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  • bibisco

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Node.JS Website

    bibisco is a novel writing software that helps you to write your story, in a simple way.

    • bibisco is a desktop application available for Linux, MacOS and Windows in 13 languages: czech, dutch, french, german, english, italian, polish, portuguese (Brazil), portuguese (Portugal), russian, serbian, spanish, turkish.
    • All that you need - with bibisco you can organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, export novel in pdf, docx., txt, epub. And, of course, write with a fully featured text editor, also in DISTRACTION FREE mode.
    • Organize your ideas - with bibisco you can create a novel structure, define premise, fabula, narrative strands and settings: geographic, temporal and social context.
    • Focus on characters - your novel works if its characters are believable, that is when you understand human nature's complexity. With bibisco you can KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CHARACTERS, in an unusual and funny way: an INTERVIEW!
      *Going into the deep - with bibisco you can see how characters, locations and narrative strands are distributed chronologically and across chapters. You can keep track of the number of words and characters you've written and you can see your story represented on a TIMELINE. You can draw the relationships between characters, places and objects using the RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM.
    • Set your writing goals - with bibisco you can set your writing goals: deadline, words total, words per day and monitor the status of their achievement over time.


    bibisco icon
  • Organon

    Free Mac Windows Linux LibreOffice Apache OpenOffice Website

    Organon is a plugin for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

    Organon allows to split up large texts into parts, allows tagging and opening parts of the project in new tabs.

    Parts are shown in a treeview. Entries can be moved by drag and drop.
    Every entry can be tagged.
    Tags are freely configurable, can be renamed, created and deleted. Organon's Organizer is a fast way of showing and editing all tags at once.
    Tabs can be opened based on these tags. They also might freely be chosen from the folders and files of the project and they might be sorted by date and/or time.

    Organon offers extensive import and export options.

    Organon's projects are platform independent and might be edited on different computers and platforms.

    More Features are:

    (Batch) split and combine files
    When displaying the files in a folder, the relevant section of the folder is always highlighted while editing the document.
    Separator, configurable by the user. When viewing a folder the separator separates the files optically from each other.
    Import of individual files. All filters available for Writer can be used.
    Import a folder of files (Batch Import), filterable by extension
    Export an arbitrary part of the project in a single file or an entire document. All Writer filters are available (.odt, .doc, .pdf ...). (Batch Export)


    Organon icon
  • yWriter

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Wine Mono Website

    yWriter is a writing tool that uses "scenes" as a unit of text and allows you to associate that text with all manner of story elements (characters, locations, items) as well as place it and rearrange it within the context of chapters.


    yWriter icon
  • Writer's Cafè

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    A powerful but fun writers environment that includes the StoryLines structuring tool, a notebook, journal, writing quotations, scrapbook organiser, a 60-page e-book and more.


    Writer's Cafè icon
  • Liquid Story Binder XE

    Commercial Windows Website

    Liquid Story Binder XE is a uniquely designed word processor for professional and aspiring authors, poets, and novelists. Writing software for those who require the editing ability of a commercial text editor as well as a document tracking system. It is for those who want the freedom to create, outline and revise but are tired of losing track of their work.


    Liquid Story Binder XE icon
  • Gingko

    Freemium Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Write and organize your ideas in Gingko tree documents.

    Whether building a business or writing a bestseller, Gingko lets your ideas flow naturally into place.

    Write, brainstorm, and organize your document, all in the same flow.

    You can also work with others, with Real-time collaboration.


    Gingko icon
  • Plume Creator

    Free Linux Website

    With Plume Creator, organize your writing projects ! Scenes, notes, characters,... Rich Text editing, full screen editing and multiple projects …

    Plume Creator gives you an outliner, a distraction-free mode, a note manager and much more!
    Windows version has not been updated since 2013


    Plume Creator icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Notebook is a set of tools for writers, game designers, and roleplayers to create magnificent universes — and everything within them.

  • Sutori

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Sutori is the easiest way to create an interactive story collaboratively. Audio, images, quiz questions and video can be added to your story.


    Sutori icon
  • Nulis

    Freemium Windows Linux Web Website

    Tree editor for writers, makes outlining your stories and articles easy, fun, and convenient.


    Nulis icon
  • Quoll Writer

    Free Windows Website

    Focus on your words not the interface.
    Quoll Writer is a writing application that helps you focus on your words.
    Clean and uncluttered.
    Feature rich.
    Features are where you would expect them to be.


    Quoll Writer icon
  • Celtx

    Commercial Mac Web Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Based on the Firefox engine, supports standards, visual storyboarding, production scheduling, publication & international languages MUI support. Free tutorials, videos & wiki are available from the site. There is a very helpful community too.

    Portable versions:

    Celtx uses an industry standard screenwriting editor typical for screenplays, stageplays, AV scripts, comic books or radio plays. Celtx also includes a rich text editor for outlines. Celtx also incorporates LaTeX in its Typeset feature which allows for more flexible templates & printing options.
    Project collaboration, management & storage
    Celtx offers a web service called Celtx Studios for advanced project collaboration & online file storage.

    Scripts can be uploaded to the Celtx Forum for public viewing, peer reviews & commentary.

    Celtx utilizes the open source Mozilla Sunbird to handle calendaring & production scheduling.

    Celtx features thirty-five different elements, such as Actor or Special Effects, that can be added to the project. These elements can have various information added to them, such as media or text. Celtx allows directors & writers to easily tag elements within each script. These tagged elements can then be automatically transferred to a script breakdown which allows production staffers to easily know what elements the script calls for.

    Pre-Visualization Tools

    Celtx allows people to create storyboard sequences, which can be printed or played using Celtx's built-in image viewer. These are also available to view on a project's website & can be played inside the browser.

    Sketch Tool
    The Sketch tool can be used to draw a sketch or setup which can also be added to your storyboard. The Sketch tool includes pre-loaded icons for cameras, lights & people that can be tagged with text & tools for drawing lines, arrows, shapes & text.


    Celtx icon
  • Manuskript

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Open-source tool for writers. With outliner, character management, plot development, distraction-free editor, etc.


    Manuskript icon
  • Wordcradle

    Free Web Website

    Wordcradle is a free online writing software with export functionality. It provides a place to privately store your stories, organize chapters, set writing deadlines, create characters, store research, and plan out your novels. It also provides you with incentives to finish your stories and meet your writing deadlines by giving you the option to rank your word count against your friends and other users.


    Wordcradle icon
  • Persona by Mariner Software

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    Persona is a character creation and organization app for writers. What makes the app unique is its sorting system: the user can match each character with an archetype in order to compare multiple characters at once to see how they might interact.


    Persona by Mariner Software icon
  • oStorybook

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    oStorybook is a free, open source novel-writing software for creative writers, novelists and authors which will help you to keep an overview of multiple plot-lines while writing texts.


    oStorybook icon
  • Wavemaker

    Free Web Website

    Looking for a suite of tools for writing your book? This is not just a text editor it does so much more.
    Organise your story using timelines, planning boards and the snowflake tool, all integrated to make writing intuitive and fun.


    Wavemaker icon
  • Scrivener

    Commercial Mac Windows iPhone iPad PlayOnLinux (PlayOnMac) ... Wine Website

    Typewriter. Ring-binder. Scrapbook. Scrivener combines everything you need to craft your first draft, from nascent notion to final full stop.


    Scrivener icon
  • World Anvil

    Freemium Web Website

    World Anvil stores, organises and keeps track of worldbuildingfor authors, gamemasters and any other storyteller.


    World Anvil icon

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