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  • cDock

    Free Personal Mac Website

    cDock 3 gives you full control over the Dock. There are tons of ways to customize the look and feel of the Dock. You can even enable some awesome hidden features. cDock is designed to make theming your Dock easy and robust on macOS 10.10 and up.

    There are many ways to configure cDock as you wish. Give it a go and find out!


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  • MacPilot

    Freemium Mac Website

    Scared of the terminal or cant be bothered to remember those commands to customize your system the way you want? MacPilot is your digital savior. Easily enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system, and perform numerous routine maintenance operations with the click of a button!


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  • TinkerTool

    Free Mac Website

    TinkerTool is an application that gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into Mac OS X. This allows to activate hidden features in the operating system and in some of the applications delivered with the system.

    The tool makes sure that preference changes can only affect the current user. You dont need administrative privileges to use the tool. With this design, it is no problem to use TinkerTool in professional networks where users have restricted permissions. The program will never change any component of the operating system, so the integrity of your system is not put at risk, and there will be no negative effect on system updates.


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  • BetterTouchTool

    Commercial Mac Website

    BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed app that allows you to customize various input devices on your Mac.


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  • OnyX

    Free Mac Website

    OnyX is a multifunction utility that you can use to verify the structure of the system files, to run miscellaneous maintenance and cleaning tasks, to configure parameters in the Finder, Dock, Safari, and some Apple applications, to delete caches, to remove certain problematic folders and files, to rebuild various databases and indexes, and more.


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  • Riverflow

    Free Mac Website

    Riverflow allows you to assign a two-finger gesture to an arbitrary action.

    For example, a circle gesture can be assigned to send ?Cmd + R key event.
    Then you can reload the web page by drawing a circle on the trackpad.


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  • Smooze

    Commercial Mac Website

    Smooze animates your scroll and adds functionality to your non-Apple mouse (scroll-wheel mouse).

    Disable scroll acceleration in macOS, Save time by attaching mouse buttons to actions, Grab Scroll, Auto Scroll, Gestures and more.


    Smooze icon

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