Alternative Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu Phone

    Free Linux Website

    Ubuntu but for your mobile device. It was discontinued by Canonical in April 2017, but was picked up by UBports community soon after. Still includes "convergence" and also an ability to run Android apps! Seriously considering using Ubuntu Touch for a travel device.


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  • LineageOS

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    If you want to stick with Android without all the Google stuff, Lineage is your best bet! It was created from what was left of CyanogenMod. I used it for a solid chunk of time and had a pretty good experience.


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  • LuneOS

    Free Linux Linux Mobile Website

    Ah, the sweet, sweet nostalgia of WebOS. LuneOS works on many devices, including the Raspberry Pi and Galaxy Nexus!


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  • Sailfish OS

    Free Linux Mobile Website

    I have been using Sailfish as my daily driver for near two years now, and it's absolutely great! The ability to run Android apps makes up for the subpar app store, and it's absolutely beautiful to look at, super smooth to use once you get the hang of it.


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  • Ubuntu

    Free Linux Ubuntu Website

    I've been using Ubuntu as my daily driver on my laptop for near a year now. It's great, most Windows apps have (sometimes better) alternatives or work with WINE. Very pretty and smooth, too.


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