Screenshotting Tools, Monitor Video-Capture and Stills from WebCam

  • Awesome Screenshot

    Freemium Mac Windows Chrome Safari Firefox Website

    Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, one-click upload to share.

    Capture visible part
    Capture any region
    Capture the whole page
    Crop any portion and show crop dimension

    Annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text
    Erase the sensitive information with blur tool

    One-click Upload the screenshot to
    and get a sharable link
    Hard to guess URL to allow private sharing
    Share the link to twitter, facebook, email etc.

    $5 one-time app purchase on Apple store
    $19,99/year (a little under $2/m) to unlock premium annotation features (call-out, steps, emojis, add pictture to a screenshot) and to record videos beyond a 30 second time limit with the Screen Recorder feature


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  • Nimbus Screenshot

    Freemium Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    Capture or record any part of your screen. The editor will help you to annotate or blur sensitive info. Fast upload and share with the Short URL. Access screenshot and video recordings from iPhone, iPad or Web.

    Nimbus Capture platform used by hundreds of thousands of people! It's a perfect solution for everybody: students, teachers, developers support, personal etc.

    Use Nimbus Capture for note-taking, tech support, screen annotation and guidance.

    Key Features:

    • Auto-copy to the clipboard. The quickest way to upload screenshots directly to Slack or Email.
    • Capture entire screen, part of the screen, or select custom size
    • Use magnifier for perfect screen grab
    • Customize hotkeys
    • Record screen and share your screencasts, video guides, lectures
    • Drag and Drop to quickly upload multiple files with one shared link

    Annotate and Edit:

    • Annotate with different tools like arrows, text, pen, and shapes
    • Blur sensitive information
    • Resize or Crop image

    Save and Share:

    • Instant upload and share (in one click) with Nimbus Note platform.
    • Cross-platform service to access your recordings and sharings
    • Save screenshot locally


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  • qSnap

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Internet Explorer ... Chrome Opera Chromium Firefox Website

    qSnap by QASymphony is a useful screen capture add-on for everyone, especially for testers, developers, and even marketers. qSnap is totally free and is available for many popular browsers, including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

    With qSnap, you can choose to capture either visible screen or full screen, add annotations, import images, and automatically have multiple captures consolidated into a single and lightweight document. Your screenshots can be directly downloaded and printed or stored online using QASymphony's free hosting service. Sharing is easy with qSnap thank to integrated email and social networks, such as facebook, twitter and G+.


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  • Flamory

    Free Personal Windows Internet Explorer Chrome Microsoft Office Powerpoint Microsoft Office Word ... Adobe Reader Notepad++ Firefox Adobe Acrobat Website

    Flamory remembers things, so you don't have to. Make snapshots of web pages, files and desktop apps. You can find snapshots later using full-text search and thumbnails. Paste them anywhere as links or screenshots.

    When history recording is enabled, snapshots will be created automatically. Here is how this will speed up your web research:

    Step 1 - Keep focused on the research, let Flamory take notes.
    Flamory saves a copy of every web page you visit. If you find something interesting, tell Flamory to make a snapshot, and it will save a screenshot and selected text. It will also remember the exact position on the page, so you can get back there later.

    Step 2 - Share results.
    Share your finding in any form you like - email, blog post or a document. Use the snapshots that Flamory saved. You can paste them as links, edited screenshots or text highlights.

    Step 3 - Find things later.
    Find any page or document you saw by words from its text. You don't even have to open Flamory for that - every time you do a Google search, the app will also search your snapshots. When something is found, blue stripe will appear on the right of the screen.

    Feature highlights:
    • Full-text search in all saved content (page text, window titles, urls)
    • Thumbnails for snapshots
    • Instant preview - hover over snapshot and see large screenshot, whole web page or file text.
    • Built-in screenshot editor that saves original image and lets you re-edit it later.
    • Multiple snapshots per page. You can use them as bookmarks to navigate in a large document.
    • Integration with popular browsers and document editors. Flamory works the same way with web pages, emails, local files, pdf books, and other documents.
    • When you make a snapshot of unsupported application, Flamory will still save a screenshot and searchable window title.

    History and all the snapshots stay on your computer. They are never uploaded to the cloud. Flamory will ignore private browsing sessions and hidden files.


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  • Joxi

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Chrome Yandex.Browser ... Opera Website

    Finding a good program for screenshots is not the easiest task, right? So that quickly worked, gave the opportunity to edit screenshots and immediately placed them on some reliable hosting. We hasten to please: your searches are completed, you can download a convenient screenshot right here - officially and for free. Now you will always have Joxi - ultra-fast service for sharing screenshots and files over the network. Download the installation file to your disk and run it - the smart installer will do everything on its own. When everything is ready, the Joxi icon appears in the tray. No matter what your operating system is: Joxi is equally fast and works well in Windows, Mac and Linux. Just click on the corresponding button at the top of the page, and the download will begin. If you do not know what your operating system is, click the "Download" button on the main page - the service will determine and offer the desired file. In the case of Linux, you can also choose the version for a specific distribution. With Joxi, you will never lose your screenshots and files - they will be stored in the "cloud", access to which can be obtained from any device.


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  • FireShot

    Freemium Windows Linux Internet Explorer Chrome Pale Moon ... Thunderbird Opera Firefox Website

    Capture full web page screenshots in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Pale Moon or Internet Explorer
    Quick screenshots and annotations!.


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