RSS Feed Readers

RSS Feed Readers

  • Readefine Desktop

    Free Mac Windows Adobe AIR Website

    Readefine Desktop is an AIR app which uses Flex, creating a really nice, clean layout for your RSS / Small Google Reader iconGoogle Reader feeds, text or HTML content. Read content in a book like multi-column layout and tweak settings like justification, column width, etc. for that perfect look.


    Beautiful multi-column, newspaper like layout for RSS and Google Reader.
    Dislike scrolling text? Readefine divides text into multiple pages for easy reading.
    Mark these as Read - The "Next Page" button in Magazine Layout marks the articles shown to you as read (in Google Reader), then gets more content.
    Looks great no matter what screen size.
    Use keyboard shortcuts like + and - to change font size. Shift + J to justify text.
    Instapaper, ,Twitter, ReadItLater Support.
    The desktop version contacts Google directly and only talks to Readefine servers for self-updating.
    Resizes pictures and videos to fit within the column.
    Re-flows text according to the available size.
    Makes long plain text files beautiful and also sections them for performance.
    Removes stray newlines, empty p, br tags.
    Supports drag and drop of text/rss/html.
    Copy paste or load a file from your computer (load, not upload)


    Readefine Desktop icon
  • GreatNews

    Free Windows Website

    Fast Reading
    GreatNews displays full pages of news articles across rss feeds, optimized for fast reading. So you can skim through pages in seconds, and pick interesting ones to dig in.

    News Highlighting
    Automatic news highlighting makes important news stand out. Fully customizable with keywords, channel selections, and foreground/ background colors.

    Save & Organize
    GreatNews stores all your favorite articles locally, so you wont lose any article when the web site is down or updated. You can also assign labels to articles so that you can retrieve them later by a single click.


    GreatNews icon
  • RSS Guard

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    RSS Guard is simple, light and easy-to-use RSS/ATOM feed aggregator developed using Qt framework which supports online feed synchronization.


    RSS Guard icon
  • Feeder

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Chrome Safari Firefox Website is a simple way to follow your favorite feeds and sites. Feeder supports most RSS and Atom feeds on the web. Browsing your feeds has never been easier.


    • Instantaneously see when new posts are added to one of your RSS and Atom feeds
    • Easily subscribe to new RSS/Atom feeds by clicking the browser icon
    • Intuitively manage your feeds
    • Right click context-menus in popup-menu let you mark all as read, reload feeds, and other nifty shortcuts
    • Export your feeds so you can import them on another computer and/or keep them as backups for safekeeping
    • Customize your feeds by choosing how many posts to display, or changing the title
    • Organize your feeds using folders and sorting with drag and drop
    • Choose between two different themes: Dark or Light
    • Everything is contained within the browser so no other third-party sites are needed
    • Notifications when feeds have been updated. Enable globally or on select feeds
    • Supports both RSS and Atom feeds
    • See when a page has any RSS or Atom feeds to subscribe to
    • Sound notifications
    • iOS and Android apps
    • E-mail notifications (PRO only)


    Feeder icon
  • Brief

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Brief is a light-weight feed reading extension for Small Mozilla Firefox iconMozilla Firefox . Designed to be easy to use and streamlined, with exactly the right set of features.


    Brief icon
  • QuiteRSS

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website


    Feed and news filters: new, unread, starred, deleted (for news until restart application)
    User filters
    Proxy configuration: automatic or manual
    Feed import wizard: Search feed URL if site URL was entered
    Embedded browser (Webkit core)
    Mark news starred
    Automatic update feeds: on startup, by timer
    Automatic cleanup on close using criteria
    Enable/Disable images in news preview
    Ability to quickly hide feed tree (for comfortable viewing)
    Open feed or news in own tab
    Quick news filter and quick search in browser
    Sound and/or Popup notification on new news
    Show new or unread news counter on tray icon
    Minimize on system tray: on start, on close, on minimize
    Import/Export feeds (OPML-files)
    Portable (Windows)
    Free working set (Windows)
    Check for updates
    Multilingual (English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tajik, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese)
    Open-source ;)


    QuiteRSS icon
  • Awasu

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Awasu is a state-of-the-art feed reader that comes loaded with features for both casual personal use and professional, high-powered information management.

    If you're looking for something to read your favorite blogs and news channels with, Awasu offers both power and flexibility and is far and away one of your best choices. It comes with:

    a modern and fully customizable user interface.
    individually configurable channels.
    advanced features to manage your channels.
    content archiving, coupled with an advanced search engine.

    You can also do many other things like:

    automatically download your favorite podcasts.
    integrate with your blogging tools.
    automatically keep your blogroll up-to-date.
    keep working even when you're not online.
    actively monitor your feeds for things you're interested in.
    bookmark and annotate items.
    keep multiple copies of Awasu in sync with each other, and even other feed readers.
    take information out of Awasu and republish it.


    Awasu icon
  • Reedah

    Free Windows Web S60 HP webOS Website

    Reedah is a replacement for Small Google Reader iconGoogle Reader , so that you can keep using your existing reader apps (or web-based access) once Google Reader goes away.


    Reedah icon
  • Sismics Reader

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Android Tablet Self-Hosted Website

    Looking for a simple and open feed reader?

    Free, open source, easy to use, Sismics Reader is what you need to keep your feeds under control.


    Access all your RSS and Atom feeds in one central easy readable place.


    Sismics Reader can be installed in few steps on all major OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux).


    Import or export all your subscriptions and starred articles, from or to Sismics Reader.

    Open Source

    Tired of proprietary platform closing one after another (like Google Reader) ? Sismics Reader is Open Source, which means it will always be available.


    Through its modern interface, Sismics Reader is available from desktop or mobile browser.


    Find an old article with the fast and easy embedded search engine.


    Sismics Reader icon
  • FlowReader

    Free Windows Web Android Website

    Flowreader is a web-based RSS reader that brings users both web news and social accounts feeds. One can organize categories, share and post directly from Flowreader page to Twitter and Google+ accounts.


    FlowReader icon
  • Smart RSS [Fork]

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox Website

    RSS Reader extension for Chrome & Firefox. Small Smart RSS iconSmart RSS Fork.
    Originally developed by Martin Kadlec to replace Small Opera iconOpera 12 built in RSS reader, if you find any issues please report them on GitHub

    RSS extension. Contribute to zakius/Smart-RSS development by creating an account on GitHub.


    Smart RSS [Fork] icon
  • FeedReader

    Free Windows Linux Web Website

    FeedReader Online is a FREE RSS news aggregation solution that provides robust, state-of-the-art features in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.

    With Feedreader Online, you have instant, convenient access to the up-to-the-minute news you need, without information overload.

    Feedreader Online automatically downloads updates from your favorite Web sites. So, it eliminates the need for you to constantly monitor multiple Web pages, while allowing you to immediately identify and retrieve new articles - no matter how long you've been away from your desk.

    Feedreader Online provides cutting-edge features in an intuitive, user-friendly environment. Even non-technical users can view comprehensive, consolidated information from across the Internet - faster and easier than ever before.

    Feedreader Client is also available on Windows and Linux at


    FeedReader icon
  • Feedbro

    Free Web Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome Brave ... Firefox Website

    Fast & free RSS feed reader as a browser extension for Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, Brave and Firefox for reading blogs, news or any RSS, Atom or RDF based feed.


    Feedbro icon

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