ALL Chrome web extensions (applicable to Opera, Vivaldi, YandexBrowser too)

  • Auto Refresh Actual Webpage

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome ... Chromium Website

    Automatically reload webpage in actual tab. You can set refresh interval. Automatically refresh can be easily activated via the context menu by clicking the right mouse button on the web page. In options you can set refresh interval in seconds. Extension automatically stop refresh when change tab or change website.


    Auto Refresh Actual Webpage icon
  • Web Page Sticky Notes

    Free Web Chrome OS Vivaldi Browser Chrome Website

    Sticky Notes For Web Pages
    Offload your memory by appending notes:

    • to a specific website
    • to a specific page of that website
    • to a specific element of that page
    • to any web page matching a defined scope

    FRICTIONLESS - Click & Type
    CONTEXTUAL - Page specific instead of cluttered note board
    SIMPLE - Most tasks are 2 clicks away
    INTUITIVE - Shallow functionality, Symbolic icons, Tool tips to fill the gaps
    CLEAN - Crisp icons, clean borders, unassuming
    VERSATILE - Picture frame, Video embed, RSS feed and more...


    • Add/Delete/Clone
    • Minimize/Maximize
    • Resize/Double click edges to resize/Autoresize
    • Background/Text/Border color + transparency
    • Change Font properties
    • Bring to top/Send to bottom
    • Export/Import
    • Scope (Global, Domain, Page, etc...)
    • Manage all notes
    • Settings to override defaults
    • Pin note to another note, to underlying page
    • Lock note
    • Load media
    • Take snapshot
    • RSS Feed
    • Plain text/Markdown/Text formatting
    • More...


    Web Page Sticky Notes icon
  • VK Photo Zoom

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome ... Yandex.Browser Website

    VK Photo Zoom - is the best-in-class free Chrome extension allowing to zoom photos and image thumbnails automatically or with a delay of 3 seconds. The extension integrates directly into VK and you can see the larger images of posts, albums, profile images and more whenever you hover over an image!

    Just hover the mouse over the photo and view it as is. No need to click and open the image in the new tab or window.


    • Full compatibility with Google Chrome and Yandex.Browser;
    • Three Photo Zoom options are available: enlarging immediately, three seconds delay and by pressing CTRL.

    Install VK Photo Zoom and start VK Zooming!

    Have a better time surfing the web!

    We would be glad to see your feedback about Photo Zoom for VK and receive ideas for new extensions.


    VK Photo Zoom icon
  • ActivityWatch

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome Python ... Chromium Firefox Website

    Log what you do on your computer. Simple (yet powerful), extensible, no third parties.


    ActivityWatch icon
  • PrintFriendly

    Free Web Chrome Iceweasel Chromium Firefox Website

    PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience. PrintFriendly removes Ads, Navigation and web page junk, so you save paper and ink when you print. It's free and easy to use. Perfect to use at home, the office, or whenever you need to print a web page.


    PrintFriendly icon
  • Refresh Monkey

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome ... Chromium Website

    Automatically refresh a page at set interval. Monitor the page for a change and get notified in case of change.


    Refresh Monkey icon
  • Vanilla Cookie Manager

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Chrome ... Chromium Website

    Vanilla Cookie Manager is a whitelist manager that helps protect your privacy. Automatically removes unwanted cookies.

    With Vanilla you can select which cookies you want to keep on a whitelist. All unwanted cookies are deleted automatically (or manually if you prefer).


    Vanilla Cookie Manager icon
  • Flash Control

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Chrome ... Chromium Website

    A Flashblock tool for Chrome. Stay in control of Flash content.

    Flashcontrol automatically blocks Flash and allows you to unblock content selectively; reduce memory and CPU usage with an added re-block ability.

    It includes a helpful tool for content filtering; create a filter that allows or denies content automatically by page or site, or third-party URL. Use with wildcards or RegEx.

    What's new in version 5?

