Multi-Window Alternatives & Extensions for Windows Explorer

  • Classic Shell

    Free Windows Website

    Classic Shell is free software getting back the better start menu from Win7 in Win10!.


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  • DropIt

    Free Windows Website

    When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files around.

    You can configure DropIt to perform 17 different actions on your files and folders, filtering files by name, directory, size, date, properties, content or regular expressions. You can even save sets of associations in profiles and associate a profile to each desired folder, to scan monitored folders at a defined time interval.

    Drop a group of different files and folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or performs other defined actions.


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  • Open++

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    Open++ is a context menu shell extension that allows you to quickly open the target file or folder with the customized commands. It adds a submenu with customized menu items to the shell context menu when right clicking a file or folder. Open++ also provides some predefined commands, such as Command Prompt, Copy Path, Copy Short Path, Run with Parameters, Register DLL, Unregister DLL, Open CD Drive, Close CD Drive, Set File Attributes, Set File Time, and so on.


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  • SageThumbs

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    SageThumbs is a powerful shell extension allowing to preview enormous amount of image formats directly in Windows Explorer by using Pierre-e Gougelet's GFL library (XnView's author).


    Extended thumbnail image view of Explorer folder
    Thumbnail image in explorer context menu (right-click menu)
    Extended info tips
    Support 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library
    Support additional 26 image formats via XnView plugins (if installed)
    Send by mail support
    One-click conversion to popular image formats support
    Wallpaper selection support
    Copy to clipboard support


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  • AudioShell

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    AudioShell is a freeware MS Windows Explorer shell extension plug-in which allows you to view and edit ID3 metadata tags directly in Windows Explorer. It supports all files and tags standards supported by Tag&Rename - mp3 tag editor. AudioShell adds ID3 tag editor and viewer tabs to the music files properties menu (you can edit ID3 tags file by file or in groups); detailed music files hints with tag and file information; and additional columns in the Explorer files list. Full Unicode support.

    Great tool for mp3 players owners! You quickly and easily fix file tags in Explorer before uploading to your iPod/Creative or any other mp3 player.

    Supported files and tags formats:
    mp3 (all ID3 tag versions)
    wma, asf and wmv (including DRM protected files)
    Apple iTunes and iPod aac (m4a, m4b, m4v and m4p) and mp4 files
    ogg, flac (vorbis comment tags)
    mpc, mp+ (APE/APEv2 tags)
    monkey's audio (APE/APEv2 tags)
    wav pack (APE/APEv2 tags)
    optim frog (APE/APEv2 tags)
    wav (ID3v2 tag in 'tag ' RIFF chunk)


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  • Icaros

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    Icaros is a collection of lightweight, high quality, Windows Shell Extensions, which is capable of providing Windows Explorer thumbnails for essentially any video media filetype.

    Icaros can provide Windows Explorer thumbnails, for essentially any video media format supported by FFmpeg which includes popular filetypes such as: Mkv, Flv, Avi, Mp4, Mov, Rmvb, M2ts, Ogm etc.

    It is capable of thumbnailing just about any file by adding its extension(s) to the optional filetypes box and re-activating Icaros.


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  • Paste As File

    Commercial Windows Website

    Adds a context menu in Windows File Explorer "paste as file", allowing to paste the clipboard content as file. Depending on clipboard content it pastes as jpg, png, txt or html. Initially was free, now it says 15 days trial.


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  • Save Text To File

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Saves selected text to a file in a directory (defaulting to the user's home directory).
    After highlighting some text, right-click and select "Save Text to File".
    File names have the format "userPreference--<todaysDate>-<timestamp>.txt"


    • Add date to saved file name
    • Add time to saved file name
    • Add date to the beginning of saved text
    • Add time to the beginning of saved text
    • Add a line separator to the file before saved text
    • Various date formats to choose from
    • Save current URL in file
    • Text encoded using UTF-8 (Unicode) so all international characters can be stored correctly
    • Show/hide widget icon
    • Ability to either append text to existing file or create a new file
    • Optional preference confirmation panel triggered when Save Text to File is clicked
    • Option to save selected html text
    • Can edit text before saving

    English (en-US), Chinese (zh-CN), French (fr), German (de), Japanese (ja), Polish (pl), Russian (ru) and Spanish (es-ES)


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  • Clover

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    Wings for your Windows Explorer!

    Clover is an extension of the Windows Explorer, to add multi-tab functionality similar to Google Chrome browser. After Clover is installed, you will be able to open multiple folders in tabs within the same window, and you can also be able to add folder bookmarks.

    Note: If you're starting Clover with a bunch of previously opened tabs, so don't be hurry for some first seconds 'cause it can freeze. Also be aware to delete some files if you use Ctrl-D hothey for bookmarking a folder 'coz the same hotkey you can set for deleting without prompt if you unchecked "Show recycle confirmation" in Explorer (or Shift-Del).

    Malware Warning Information: Exercise due diligence, but understand that the required behaviour of this application will trigger some anti-malware engines which look for suspicious behavior, such as tampering with Windows Explorer. You may see warnings on this site or from your own software. Review them, but watch for 'trojan.generic' or 'gen.trojan.heuristic' types of identifiers from antivirus engines, which denote that the file does not necessarily contain identifiable harmful code, but exhibits a potentially unwanted behaviour, which is expected and desirable in most cases. Understand however, that this doesn't mean this download cannot become unsafe, infected with real malware, like other software, so read the warnings from your scanning engines to be sure.


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