• PlanSo Forms

    Commercial Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Wordpress Website

    PlanSo Forms makes it easy to create professional forms with WordPress. Build forms and manage forms in a new intuitive way and customize fields with icons, placeholders and all the stuff that matters.


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  • FindIcons

    Free Web Website

    Search through 300,000 icons in more than 2,000 icon packs.
    And access those faved icons 24/7 from anywhere.


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    Free Web Website

    The is the best icon search engine on web, it contents about 50,000+ high quaility icons and each icon has PNG, ICO and ICNS formats for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.


    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloudron Website

    Open source productivity suite for managing documents, collaborative projects, and CRM.


  • AppCup

    Free Web Website

    Welcome to AppCup Android market and find out latest top rated Android apps, the new Android app directory.

    On AppCup you are able to find the very best Android apps trough search, rankings and categories.
    Scan QRcode or click install to download latest app's.
    Every day we add New Features so get ready to be amazed!


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  • 123FormBuilder

    Freemium Web Website

    Build any type of online and mobile forms, manage workflows and collect accurate data with ease.

    • Build efficient forms

    Easy to build forms & surveys with drag-and-drop in real time.
    Just drag & drop fields to your form and select your notification email.
    Create HTML forms, contact forms, email forms, order forms, event registration forms and any type of web forms as easy as 1-2-3.

    • Collect accurate data

    Track your online form performance through in-depth analytics. Use graphical reports from our real-time form builder for data mining.

    • Accomplish limitless goals

    Publish the form anywhere online. No coding required!
    Protect your web forms with SSL, Captcha and more. Create password protected contact forms & other HTML forms.
    It's easy to create web forms and online surveys that make a difference using our free form builder. You are one step away from your own web form that visitors will love!

    • Automate

    Connect your web forms to other online services and automate your data collection processes in a snap.

    • Receive Payments

    Integrate one or more payment processors with your order form and sell anything without the need of a shopping cart.


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  • PDFCool Studio

    Freemium Windows Website

    PDFCool Studio is an easy-to-use but powerful PDF document handler. It enables you to create, edit, sign, compare, split, combine, replace, encrypt and convert PDF documents.
    PDFCool Studio supports almost 30 page and document formatting features that enable you to insert watermarks and headers, rotate pages, resize pages, merge pages, crop pages, extract and convert pages and more.

    PDF Creating

    PDFCool Studio enables you to create PDF file from Word, Doc, Html, PPT, RTF, JPEG2000, images and any printable files. You can create PDF document directly from the webpages by entering the url. You can also create PDF from system clipboard or from other PDF documents by dragging the pages.

    PDF Conversion

    You can convert any printable files to PDF documents, such as DOC, HTML, EXCEL and images; you can also convert PDF to DOC, HTML, JPEG2000 and other images. You can also extract text and image from a PDF document, to save as Excel or CSV file.

    PDF Editing

    The user can double-click a word/phrase to edit, or drag an area and then use the Text Editor tool to edit them in batches. You can also drag an area to select text, and then call "Delete Text", "Change Color", "Add Underline", "Apply Bold" or "Copy Text to Clipboard" functions.

    Batch Processing

    Batch Processing of PDFCool Studio is a convenient function to handle various kinds of PDFs. It supports the following modules: Replace Text, Resize Page, Crop Page, Rotation Page, Combine, Compress, Encrypt, Header&Footer, WaterMark, Backgrand, Insert Image, Add Hptspot and Add Barcode.

    Document Manipulation

    PDFCool Studio document manipulation supports 11 kinds of document processing functions, such as split, combine, compare and compress documents; and add header/footer, watermarks, background etc, which are outstanding among the competitive products.

    Security and Permission

    Security and permission function of PDFCool Studio allows the user to digital sign, encrypt, decrypt multiple PDF documents, and set permissio


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  • Creative Market

    Commercial Web Website

    Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.


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  • SweetSOA

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Tools and resources for Enterprise Web Service development.


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  • Zymic

    Free Web FileZilla Website

    Free Web Hosting, Free Templates, Free Tutorials and more! Zymic Webmaster Resources


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  • Atom

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS BSD ... Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Extensible, cross-platform text editor with a rich ecosystem of plugins and themes.


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  • Listango

    Free Web Chrome Website

    Listango was born out of a simple idea...

    I was sick of having several hundred bookmarks on my notebook, work PC, iPad and iPhone and never being able to find any of them when I needed them. All I wanted was a simple tool that would allow me to quickly save and organize my bookmarks online, accessible from any of my devices. So I searched around, but the tools available were primarily for reading articles offline or “social” bookmarking. I’m not interested in either of those things.

    So I contacted my friend Steve and we started work on Listango in May 2012. The site is self-funded and is developed entirely by Steve and I. We believe some people will find it useful.


