• 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Steam Website

    5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel the first ever chess variant with spatial, temporal, and parallel dimensions. It's the first ever chess variant with multiverse time travel!.


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  • Scid vs. PC

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Shane's Chess Information Database is a powerful Chess Toolkit, with which one can create huge chess databases, run engine analysis, or play casual games against the computer or online with the Free Internet Chess Server. It was originally written by Shane Hudson, and has received strong contribution from Pascal Georges and others.

    Scid vs. PC is a usability and bug-fix fork of Scid. The project is maintained by Stevenaaus, and has been tested with the four million game ICOfY database.


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  • Listudy

    Free Web Website

    With Listudy you can improve your chess skills with the help of spaced repetition.
    Better train openings, endgames and tactics with the help of systematic repetition.

    Study Openings

    Use Listudy to better memorize openings.
    Play against your opening repertoire and learn them playfully and with scientifically effective methods.

    Train Tactics

    Train tactics with thousands of tactical sequences from real games.
    Get better at identifying and exploiting tactics.


    Find the best chess books for you.
    Discover the greatest books with the help of Grandmaster recommendations.


    Become unbeatable in endgames.
    Train endgames against Stockfish to become skilled and ready to take on any human opponent.


    Improve your visualization skills with blind tactics.
    Solve tactics while only seeing the board from 2 moves ago.


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  • ChessX

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    With ChessX you can operate on your collection of chess games in many ways:
    browse, edit, add, organize, analyze, etc.


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  • ChessBase

    Commercial Windows Website

    With ChessBase chess becomes even more fascinating and all the more exciting. In the new ChessBase program the Microsoft Office based interface ensures the key information quickly appears on screen. The new function “Fashionable Variation” kills two birds with one stone: ChessBase shows you which continuation is currently fashionable. Frequently this is not the sequence commonly played until recent, sometimes these new lines kick off very early on. For example, in the Queen’s Gambit, 2…c6 is now clearly the main move and has taken over from the traditional 2…e6. Your opening preparation should not be hampered by studying old or amateur games. For that reason, ChessBase 11 places the latest games between the strongest players at the top of the games list. When you prepare for a specific opponent, you can see at a glance what he is playing at present and when he modified his repertoire. ChessBase 11 offers you access in seconds (DSL) to the ChessBase online database with over 5 million games from the dawn of chess history right up until the latest top tournament. The commentary function “Theoretical Innovation” will rapidly and reliably show you where the players entered new territory and it will also add reference games. And best of all: your database will always remain up-to-date. Both the ChessBase online database and also the database received with your package (Big or Mega) will be regularly and automatically kept bang up to date .


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  • Blitz Tactics

    Free Web Website


    Infinity: Endless chess puzzles.
    Speedrun: Solve all the puzzles as fast as you can.
    Repetition: Make no mistakes to unlock the next level.
    Countdown: Solve puzzles within a time limit.
    Haste: Mistakes cost time, combos gain time.


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  • CT-ART

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    CT-ART is considered the best and most effective chess tactics course by many experts.


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  • OpeningTree

    Free Web Website

    Consolidated view of all your chess games from, lichess, grandmaster games or custom pgn. Prepare against your opponents by analyzing at their games and see which openings work for you.


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  • Chess Hero

    Free Windows Website

    How does it work?
    You supply a set of PGN files
    The program picks random positions from the PGN files and challenges you to guess the best move computed by a chess engine
    On every attempt you are given a penalty (the difference in score between your move and the engine best)
    The nice thing about this program is that you will also get very ordinary positions. Positions where not much is going on. If you compare your move with the moves of the game or the engine, you will find subtle differences in the evaluation of the moves. In this kind of positions, if you play moves that are 0.2 pawns worse than the best move, you will eventually lose against better players. That is exactly how this program can help you a great deal: it is as if a trainer is continually watching and commenting on you.

    You can configure the program to work with multiple chess engines (it supports both the XBoard and UCI engine protocols).


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  • Lucas Chess

    Free Windows Linux Website

    The aim is to play chess against the computer with increasing levels of difficulty and with a limited number of hints that are given by a chess tutor.
    Also included are thousands of training positions such as different types of endgames, tactical combinations and chess problems (mate in 2,3,4 and more).
    The computer uses different chess programs (so-called chess engines) of various strength. The user starts playing against the weakest engine at first. Initially the engine plays with limited strength but as the user wins more games the engine will be given more calculation time and its strength will improve. Eventually the engine will reach its maximum level of strength and if the user continues to win he will be passed to the next stronger engine and so forth. And even if you consider yourself being close to winning the next chess world championship, I can promise you that the included chess engines won't run out of steam that quickly. The strongest engines included in this program (such as Rybka and Stockfish) will give a professional top ten world ranking chess player a real run for his money.
    To overcome a level you must win against the engine twice, once with the white pieces and once with the black pieces. With every won game your personal point score increases. The higher the level the more points you receive for a won game. The engines are arranged in groups. Each group contains engines of similar strength. The basic rule for engines is, you have to collect plenty of points against lower rated engines until to can play the stronger engines. In detail this means each group of engines has a minimum required point score. If you want to play against an engine of a particular group your personal point score must have reached at least the group's minimum point score.


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  • SwissSystem

    Free Web Website

    Tournament management online application. Mainly used for chess. Pairing based on FIDE rules.


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    Free Web Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Reddit Firefox Website

    No need to install any additional apps, it's just an extension for your browser. One click and you're done.

    Analyze games from videos of your favorite chess teacher.

    Analyze live games of your favorite chess streamer.

    Scan chess diagrams from your favorite books.

    Get tips and analyze side lines in any chess puzzle.

    Have idea for additional features?
    Let me know:

  • ChessRoots

    Free Web Website

    Chess openings visualized from over 800 million Lichess games, 2 million tournament games and 1 million chess engine games.


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  • Chessable

    Freemium Web Website

    Chessable uses science-based training techniques to improve how you learn content from chess books and videos.


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  • Lichess

    Free Web Android iPhone iPad Website

    The complete chess experience, play and compete with friends and others around the world.


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  • Elometer

    Free Web Website

    Obtain a psychometrically founded estimate of your playing strength based on a comparison sample of previous participants, all you have to do is to solve the 76 chess problems.


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  • DecodeChess

    Free Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Chess Analysis, Powered by AI

    The first AI chess tutor, DecodeChess explains the why behind chess moves in rich, intuitive language. Start improving your chess with the most advanced chess analysis software, for free!

    Explanations that Help You Win

    Powered by a unique AI algorithm, DecodeChess combines the merits of a chess master and a chess engine. By providing personal feedback on your own chess games, we help you improve your skills and win more games. We invite you to try the next generation of chess analysis software for free.

    Who is it for?
    DecodeChess was created for chess enthusiasts who want to improve their skills and win every chess move. If you are a chess player with an ELO rating of up to 2000; passionate about the game; always wondering “what is the next best chess move?”; Can’t stop thinking to yourself “why is this move good?”; want to discover the beauty and logic behind your games or behind masters’ games; appreciate the advantages of self-analysis;

    then we think DecodeChess is the right place for you.


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