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    ClearCheckbook is an extremely easy to use online checkbook register and money management tool. Balance your checkbook, view spending reports, set a budget and more.


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    Alzex Personal Finance

    Freemium Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Personal Finances is an elegant, super easy accounting software for home users.

    The program enables anyone to manage personal income and expenses with ease. Personal Finances will help you control your finances – understand where your money is going, pinpoint the areas of excessive expenditure and cut down unnecessary expenses. It is easy for beginners to get started with, requires no efforts to track finances and offers a wide range of functionality and settings for professional users.

    With a glance at its summary view, reports and graphs, the user will gain deep insight into the financial health of the family budget, pinpoint areas of excessive expenditure and trim the budget. Featuring the scheduler, the program also enables you to track expected income, spending and see how much money you’ll have at a future date.

    Personal Finances is portable and can be installed and run from the USB flash drive (PAF and U3 Smart drive editions are also available). Personal Finances meets all of your needs, whether you need to make a more realistic budget, want to get out of debt, or teach your children the basics of budgeting.

    Key features

    Wide opportunities for transactions categorization. Categories, family members, payee and tags. Grouping, sorting and filters. The system of categories is designed as a tree that may have the unlimited number of sub categories. Unlimited tags for each transaction.
    Set up any number of different accounts, accounts grouping, hidden accounts. Unlimited number of currencies, download exchange rates.
    Enter current or scheduled transactions.
    Enter frequent transactions with a click using the History button.
    Multi-user support, password protection and access restrictions.
    Synchronization, import and export data.
    Work with one data base from many computers over local network.
    Debts and loans management.
    Track Budget.
    View all transactions organized by day in calendar.


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    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Fentury (formerly InexFinance) is a mobile, personal financial advisor, money & budget manager. It uses data science, machine learning and advanced algorithms to analyze your personal finance decisions and help you make smarter choices with your money.


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    iExpense Diary

    Freemium iPhone iPad Website

    iExpense Diary is an application that allows you to keep a tab on your expenses. iExpense helps you to control your expenses category wise say- home, groceries, amusement, medical, insurance on a daily basis.

    • It got total of 22 categories for expenses which will help you to control your expenses category wise on per day basis.

    • It also helps you to forecast your expenses for your future endeavor.

    • It also gives you freedom to select your payment mode of the expenses.

    • It let you select from Check, Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash to state your payment mode giving you an aid in keeping track of your account so that no amount is lost.

    Reports can be generated date-wise, week –wise and also it will show you monthly expenses. On the basis of Reports, Pie Charts will be created which will give you a pictorial view of your expenses percentage wise based on all the categories where you have spent your money.


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    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Kindle Fire Website

    MoneyWiz is a Personal Finance App available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Manage all your accounts, budgets and bills with this powerful finance software.


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    Prosper Daily

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Track your spending, view all your accounts in one place, and protect your cards from unwanted charges with BillGuard for iPhone and Android. The number one personal finance security app is now the fastest, easiest and most elegant way to manage your personal finances.


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    Freemium iPhone iPad Website

    An app for balancing checkbook kind of like Quicken.

    Accounts is an easy to use application to replace your paper checkbook. With the Accounts application, you will have a quicker and more convenient way to track your daily finances. You can schedule transactions, transfer funds, capture photo receipts, reconcile, export data, view reports, graphs, and much more. All features of the Accounts 2 application are designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use.


    • Sync Data via iCloud
    • Sync your data across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices (requires iOS 5.0 or above).
    • Optimized for Multitasking and Retina Display
    • Supports fast app switching and high resolution Retina displays of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
    • Universal Binary
    • Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate apps for each device.
    • Graphs and Reports
    • Review your monthly income vs. expense, spending by category, or income by category summaries with beautiful graphs and reports.
    • AirPrint Support
    • Print reports directly from your iPhone or iPad (that have multitasking capability) to any AirPrint-enabled printer.
    • Photo Receipts
    • Capture and store photo receipt as part of a transaction.
    • Search
    • Quickly search for transactions and edit them from the same screen.
    • Recurring Transactions
    • Schedule transactions to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly on a start date that you choose.
    • Reconcile Transactions
    • Reconcile by checking off cleared transactions and comparing the actual and outstanding balances against a bank statement. Accounts 2 now includes a running total for even easier reconciliation.
    • Split Transactions
    • Split a transaction among several categories for more precise tracking.


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    Freemium Windows Web Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Monzia can help you save money, relieve stress and make time for the fun things in life. Keeping track of your business and tax has never been easier.



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    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Pocketbook makes personal finance ridiculously simple. And best of all – it’s free.

    See your financial transactions in the one place
    Stay on top of your bills
    Minimise bank fees and late payment penalties
    Keep you on track of your budgets and savings goals


  • Moneyspire icon


    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Linux iPhone iPad Website

    Moneyspire is the user-friendly personal finance software that brings your entire personal finances together in one place. Keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. and balance your checkbook and organize your transactions and see where your money is going. Set bill reminders and see all your upcoming payments so you never forget to pay a bill again. Set a budget for all your expenses and keep track of your progress to help you stick to your budget. Generate detailed reports and charts and see exactly where your money is going, and make tax time easier. Features include: a clean easy-to-use interface, mobile companion app, split transactions, reconciliation, multiple currency support, QIF, QFX, OFX and CSV file import, and much more. Moneyspire gives you all the tools to get your financial life on track today!


