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  • SuperTux

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    SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games. Instead of Mario, the hero in this game is Tux, the mascot of the Linux kernel.


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  • NetHack

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    NetHack is a single player dungeon exploration game that runs on a wide variety of computer systems, with a variety of graphical and text interfaces all using the same game engine. Unlike many other Dungeons & Dragons-inspired games, the emphasis in NetHack is on discovering the detail of the dungeon and not simply killing everything in sight - in fact, killing everything in sight is a good way to die quickly. Each game presents a different landscape - the random number generator provides an essentially unlimited number of variations of the dungeon and its denizens to be discovered by the player in one of a number of characters: you can pick your race, your role, and your gender.


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  • AssaultCube

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    AssaultCube is a free, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine.

    Taking place in realistic environments, with fast, arcade gameplay, it's addictive and fun! .


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  • Scorched3D

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    A modernization of the classic DOS game Small Scorched Earth iconScorched Earth 'The Mother Of All Games' on which it is based. Scorched 3D incorporates a lively three dimensional landscape that includes animated jets, naval vessels, water, and even birds, in addition to detailed tanks and projectiles.

    Scorched3D is a simple turn-based artillery game and also a real-time strategy game in which players can counter each others' weapons with other creative accessories, shields and tactics. Test your skill in timing, aiming and judgement of distance, move around on the landscape, or outsmart your opponent economically.


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  • XMoto

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    X-Moto is a challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics plays an all important role in the gameplay. You need to control your bike to its limits, if you want to have a chance to finish the most difficult challenges.


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  • Xonotic

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com Website

    Xonotic is a free (GPL), fast-paced first-person shooter that works on Windows, OS X and Linux. The project is geared towards providing addictive arena shooter gameplay which is all spawned and driven by the community itself. Xonotic is a direct successor of Small Nexuiz iconNexuiz with years of development between them, and it aims to become the best possible open-source FPS (first-person-shooter) of its kind.


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  • Canabalt

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad PortableApps.com Steam Website

    Canabalt is a 2009 side-scrolling endless runner video game developed by Adam Saltsman for the Experimental Gameplay Project. It has been released on iOS, Android, Commodore 64, Ouya and various Flash based online gaming websites, such as Kongregate.


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  • Monster RPG 2

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad PortableApps.com Website

    Monster RPG 2 is a fun 2-dimensional Japanese-style Role Playing Game (JRPG). It will appeal to fans of classic console games like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. The game and story are quite simple which is probably what makes the game worth playing. It is not overly dramatic which can make story-telling games boring if not done well. Gameplay and commands are simple as well which is a plus for touch-screens. There are plenty of options and customizations to allow for a better feel on different platforms. Players can choose to control the characters using point-and-click, gamepad, or virtual gamepad.

    Note that the game is free from the Android Play Store but must be purchased from other stores or for other platforms.


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  • Pingus

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    Pingus has started at the end of 1998 with the simple goal to create a Free (as in freedom, not as in free beer) Lemmings clone. The Free means you get the sources and are allowed and encouraged to change and distribute them. You basically get everything that I used to create this game. In the years it has grown than quite a bit over the original goal and become something more than just a clone, we have original artwork, a built-in level editor, new actions, multiplayer and a few other features.


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  • Warzone 2100

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com Website

    Join "The Project" to restore humanity's synaptic-link technology after nuclear war has devastated Earth, rendering it a Warzone 2100.


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  • SuperTuxKart

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Chrome OS ... BSD OpenSolaris Website

    SuperTuxKart is a free 3D kart racing game; we want to make the game fun more than we want to make it realistic. You can play with up to 4 friends on one PC, racing against each other or just try to beat the computer (a network multiplayer feature is planned).

    See the great lighthouse or drive through the sand and visit the pyramids. Race underground or in space, watching the stars passing by. Have some rest under the palms on the beach (watching the other karts overtaking you :) ). But don't eat the bananas! Watch for bowling balls, plungers, bubble gum and cakes thrown by opponents.

    You can do a single race against other karts, compete in one of several Grand Prix, try to beat the high score in time trials on your own, play battle mode against your friends, and more!


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  • Hedgewars

    Free Mac Windows Linux iPhone BSD ... iPad PortableApps.com Website

    Hedgewars is a turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space. As commander, it's your job to assemble your crack team of hedgehog soldiers and bring the war to your enemy.


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  • LBreakout2

    Free Mac Windows PortableApps.com AmigaOS Website

    The successor to LBreakout offers you a new challenge in more than 50 levels with loads of new bonuses (goldshower, joker, explosive balls, bonus magnet ...), maluses (chaos, darkness, weak balls, malus magnet ...) and special bricks.


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  • The Legend of Edgar

    Free Windows PortableApps.com Website

    The Legend of Edgar is a platform game, not unlike those found on the Amiga and SNES. Edgar must battle his way across the world, solving puzzles and defeating powerful enemies to achieve his quest.


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  • Armagetron

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android PortableApps.com Website

    Armagetron is a multiplayer game in 3d that attempts to emulate and expand on the lightcycle sequence from the movie Tron.


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  • IceBreaker

    Free Windows Linux PortableApps.com FreeBSD Website

    So, uh, there's a bunch of penguins on an iceberg in Antarctica. You have been selected to catch them so they can be shipped to Finland, where they are essential to a secret plot for world domination.


  • I Have No Tomatoes

    Free Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    I Have No Tomatoes is an extreme leisure time activity idea of which culminates in the following question: How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes.


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  • Chromium B.S.U.

    Free Mac Windows Linux iPhone PortableApps.com Website

    Chromium B.S.U. is a fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter on Windows, iPhone, PSP, Mac, AmigaOS 4, Linux and numerous other UNIX-like operating systems. It is a free software distributed under the Artistic License.

    The original version of Chromium B.S.U. was designed in 2000 by Mark B. Allan and released under the Artistic License. Since then it has received the contribution of numerous people in the open source community. The gameplay is based on a player who plays the role of hero, shooting their way through a barrage of enemy forces. The game is similar to 2D top-scrolling space shooters played in arcades.


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  • ManiaDrive

    Free Windows Linux PortableApps.com Website

    ManiaDrive is a free clone of Trackmania, the great game from Nadéo studio, and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay (tracks almost never exceed one minute), and features a network mode, as the original.


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