    • It won't affect page loading speed, so Chrome runs normally — as in fast!
    • It's more effective at preventing automatic plugin activation.


    Flash Control icon
  • Falcon (Chrome extension)

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone ... BSD Chrome Chromium Website

    Flexible full text browsing history search in Chrome! Press f, then space or tab, in the omnibar to start searching your previously visited websites! Every time you visit a website in Chrome, Falcon indexes all the text on the page so that the site can be easily found later.


    Falcon (Chrome extension) icon
  • Fontface Ninja

    Free Web Chrome Safari Chromium Firefox Website

    Fontface Ninja is a plugin you can install in your browser to recognize, try and buy any fonts on the Internet!

    Fontface Ninja is really quick and simple to use.
    • Activating the extension allows you to identify the font used on any website. You want to find the name of a font ? Fontface Ninja will do the job for you! It give you the name, size, line spacing and letter spacing too!
    • The plugin allows you to hide any pictures and commercial to focus on fonts, so you can now enjoy fonts on a blank background!
    • Click on a font to try it and get the price (or download it, if it's free).


    Fontface Ninja icon
  • WebMotion

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome Chromium Website

    WebMotion turns regular links into much more interesting regular links by highlighting one letter inside each link. You can then follow a link by simply pressing its highlighted letter on your keyboard.


    WebMotion icon
  • Chrome-Notepad

    Free Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Chromium Website

    Chrome Notepad is a very simple notepad extension for Chrome that can sync notes to all your Chrome installations!


    • Saves notes.
    • Remembers the last caret position (and scroll offset).
    • Reports last update.
    • Syncs notes (and caret position, scroll offsets) to all your computers.

    New features:

    • New Looks,
    • Multiple notes features
    • Search
    • Deleting
    • Auto Sync with bookmarks.
    • Reordering


    Chrome-Notepad icon
  • Quick QRCode

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Chromium Website

    A QRCode creator for Chromium based browsers.


    • Support context menus
    • Support custom content
    • Support running in offline mode
    • Support creating QRCode for pages, links, images, selected content


    Quick QRCode icon
  • Stylish

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Opera Firefox Website

    Restyle the web with Stylish, a user styles manager. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for websites and even customize Firefox and other programs themselves.


    Stylish icon
  • Terms of Service Didn't Read

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Opera Firefox Website

    Terms of Service; Didn't Read (ToS;DR) is an active project to fix the biggest lie on the web. We help you understand the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of websites.

    Terms of service are often too long to read, but it's important to understand what's in them. Your rights online depend on them. Get informed about your rights by installing the browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.



    - Very broad copyright license on your content
    -> No promise to inform about government requests
    - Facebook automatically shares your data with many other services
    + Transparency on law enforcement requests
    + You can give your feedback before changes
    - No pseudonym allowed
    -> (more info on the forum)


    - Google can use your content for all their existing and future services
    + Limited copyright license to operate and improve all Google Services
    + Inform about data requests
    + Google posts notice of changes, with a 14-day ultimatum.
    + Transparency on law enforcement requests
    -> Partial archives of their terms are available
    -> Jurisdiction in California
    -> (more info on the forum)


    Terms of Service Didn't Read icon
  • RoboForm

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    RoboForm is a proprietary software password management program that syncs passwords between multiple devices. It offers a web form filler that automates password entering and form filling on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge. RoboForm is also available on Android and iOS.

    • Password Manager
      RoboForm remembers your passwords so you don't have to. Just remember your one Master Password and RoboForm remembers the rest. It's that easy! Our bookmark-style Logins automatically log you in to your favorite websites with one click.

    • Bookmark Manager
      RoboForm stores and organizes links to your favorite websites that don't require logging in as Bookmarks. Folders and powerful search functionality make organizing both passwords and bookmarks a cinch.

    • Everywhere
      Whether it's on your PC, Mac, phone, or tablet, RoboForm Password Manager provides secure access to your passwords wherever you are. One subscription works across all of your devices. You can be confident knowing that our advanced syncing technology always keeps each device up to date.

