Apps that will make your travel like a pro

  • None software tips for traveling

    I always pack a power strip when i travel, hotels usually do not have enough outlets and if you are in a country that use some other standard it's even more important.

    Sometimes i also pack a HDMI-cable or a Chromecast so you can use the TV in the hotell to watch your own stuff. I actually not used it so much but when you need it you really miss it.

    And yeah, if you do not yet have a powerbank, come on?

  • Find the best ticket

  • Skyscanner

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    Another great place for cheap airline tickets. Love the fact that you can search by month and not just per day. They also have prices from RyanAir which Monondo doesn't have as far as i know.


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  • Momondo

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    One of the best places to find cheap flights. I primarily use it in combination with SkyScanner to see where i can find the best price. Great search features in general, love that you can search on a map and with flexible dates and so on.


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  • Figure out where to stay and what to do

  • Foursquare

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    I always use Foursquare to look up the best restaurant. It doesn't work perfectly in all cities but in most major cities i find that Foursquare is kind of the hipster version of Tripadvisor. I also like that they encourage you to leave tips instead of regular reviews, tjerefore


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    I guess and and so on are pretty similar, but for some reason i always use and every now and then you get a free night from their bonus program.

  • Other useful tools and services

  • Splid

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    If you traveling with people and you want to keep track of who paid for what and then divide it between you, Splid is to the rescue!

    Before you more or less had to be a Nobel prize winner in math to be able to figure out this if you where more than 2 people.


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  • Google Photos

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    I usually take a lot of pictures when i'm on vacation and sometimes i even use a more serious camera than my iPhone. And to backup the photos i always use Google Photos. I really like the simple "Auto"-filter that just makes all photos look a bit better. And since it's Google that is behind the search is of course insanely good.


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  • Uber

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    I hate to travel by Taxi when i'm abroad. You never know what you are supposed to pay and you always think that "now i'm getting robbed again". And i will be forever thankful to Uber for solving this problem. It's just awesome to be able to get a price estimate before you get in the car and if you feel that something was not right you can just complain to Uber and they will help you out. I understand Uber is not without issues. But they have been a distributor and hopefully there will be more major international taxi apps that will make the life easier for all of humankind :)


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  • Google Maps

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    Google Maps is a life saver when you are in a city that you do not know. It's simply awesome at finding more or less whatever you search for and the offline feature is great if you do not have any internet access.


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  • ExpressVPN

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    If you are away for long and you want to spend sometime in the hotel bed just watching TV you can of course always just enjoy the local selection of TV, but maybe you are hooked on a TV show that only works in your country of origin, then its always nice to have a stable and premium VPN. I use ExpressVPN but you could of course checkout the altrernatives as well.


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  • Apple Wallet

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    It's simple but if your airline has support for Apple Wallet i usually use it. I actually like to just look at your boarding pass in the app because it's so pretty and it feels like the old-school romantic experience that was flying before the low-fares airlines :)


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There are more apps of course and i will continue to add stuff to this list. What are your favorite apps for travelling. Please make your own list and let me know if there are even better apps for me to use the next time i'm abroad!

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