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  • MTG Arena Tool

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    MTG Arena Tool is a collection browser, a deck tracker and a statistics manager for . Explore which decks you played against and what other players are brewing. MTG Arena Tool is all about improving your Magic Arena experience.

    With MTGA Tool you will be able to browse your match history and see which cards and colors your opponents played. This is extremely helpful to understand why your deck is struggling or winning against other opponents. See how much progress you have made with your collection, browse your new cards acquired and explore how many packs and wildcards you need to finish each of your deck builds.

    Browse what others are playing and how they perform, be it on constructed events, drafts and ranked. You would be able to filter decks by colors, events or results. Take your game to the next level and brag your winning deck with everyone else!

    Even if you dislike deck trackers, you can find MTGA Tool useful to keep record of your matches, browse through your collection or even check other people's decks. Just disable the deck tracker overlay to keep it running only in background, you won’t miss a thing anyway.


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  • MTGA Pro Tracker

    Free Windows Android iPhone iPad Website

    MTGA Pro Tracker is advanced Arena tracking tool designed to automatically upload collection, decks, battles, draft and inventory from your game client to our server. No manual collection input, no manual uploads. New cards, battles, drafts are added immediately after events are happening in the game. See Tutorial to find out how to use it.

    In-game Overlay:

    • Get help with draft based on thousands of successful draft analyzed (with 3:3 result and better)
    • Do rare-drafting with ease: tracker shows how many cards do you have in collection while drafting
    • See how many cards you have left in the deck and which cards you opponent already played
    • See your decks with personal and global winrate
    • Customize every detail of the interface.

    Deck builder:

    • Build decks with cards you have
    • Share&Brew tool: share your collection with other players so they can build decks using your collection
    • See how much cards do you miss to complete deck

    Community Decks Explorer:

    • See the decks you can construct with collection you have
    • Get Craftable decks which you can make using your Wildcards
    • See how much boosters you need to open to complete deck

    Collection manager:

    • Automatic import
    • Export in CSV
    • Table view
    • Filters for owned, unowned, full-4-set, no-4-set

    Progress Tracking:

    • Collection completion progress
    • Matches performance
    • Gold and gems dynamics
    • Vault progress (unveiling hidden vault!)


    • Events types are stored
    • Opponent's cards and nicks are stored
    • Matches duration calculated


    • Draft packs and picks
    • Draft deck
    • Draft matches result
    • Duration


    • See cards you are getting from booster
    • Track wildcards rewards


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  • MTGAHelper

    Free Windows Website

    Optimize your deckbuilding experience — Never waste another wildcard. Grow your collection more efficiently by having a perfect picture of which packs to open and which cards to craft. Upload your collection and start tracking your favorite decks!

    • Automatically synchronizes your log files data with the MTGAHelper servers
    • In-match tracker to see your draw probabilities, sideboard, opponent cards played, etc.
    • Draft helper when picking your cards during a Draft or with Sealed boosters:
    |- Displays Limited ratings from your prefered source (LSV, DraftSim) to help you win more
    |- Gives you Raredrafting information based on your collection to help you determine if it's worth it to raredraft
    |--- Number of copies currently owned
    |--- How many decks and sideboards the card is played in
    |--- A calculated score that shows its priority for Constructed


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