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  • Dotcms

    Free Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Website

    dotCMS is an Open Source Java Content Management System licensed under the GPL 3.0. Used for managing websites, intranets and mobile applications. dotCMS' REST APIs (Headless CMS) allow you to deliver content to almost any internet connected device. .


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  • Formidable Pro

    Freemium Self-Hosted Wordpress Website

    Create Beautiful Forms – Fast with Formidable Pro. With drag-and-drop form building, simple layout classes, and visual styling, you can create completely custom forms in less time than you spend brewing your morning coffee.


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  • WEBrick

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Website

    WEBrick is a Ruby library providing simple HTTP web server services.


  • ArtMoney

    Freemium Windows Website

    Forget about cheat codes, no more cheat codes, Universal Memory Editor.

    ArtMoney is a cheating program you can use for all games. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars, bullets, swords, or health points. The program finds a hex address based on the input parameters you set and prints these addresses with their corresponding values. For example, if your character has 1,431 dollars, ArtMoney searches and displays all memory addresses containing the value of 1431. Of course, as there can be hundreds of memory addresses displayed after a simple search, you will need to filter these addresses.

    ArtMoney is available in two editions: SE (Special Edition FREEWARE) and PRO (Professional Edition).
    PRO Edition offers some extra features:


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  • Ninja forms

    Freemium Self-Hosted Wordpress Website

    Ninja Forms is the #1 WordPress forms plugin, trusted by over 1,000,000 users. Build beautiful forms fast with our drag & drop WordPress form builder.


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  • Typen

    Free Web Website

    Write and share anywhere, distraction free, on a customizable look. Plain text, unlimited space, easy to manage, free to use, customize the background, font and color. Track the number of characters written, words, lines, reading time, and more.


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  • microG

    Free Android Website

    A free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries.


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  • chompSMS

    Freemium Android Website

    You love your Android phone as much as we do? You SMS all the time? Then chompSMS is for you: it's so convenient, and has a great user interface with chat style text bubbles. For those paying high SMS rates (international or no plan) there's also the option to send much cheaper SMS messages.

    chompSMS has lots of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Schedule Future Messages, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Emoji Icons, Pre-Defined Text Snippets, Signatures, heaps of customization options (notifications, ringtones, colors, fonts, wallpapers), Blacklisting and much more!

    You can simply use chompSMS as a souped-up replacement to the built-in Messaging application, just with a heap more features and customizations.
    Plus, if your mobile carrier charges a lot for texting (internationally for example) you can buy chompSMS credits to send much cheaper text messages. Of course if your friends are also using chompSMS, then all text messages between you are completely FREE!


    chompSMS icon
  • Iconfinder

    Free Web Website

    Iconfinder provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way.
    Iconfinder provides beautiful icons to millions of designers, developers and other creative professionals. Iconfinder now hosts the worlds largest collection of premium icons, with over 340.000 icons in stock. The Iconfinder Marketplace lets contributing illustrators earn royalties by drawing, uploading and selling their original artwork.


    Iconfinder icon
  • Expansive

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Expansive is a powerful web site generator that quickly creates compelling web sites with dynamic content. It uses powerful templating, scripting and tooling to provide a complete web site creation environment to accelerate your web application development.


    Expansive icon
  • Voltra

    Free Mac Windows Linux iPhone iPad Website

    Voltra is a minimalist music player with cloud sync, offline playback, and lossless support.

    Stream your entire music collection from your own private cloud, or download your music to listen offline. Sync seamlessly with the Voltra cross-platform desktop player to take your hi-res music collection everywhere! Supports lossless files (.flac, .wav).

    Voltra is free to download and use, and is 100% Ad-Free. We also offer an optional premium cloud sync service called the Voltra Audio Archive, so you can back up your music library to the cloud from the Voltra desktop player and sync with all your devices.

    Free Features

    • Import your iTunes library
    • MP3 and lossless support (incl. FLAC)
    • Simple, minimal interface
    • Light/dark mode
    • Album, artist and track views
    • Queue to manage playback
    • Search your library
    • Shuffle / Repeat

    Premium Features

    • Sync with Voltra desktop app
    • Continuous play / hand-off (In beta)
    • Download from cloud for offline playback


    Voltra icon
  • Contact Form 7

    Free Self-Hosted Wordpress Website

    Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.


    Contact Form 7 icon
  • Build. Launch. Dominate!

    Free Web Website

    Online directory of resources and tools to help web developers, designers and entrepreneurs build, launch and dominate their marketplace.


  • Wizart App

    Free Android iPhone iPad Website

    With more than 100+ styles and a unique aesthetic, wizart is probably the only app alternative from Prisma that has this unique and organic touch.


    Wizart App icon
  • App.js - kik

    Free Web Website

    Lightweight JavaScript UI library for creating mobile webapps that behave like native apps, sacrificing neither performance nor polish.


