Best password managers to keep your passwords safe

  • Free and open-source

  • Bitwarden

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    Bitwarden is one of the best replacements for proprietary password managers like Small LastPass iconLastPass and Small 1Password icon1Password. It syncs your passwords across multiple devices, and the browser extensions fills in your logins automatically.
    For security, Bitwarden uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and it completed a third-party security audit last year.
    There’s also a $10/year premium plan that offers 1GB encrypted file storage, 2FA with YubiKey, FIDO U2F & Duo, TOTP key storage and priority customer support.


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  • KeePassXC

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    KeePassXC is a fork of the Small KeePassX iconKeePassX project, stopped in 2016. It uses the same GPL license and it's a good alternative to Small KeePass iconKeePass, a software that's getting a little old (in terms of user interface), despite its frequent updates.
    KeePassXC offers a simple and minimalist interface and uses the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. It's multi platform and it allows you to add and organize your identification information into groups and subgroups, and also has an automatic search and input function.
    There are many derivated or compatible solutions for mobile and desktop like Small KeeWeb iconKeeWeb, Small MacPass iconMacPass, Small KeePassDroid iconKeePassDroid, Small Keepass2Android iconKeepass2Android


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  • LessPass

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    LessPass is a different password manager, as it does not store your passwords but allows you to generate unique passwords for each service, and to regenerate them identically for your next visit, based on your main password and information known only to you.
    LessPass is available online, on Small Android iconAndroid, and on the Small Mozilla Firefox iconMozilla Firefox and Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome web browsers.


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  • Spectre

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    Like Small LessPass iconLessPass, Master Password is based on an ingenious password generation algorithm that guarantees your passwords can never be lost. Its passwords aren't stored: they are generated on-demand from your name, the site, and your master password. No syncing, backups, or internet access needed.


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  • Buttercup

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    Buttercup is a beautifully-simple and Small Electron iconElectron based password manager designed to help manage your credentials. It uses very strong encryption (AES-256) to protect your sensitive details under a single master password.
    Buttercup is free to download and is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Use it alongside the browser extension (Chrome and Firefox) and mobile app for a completely portable experience.


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  • pass

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    Pass is a simple and open-source command-line utility that helps you manage passwords. It uses Small GnuPG iconGnuPG encrypted files to save and manage user passwords. It will even keep them in a Small Git iconGit repository if you choose to set it up that way. That means you'll need the pass package installed, along with its dependencies like git, gnupg2, and pwgen (a utility for generating passwords).


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  • Commercial

  • 1Password

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    1Password is certainly one of the oldest password managers in existence today. It appeared in 2006 and remained for a long time a software focused on the Apple universe. Since then, of course, the editor – AgileBits – has opened up to the world, and there are versions for Small Android iconAndroid and Small Windows 10 iconWindows 10, in addition to the one for Small iOS iconiOS released in the meantime.
    1Password allows you to generate and save your passwords, to sync them between your devices, to access them easily thanks to the browser extensions, to share them securely with your team and family, and much more. Nothing fancy, but it's a solid solution if you're willing to throw a few bucks each month in a good password manager.


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  • Dashlane

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    Dashlane is a software that will allow you to centralize, manage and secure all your IDs, passwords and payment methods. This service is complemented by Small Android iconAndroid and Small iOS iconiOS applications and browser extensions.
    Dashlane also offers automatic synchronization of your data and a feature that allows you to share your notes and passwords with other contacts. In addition, the software has an option to export secure data in Small Microsoft Office Excel iconMicrosoft Office Excel CSV format.
    Overall, it's pretty similar to Small 1Password icon1Password, except for its free plan that allows you to use it on one device and store 50 passwords.


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  • Enpass

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    Enpass is a freemium software that allows you to manage all your identifiers and passwords on the web but also license keys, credit card codes or personal notes. It focuses on security: all passwords are protected using a powerful 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.
    In addition to basic but effective backup and recovery functionality, the software also provides a synchronization feature with your online storage space on various cloud services such as Small Dropbox iconDropbox, Small Google Drive iconGoogle Drive, Small Microsoft OneDrive iconMicrosoft OneDrive, Small Box iconBox and on your personal cloud.


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  • RoboForm

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    RoboForm is a popular password manager and form filler, that can store basically any type of login you have. It offers a free and paid version, as well as a family plan which can be used by up to 5 people.
    There's also a business plan that allows you to manage all employee access to internally used applications. RoboForm centralizes access to the organization's shared applications. The application administrator registers the identifiers and defines with whom he wants to share them. Each employee is then provided with a user interface that allows them to connect to the applications for which they have access rights.


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Passwords are everywhere. We need them to access our devices, email accounts and a lot of other services we rely on every day. Unfortunately, passwords are difficult to remember and the increasing number of services makes it virtually impossible to keep track of all our identification data. Most people try to mitigate this by composing their passwords from familiar information such as names or birthday dates, but these can be guessed easily and therefore do not provide sufficient protection. The re-use of the same password - also a widespread practice - is even more dangerous and greatly facilitates the work of pirates, organizations or governments. Password managers help you keep track of your different passwords by providing secure storage (e. g. AES encryption) protected by a unique password. It remains to choose this master password wisely so that it is complicated enough not to be guessed but not too much not to be forgotten either.

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You forgot to include Myki, which brings the best of keepass offline security and Lastpass sync.
Myki is free, offline password manager that also can sync through lan (off course it's all encrypted) to other devices or browser extensions.

Which imo blows Bitwarden and many other free password managers out of the water.


I don't know Myki, I'll take a look. Bitwarden is free, open-source, and you can self-host it, so it's a big advantage.

Myki is still young, there are plans however to make it open source as well and get audited as they haven't been yet they also supports enterprises/secure password sharing. They have a subreddit if you have any questions about the app.

It all depends on what the user wants Bitwarden is good for self-hosting.

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What about Myki? It stores passwords locally and syncs them P2P between my devices. It also doubles as a 2FA Authenticator and does not require me to remember a master password. And it's free.
You should add it to your review :):)


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thanks your information


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Where is keepass?


Second entry of the list (KeePassXC and I mention KeePass).

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Take a look at as another password manager alternative


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This should just be titled « Alternatives to KeePass, for whatever reason » 😄


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