• Zabbix

    Free Linux Self-Hosted FreeBSD OpenBSD Website

    Gather and analyze accurate statistics and performance metrics, visualize it, get notified about current and potential issues without delay, and take advantage of our time-tested professional development and support.


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  • Nagios

    Freemium Linux Website

    Nagios is a powerful monitoring system licensed under Nagios Enterprises that helps organizations identify and resolve IT infrastructure issues.


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  • Icinga

    Freemium Mac Linux Website

    Icinga is a fork of Nagios and is backward compatible. So, Nagios configurations, plugins and addons can all be used with Icinga. Though Icinga retains all the existing features of its predecessor, it builds on them to add many long awaited patches and features requested by the user community. Icinga is an enterprise grade open source monitoring system which keeps watch over a network and any conceivable network resource, notifies the user of errors and recoveries, and generates performance data for reporting. Scalable and extensible, Icinga can monitor complex, large environments across dispersed locations. Icinga is licensed under GPL V2.


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  • LibreNMS

    Free Linux BSD MySQL Community Edition Apache HTTP Server JavaScript ... PHP Website

    A fully featured network monitoring system that provides a wealth of features and device support.


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  • Moloch

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Moloch augments your current security infrastructure to store and index network traffic in standard PCAP format, providing fast, indexed access. An intuitive and simple web interface is provided for PCAP browsing, searching, and exporting. Moloch exposes APIs which allow for PCAP data and JSON formatted session data to be downloaded and consumed directly. Moloch stores and exports all packets in standard PCAP format, allowing you to also use your favorite PCAP ingesting tools, such as wireshark, during your analysis workflow.

    Moloch is built to be deployed across many systems and can scale to handle tens of gigabits/sec of traffic. PCAP retention is based on available sensor disk space. Metadata retention is based on the Elasticsearch cluster scale. Both can be increased at anytime and are under your complete control.


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  • Netdeep Secure Firewall

    Free Personal Linux Website

    Netdeep Secure is a Linux distribution with focus on network security and next generation (NGFW) open-source firewall.


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