  • LogoMakr

    Free Personal Web Website

    Create & design your logo for free using an easy logo maker tool. Choose from hundreds of fonts and icons. Then just save your new logo on to your computer! Watch our video tutorial on how to create your logo.


    LogoMakr icon
  • Adapticons

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    Every home screen is different, so why icons should be the same?

    Introducing Adapticons!
    An app that helps you create amazing looking icons for your home screen in a few clicks!

    With Adapticons you can make your icons match your launcher theme or you can just use it to bring something fresh to your phone. Available customization options let you create amazing effects that you can apply to multiple icons at once.

    With Adapticons you can:

    • Create icons with one equal shape and style across all of the apps
    • Use icon packs (and importing from gallery) to bring awesome and unique graphics to your icons
    • Make icons match your device theme with few clicks
    • Use icon packs in launchers from Google and Samsung (and others)
    • And much, much more!

    Check Adapticons and enjoy a new, fresh look of your launcher!


    Adapticons icon
  • Iconic

    Free Android Website

    Using Iconic you can create stunning icons and use them in apps and websites across all platforms.


    Iconic icon
  • bitcore

    Free Mac Windows Linux JavaScript Website

    A pure and powerful JavaScript Bitcoin library or blockchain library.

    A block chain or blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of data records that are hardened against tampering and revision, even by operators of the data store's nodes. The most widely known application of a block chain is the public ledger of transactions for cryptocurrencies used in bitcoin. This record is enforced cryptographically and hosted on machines running the software.

    The technology forms the basis of some cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.


    bitcore icon
  • Jailbreak VPN

    Freemium Android Website

    Jailbreak VPN is the Fastest Android VPN Provider and Proxy in the World. Up to 500 Mbps Internet speed.
    Access media, video & messaging apps from around the world | Unblock social networks | Keep your mobile activities safe & private |.


    Jailbreak VPN icon

    Free Windows Web Wine Website is a website offering many free, commonly used Windows applications that have been specially packaged for portability. These portable applications can be used from removable media such as USB flash drives. User data is stored in a subfolder, allowing the user to upgrade or move the software without affecting the data. To remove the software, a user can simply delete the main folder.

    The Launcher (also known as PAL) is used to make applications portable by handling path redirection, environment variable changes, file and directory movement, configuration file path updates and similar changes, as configured.
    The Launcher allows software to be made portable without the need to write custom code or make changes to the base application. While some of the software packages released on currently still contain their own custom launchers, the Launcher is used in all new apps released.

  • Hyphen

    Free iPhone iPad Website

    Take control of the way your ePubs display. Hyphen comes packed with a ton of options for custom colors, fonts, font sizes, line heights, paragraph indentations, margins - ...well, you get the idea. You can even use styling on a per-book basis. And if that’s not enough, you can also add your own CSS!

      Tap-and-drag or use the selection handles to highlight in any one of several available colors. Write notes for a highlight and refer to them any time you need to. You can also share highlights as images and post them to Twitter or Facebook, or export all your highlights for use elsewhere.

      Use Goodreads? We've got you covered - shelve books, make status updates and post quotes, all right from the app.

      Add ePubs using your favorite cloud services - Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You can also use the in-app web browser to download ePubs, or add them using iTunes.

      Transition Hyphen's reading interface to soothing, darker colors at night.

      Edit the title, author, subjects, covers and more of your books. Hyphen can even lookup book covers and metadata for you.

      Add books to custom shelves, and sort by author, title, last read, or date added.

      Hyphen lets you import both your favorite fonts for use while reading, as well as CSS.

      Translations of the text you're reading are only a tap away with Google Translate integration. Lookup words and terms in Wikipedia, or Google.

      Add words to a vocabulary list and export them easily. Hyphen can optionally automatically add words you lookup in the dictionary to your vocabulary list.


    Hyphen icon
  • Zync Free Surveys

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Free survey, quiz and e-learning, web iOS & android app. Ad Supported, no hidden catches, no limits on questions or surveys.


    Zync Free Surveys icon

    Freemium Web Website

    Create color palettes and explore fonts for your websites. Instantly preview your designs.

  • ContentTools

    Free Web Website

    A small & beautiful WYSIWYG editor for HTML content. ContentTools is a collection of small, flexible, extensible and framework agnostic JavaScript libraries for creating beautiful WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.


    ContentTools icon
  • Flaticon

    Freemium Web Website

    Flaticon has more than a million icons in all formats, for all kind of projects: presentations, apps, websites, catalogs, infographics etc.


    Flaticon icon
  • WD Officepad

    Free Windows Website

    A simple note-taking application for windows, designed in beauty, but built for more.


    WD Officepad icon
  • APK Grail

    Free Web Android Website

    APKGRAIL provides you APK Apps and Games for free. You can download unlimited Android Apps and Games.


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