Beautiful and relaxing games to play before going to sleep?

  • Limbo

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    Limbo plunges the player into a monochrome and mystical universe. Playing on the effects of light and shadow to create a very special atmosphere, it also uses all the physical possibilities that the environment can bring (rotation, gravity, etc.). The player is thus mistreated, and must find a way to solve the various enigmas in order to reach the end of each chapter.


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  • Machinarium

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    Machinarium is an independent adventure game in which you play as a little robot unjustly thrown into the garbage. He must return to the city from which he was driven and repair this affront. On his journey, he will meet strange people and will have to solve many puzzles and enigmas based on the workings of an entirely mechanical universe.


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  • Inside

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    Inside is a platform game with a dark universe, like the famous Small Limbo iconLimbo game. In Inside, you play a young lonely boy who is chased to escape as he finds himself drawn into a dark project. In the heart of a heavy atmosphere, you control the facts and actions of your hero, to accompany him in his quest for freedom.


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  • Oxenfree

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    Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller that tells the story of a group of friends who unintentionally open a portal for spectra to enter our world. We then follow Alex's adventures, with his half brother Jonas, in a party that ends terribly badly.


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  • World of Goo

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    A new generation puzzle game, World of Goo invites you to get to know the Goo Balls. These small balls of tar are assembled and allow you to realize different constructions or improbable structures. Create towers, bridges or ladders to get your Goos to the next level.


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  • This War Of Mine

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    Survival game, This War of Mine allows you to play a group of civilians who must survive as long as possible. Following a cycle, the principle of the game is based on two main phases: the day, when you must protect yourself from sniper attack, and the evening, when the search for food becomes your main objective.


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  • Monument Valley

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    Monument Valley is a video game of reflection featuring Princess Ida, the main character of the game, in a scenery composed of buildings with impossible geometric shapes. The game is presented in isometric perspective. The player must help Ida find her way out of each level. The game has ten levels called chapters of increasing difficulty.


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  • The Room

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    The Room is an adventure and puzzle game. The player, following an invitation, finds himself in the attic of an old abandoned house. Then, he has to figure out how to open the safe within.


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  • Journey

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    Journey is a game in which the player takes a mysterious and initiatory journey. During his journey starting in the middle of a desert, he will meet other players with whom he can make a part of the way, trying to understand the secrets of this particular universe.


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  • Alto's Adventure

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    Alto's Adventure is an endless runner taking place in the mountains. The player plays Alto, who went on a ski adventure, in his exploration of the Alps. During his journey, he makes many encounters, saves animals or challenges other players.


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  • Lifeline

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    Lifeline is a text-based adventure game developed by Three Minute Games for iOS and Android. Through a texting conversation between the main character and the player, the player must guide the main character, Taylor, to survive an unknown moon after their space ship crashed.


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  • Sky: Children of the Light

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    Sky: Children of the Light is an adventure game developed by thatgamecompany (Small Journey iconJourney). As a child of light, you will have to recover the lost stars and bring them back to their constellations by exploring the seven dream realms of a world in perdition.


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  • Old Man's Journey

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    Old Man's Journey is a puzzle adventure game. The player must shape the landscape to guide the old man on his journey. The purpose of this trip is to reconcile him with his family.


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Well, that's all for now. Feel free to tell me in the comments if you'd like more lists on games or if you want to see a list on a particular subject or type of game next time. 🙂

Comments on Beautiful and relaxing games to play before going to sleep?

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This War of Mine is too depressing for me to ever play.


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I sincerely would not call Limbo, INSIDE, This War of Mine and Lifeline relaxing, having played all of them. Limbo's challenging, especially if you're going for full completion. INSIDE is a wonderful game, but set in bleak, depressing and, some times, disturbing dystopia. This War of Mine is angst-y and involves too much survival and sad subplots. Lifeline conveys the feeling that it requires some kind of urgency, gets your heart pumping.

Overall: just don't play games before you sleep... haha

Not listed but I highly recommend: Small Viridi iconViridi


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Alto's Adventure and the next episode Alto's Odyssé are really beautiful games (I have a preference for the soundtrack of Alto's Adventure however). When you hit the Zen mode and have a headphone... It's kind of magic.
I don't know how it is on App Store but on Android Alto's isn't commercial but freemium.


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all apps are commercial. Only one freemium and that is not in android. Any free ones for android?


Seems like the freemium one, is new on android.

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