use iSharing to notify when your kids leave school or a family member arrives home safely.


    1. Easily locate/find your family and friends
    2. Unlimited free voice message (A walkie-talkie style. Save voice messages on your phone)
    3. Location-based Alerts (in the zone & out of the zone alert)
    4. Real-time location update (Background location update is supported)
    5. Strong privacy control (3 privacy mode)
    6. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android phones.


    iSharing icon
  • freeboard

    Freemium Windows Linux Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted Website

    A damn sexy, open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups. A free open source alternative to Geckoboard. Includes a powerful plugin architecture to create any amount of customization.


    freeboard icon
  • LockOnMe

    Free Android Website

    LockOnMe is a flexible location-sharing app, displaying targets and/or associated Points Of Interest on OpenStreetMap & fun radars (incl. a "Motion Tracker" inspired by Aliens2).
    You would normally want to broadcast your position over the internet (using a Target ID & Tracking Code pair of your choice), but the app can also send a text message with your fixed position by SMS, which can then be processed from the app and displayed on a map. (to save on roaming costs, internet data, etc)

    It has been designed to ensure privacy from the ground up: your personal information (name, phone ID, social network data...) is NEVER stored nor accessed - unless of course you enter your full name as your Target ID (which is not advised), but even then, your Tracking Code would still be required to track you.


    LockOnMe icon

    Free Android Website

    Have you ever wondered where your friend are ?
    Of course there is ways to know by calling or texting them, but wouldn't it be better if their position is displayed on a map ? And even better if they don't need to have the application installed or an Android smartphone : the solution is here. With the end of Latitude, it is a good alternative while preserving your privacy by not revealing your location continually.
    How does it work ?
    The application send a text (or whatever you prefer if you don't have their phone number) to the contact of your choice. The text contains a link to a website allowing him to reveal its location for the time he wants (from 5 minutes to 12 hours). Once he is LoCaLiZed IN a place, a notification will be triggered on your device allowing you to see precisely where he is.
    Are my data secure ?
    We are not affiliated with any corporate of any kind, we do not store any data longer than the timespan specified and contact informations stays on your phone. We developed this application for fun and not for profit, we hope you will find it useful !

  • Addy

    Free Web Website

    Addy is the easiest way to share locations and addresses.

    Addy lets you create a simple, custom link - an 'addy' - that represents a physical location, anywhere in the world.


    Addy icon
  • Remo MORE

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Making smart devices control easier! Remo MORE is an all-inclusive app for monitoring and controlling device activity of any smart phone, PC, Mac that you would like to manage. This app allows you to monitor your kid`s online activity, control their device screen time and locate them when they are out alone.


    Remo MORE icon
  • Flare - Friend Locator

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Flare allows you to keep track of your family and friends location in real time.
    You only need to send a contact request to another user and choose to send your location to him.
    Location sharing settings are exclusive to each contact so you can mantain your privacy and inform of your whereabouts only to those you choose at a given time.

    Remember to have your device's location services enabled for Flare to update your friends with your location information.


    Flare - Friend Locator icon
  • DIVE by MIT Media Lab

    Free Web Website

    Lightweight data exploration tool combining semi-automated visualization and point-and-click statistical analysis into a unified workflow.


    DIVE by MIT Media Lab icon
  • MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Microsoft Office Excel Website

    MODLR is business modelling and planning software that provides everything needed to enable connected corporate modelling. Accessible from anywhere, simple to use, the platform empowers you to set your goals and execute better than ever.


    MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud icon
  • WherBouts

    Free Android Website

    Locate your friends and family with just one click. WherBouts will automatically sync your contacts and find those that use the app. Use WherBouts to send your map location and nearest point of interest directly to a contact.


    WherBouts icon

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