    • Security
      The Master Password is the key to your account. Only you know it, so only you can access your data. All RoboForm data is encrypted using AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256.

    • Form Filler
      Do you shop online? Wouldn't it be great to fill out those long forms instantly? With RoboForm, it's just one click and you're done.


    RoboForm icon
  • WebTorrent

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Self-Hosted Chrome ... Safari Opera Node.JS Chromium Firefox Website

    WebTorrent Desktop is able to instantly stream and play right away video and audio. You don't have to wait for it to finish downloading.

    It is the first torrent client built for the web. No browser plugins, extensions, or installation is required to use WebTorrent in your browser.

    Easy to use. On option is you can drop a torrent file or paste a magnet link in the box at the bottom of the app. Then enjoy instant playback. Alternatively you can drop a torrent file in it.

    WebTorrent Desktop can talk to both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers.
    A streaming torrent client based on WebRTC which is based on TCP & UDP.

    Written completely in JavaScript and uses WebRTC for true peer-to-peer transport. Which decentralize the Internet.


    WebTorrent icon
  • SimilarWeb

    Free Personal Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Chrome ... Safari Opera Firefox Website

    Find out the most important traffic insights about any website on the internet to improve your market research, competitive analysis and business development.

    Use SimilarWeb’s browser add-on to get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics with a single click.

    One-Click Access to 9 Website Metrics:
    • Engagement (Visits, Time on Site, Page Views, Bounce Rate)
    • Monthly Visits and Traffic Sources (Direct, Referrals, Search Keywords, Social Networks, Mail, Ads)
    • Monthly Visits (6 months back)
    • Site Ranking (Country, Industry, and Worldwide)
    • Top Countries
    • Top 10 Referring/Destination Sites
    • Top 10 Paid and Organic Search Keywords
    • Social Network Sources
    • Related Mobile Apps
    • Similar Sites


    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Media Buyers
    • Marketing Managers
    • Social Media Managers

    SimilarWeb Add-On sits subtly in your browser toolbar, filling up with color according to the popularity of the site you’re currently on.

    Find out how popular any website is and get instant knowledge on the main sources of traffic bringing users to the site. You can now get in-depth engagement and usage stats for any site; monthly visits going half a year back; see which sources attract the most traffic (such as Mail, Social, Direct, Ads, Search, Links); check out a site’s ranking in its top country, worldwide, and even in its category; see which countries a website is most popular in; check out the top 10 referring sites, destination sites, organic keywords, and paid keywords.

    The SimilarWeb add-on can even show you which App Store or Google Play apps belong to the website you’re on, and shows you their publisher and price. As always, you can use the SimilarSites tool to find related websites to explore.
    And much, much more!


    SimilarWeb icon
  • Distill Web Monitor

    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Linux Android Chrome ... Opera Firefox Website

    Distill is a web monitoring tool. It can monitor RSS feeds, a webpage or a part of webpage. Alerts in the form of pop-up, audio or emails can be received.

    Featured highlights:

    • Content selection from any webpage including iframes.
    • Supported actions:
    - Push notifications on phone
    - Pop-up
    - Audio
    - Email
    - SMS
    - Webhook
    • Easy to use inbox style Watchlist with label, trash etc.
    • Conditions for smart actions.
    • History of previous changes for each monitor.
    • Powerful expressions to select source content. Supports XPath expression, CSS rule or JavaScript expression to select content.
    • View highlighted changes.

    Getting started with Distill:


    Distill Web Monitor icon
  • Bubblehunt

    Free Web Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Chrome ... Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Website

    Bubblehunt is the search platform, where you can create own search system. Use global and @local search. Add to request «@« and you will get results from information space that you need.

    Create private search for your bookmarks, thematic search for your audience, intranet for your company or knowledge base for your team. Platform is free, flexible and we make it better every day.

    Your feedback is important for us, drop your thoughts to


    Bubblehunt icon

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