• CopyQ

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Clipboard manager with searchable and editable history.

    It's possible to save plain text, images, HTML and other formats, use plugins, filter out content by text, data format or window from which it is copied, use multiple tabs, control application using command-line interface and scripting, assign system-wide shortcuts, paste item into application just by selecting it in tray menu and more.


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  • Eyeleo

    Free Windows Website

    EyeLeo is a handy PC application that reminds you to take a break for your eyes.


    Screen blocking long breaks every hour.

    Short breaks with eye exercises every 10 minutes.

    Eye exercises shown by an adorable Leopard.

    Notifications announcing a long break coming.

    Strict mode that does not allow skipping the breaks.

    Customizable parameters.

    Multi-monitor system support.

    and more...


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  • AllToMP3

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    AllToMP3 is a desktop application to download and convert YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer in 256 kb/s MP3, with tags: cover, title, artist, genre, and even lyrics!. It supports YouTube playlists, Deezer and Spotify playlists, and also integrate a search engine so you can simply specify a song name or an album and AllToMP3 will download it.


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  • ueli

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Developed with the Electron framework, ueli is the type of tool that adopts simplicity, leaving out any unnecessary options and configuration settings. It creates an icon in the system tray at startup, where it sits silently throughout its runtime, without disturbing you with popup messages or reminders like other applications.

    Double-clicking the tray icon doesn't do anything. It would've been helpful if ueli displayed the shortcut that can be triggered for bringing up its search window, though, because this isn't obvious without reading the documentation on the developer's website.
    Press Alt+Spacebar to make searches

    You can use Alt+Spacebar to access the ueli search bar, then type the full or partial name of any installed software product or Windows tool (like Windows Media Player or Windows PowerShell). ueli conducts the search operation instantly, creating a list of matches. Also, the hotkey is global, so it works no matter the environment you're currently working in.

    Once you've set your eye on the program, all you have to do is launch it. Keep in mind that the mouse cannot be used for making this happen. Instead, you have to navigate the list with the arrow keys and hit Enter to access a program.
    Easy-to-use app launcher

    There are no kind of configuration settings available for this app, and that includes changing the global hotkey for activating the search bar. ueli is simple and straightforward, offering a convenient solution for instantly locating and launching apps.


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  • Is Opened

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Free email tracker extension for your Gmail account. Email tracking for all your Gmail emails.


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  • Dnote

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web BSD ... Self-Hosted Chrome Atom Firefox Website

    Write down your lessons without distraction and get automatic reminders. Capture new knowledge and make it yours while staying focused.


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  • Keypirinha

    Free Windows Website

    A lightning fast and flexible keystroke launcher for Windows. No installation required (portable). Extensible with Python3 plugins.


    Keypirinha icon
  • Morgen (previously MineTime)

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    Morgen is a free, modern and multi-platform calendar application. It connects to several calendar providers (including Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and and provide advanced scheduling features powered by Artificial Intelligence.


  • Dev Eject

    Free Windows Website

    With the help of this program, users can see the files that are open from the removable drive, and can also learn more about the processes that are using them. Replug, eject and view info on any removable drives connected to your PC.


    Dev Eject icon
  • Pinner

    Free Windows Website

    Pinner is a software to have all your favorite files, folders, and websites together.


    • Fast access to your favorite files
    • Fast access to your favorite folder
    • Fast access to your favorite websites
    • Works on Windows 32bit and 64bit
    • Portable - No need to install. Everything in one folder
    • Multi Databases - create databases as many as you need
    • Immediately connect to a database when selecting no need to restart Pinner
    • OpenWith option for every pin - select which program will run the pin instead of the default software
    • Hotkey to open pinner
    • Hotkey to open every pin
    • System tray icons. Easily launch pins from system tray icon
    • Check for updates from Pinner itself
    • Favorite bar to have your favorite pins just a click away
    • Organize the pins by groups for easily find them
    • Effective pins filtering
    • 2 viewing options
    • Easy adding pins to Pinner (enable sendTo in File menu)


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  • LetsView

    Free Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    LetsView is a free screen mirroring app that allows users to mirror Android and iPhone to the computer conveniently. It supports a variety of mirroring protocols. You can also stream the phone screen with audio with one click.


    LetsView icon
  • USB Lockit - Password Lock USB Drive

    Free Windows Android Website

    Enables you to set a pin-code protection to your USB flash drive. Once this has been done, the drive is effectively locked until the correct pin is entered. Once the drive is locked, one cannot read nor write any data to it without the correct pin.


    USB Lockit - Password Lock USB Drive icon
  • Scrapyard

    Free Web Firefox Website

    Advanced bookmark manager with page archiving functionality. Scrapyard is designed to efficiently handle thousands of bookmarks without any external tools and supports the import of RDF files, which makes it an excellent replacement for Scrapbook.


    Scrapyard icon
  • EasyEyes

    Free Windows Website

    EasyEyes by Autosofted is an app that can do what f.lux does and more. F.lux only allows the user to adjust temperature, while EasyEyes allows both temperature AND brightness adjustment. EasyEyes allows the user to create multiple transition times.


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