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  • Publish or Perish

    Free Windows Website

    Google scholar is great but when you want a deeper insight into your field. the web version feels limited and google scholar doesn't provide api. I used this to list out relevant articles and save them. Then i used vosviewer for finding the cluster of people with high research and high ranking keywords. These helped me get better results afterwards. P.S. the default search for google scholar is set at 500. But i think google started limiting at 200 (v7.12). After that the result was very slow, better change it to 200.


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  • VOSviewer

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    Use this to visualize the research field. Data can be captured from Web of Science, Scopus. In my field Scholar was better.


  • paper-digest

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    Although it is in the testing stage, it does help to reduce reading time of a paper. if a paper is longer than 10 pages, put it through digest first. this will identify important lines. Then search for those lines and understand their meaning and context.


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  • Docear

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    It is a swiss knife. Mind mapping + Annotation importing + reference management. Annotation Importing was the best feature, Mendeley or qiqqa can also annotate but it has to be done in the app, but not here. Any pdf reader can annotate so I don't have to read all papers. When my supervisor sends me highlighted pdf, they can be imported directly. Reference management is also very easy and docear4word makes citation easier. The best feature is Mind Mapping, Helps to keep ideas and facts separate but interconnected. I can really see how an idea is developing and if anyone else has done similar thing. I would have preferred Sankey more than mind map but haven't found good Sankey software. the file .mm is also an XML so many tweaks can be done with a text editor (e.g. searching in the file, builtin search is a bit difficult. text editors have better searching features). I have tried mendeley, zotero, qiqqa also and i find this the best. Although, because of its discontinued development, qiqqa might also be a good option.


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  • PDF-XChange Viewer

    Freemium Windows Website

    Basically it is a companion for docear as it fulfils all the recommended features for docear. Adobe is also good, but in free versions, this has more features.


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  • ProcrastiTracker

    Free Windows Website

    Distraction is an enemy. Many times I have found myself in youtube or in amazon. Giving enough time to research is vital. There are other tools which can enforce discipline, but i outgrow them eventually. This one is like a nice friend who will just track active programs and at the end of day you can see how you spent time. Self imposed discipline is better than external.


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  • ActivityWatch

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    Usefulness is same as Procastitracker but these two have different interfaces. I like procastitracker as i am more used to it, but AW is also good.


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  • TeXstudio

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Tex studio is easy to use and manage. It shows sections in files and links the include files and subtitles. This was the goto feature that I did not find in other tex editors.


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  • Overleaf

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Website

    Overleaf is limited in many areas but i found it best for sharing with supervisors. They could provide comment and feedback directly in tex file. Others can also directly collaborate, this is very useful when latex throws errors and you need help from an expert friend.


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  • LanguageTool

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Microsoft Edge Chrome Microsoft Office Outlook SDL TRADOS Safari Visual Studio Code Microsoft Office Word Eclipse TinyMCE TeXstudio Google Drive - Docs Thunderbird Vim OmegaT Sublime Text GNU Emacs Opera Fidus Writer LyX LibreOffice <oXygen/> XML Editor Apache OpenOffice Firefox Website

    Although I did not use it integrated with other Softwares. Even standalone it provides very good feedback on language, grammar, and thesaurus. The UI is little laggy but the functionality makes up for it.


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Google Scholar, via Publish or Perish, has the full limit of Google Scholar of 1000 Items. Those 1000 can be sorted by "Rank", date, type of publication, name of author, number of citations, title etc.
The results can be saved in many formats, Bibtex, RTF, etc and CSV (comma-separated-values), the latter useful for databases and spreadsheet.
See columns G and H for original source, and who and where cited = many sources.

I still prefer using version 6 of Publish or Perish, rather than the newer version 7. Your usage may differ.

Sci-hub and Library Genesis (see Wikipedia) are your friends.


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