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    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    MoneyLion app brings you a 360° view of your financial wellness. Get all the information you need to make good financial decisions with our money management tools.


    Track All Your Finances in One Place
    View how your deposits, spending, credit cards, and investments change over time. Finally, all of your financial information in one place.

    Credit Monitoring - 100% Free
    Get your credit score in seconds and track your credit health over time.

    Get a Clear Picture of Your Net Worth
    See your net worth trends and how you could save more.

    How It Works:

    • Download the app
    • Add the accounts, cards, and bills you'd like
    • Get a complete picture of your finances


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    Jumsoft Money

    Commercial Mac OS X iPhone iPad Website

    Sleek design. User-friendly layout. New options to help you even more. Who said accounting and financial management have to be difficult?
    Because Money supports so many different types of accounts, you can neatly capture every detail. Create separate accounts for your bank accounts, cash, credit cards, investments, and loans to balance your accounting with grace.


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    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Chat with Penny to track your spending and plan for a better financial future!

    💬 Features

    • Explains your spending and income with friendly messages and simple, beautiful graphs 📈
    • Tells you everything you need to know about your spending.
    • Shares fun and useful facts, like where you shop most and how much you spend on coffee
    • Tracks your month to month spending to help you save and budget.
    • Shows all of your transactions across all of your accounts.
    • Categorizes your transactions into simple buckets, automatically.
    • Tracks your total and individual balances over time.
    • Notifies you when new transactions arrive.
    • Built with bank-grade security by industry veterans.

    🔭 As Seen On

    • TechCrunch
    • Lifehacker
    • Product Hunt

    🔒 Security

    • Securely connects to your bank account with a personalized secret code to read and organize your transactions.
    • Nobody, including you, can move money with Penny.
    • Penny never stores your bank credentials.
    • Closing your Penny account from the app immediately destroys all information we have for you, like you never signed up.

    Penny is currently only available in the United States.


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    Freemium iPhone iPad Website

    "It's superb app to manage expenses. Having great features required for all common person."

    "I love this app, it's so easy to use and it has all features needed, and I love that I can manage it myself the way I want and add categories I need. Just perfect"

    Is defining and managing household budget, proves to be very challenging for you, and which you need to tackle right now?

    Money management has never been easier! With the mExpense app, you can track all your cash flows, whether it is your savings you are worried about, or your expenses. Whether you want to develop a monthly budget planner or you simply want to monitor the way you are spending to check if you are living out of your means. It helps you to deal with all your finance related hassles in a simple and intuitive way.

    All you need to do is install the app and start tracking and planning your daily income and expenses.

    With mExpense, you can set a defined budget for a month and spread out that amount to different categories so you know exactly how much you have spent in each category. Categories may include food, clothing, outings, etc.

    Tracking the expenses and making sure that you know what you spend and how you spend it is a true delight. It’s a necessary thing to do and one that will bring you extraordinary results. With the help of mExpense analytics, graphs & reports you can explore all the expense patterns & spending habits, so you know where you have been spending more than necessary and where you can afford to spend a little more.

    Some other exciting features:

    • Easily track income and expenses
    • Multiple & custom categories to work with
    • Home budget planner
    • Monthly budget tracking & comparison
    • Statistical and graphical report view
    • Dropbox backup & restore
    • Recurring expense management

    Premium features: monthly budget comparison, CSV or PDF report exporting, passcode protection, existing category management, premium support and ads free experience.


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    Money Lover

    Freemium Windows Web Android iPhone Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad Website

    With Money Lover, you can easily monitor your spending within your planned budget and control your savings by spending reminders and alerts. Money Lover acts like a financial calendar, alerts you to debts, and reminds you of recording your expenses. All are done in one simple app with a clean and sleek environment.


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    Debit & Credit

    Freemium Mac OS X iPhone iPad Website

    • All Accounts in One App
    Keeping financial records was always a bit of a hassle. But now you can actually enjoy it. See all your accounts in one place and switch between them with one simple touch.

    • Super Fast
    Creating a new transaction now takes a matter of seconds. It has never been easier with gestures and other features that we developed for you. And we will never require you to make dozens of unnecessary taps to accomplish simple tasks.

    • Locations (Geotagging)
    Shopping frequently at the same place? Save its location to record expenses even faster. You can also get a list of saved payees sorted by distance.

    • Budgets & Scheduled Transactions
    Do you want to budget expenses on a particular category? No problems. Do you plan to make a transaction in the future and want to be reminded about it? Consider it done.

    • Reports
    We believe in clean, crisp reports that are easy to read and understand. See where and what do you spend your money on. Other types of reports are available too.

    • iCloud Sync
    We will never ask you to create an account or provide any personal details. All data is stored in iCloud, it is not available to anyone except you.

    • Bank reconciliation mode (iPad & Mac only)
    Sometimes we all need extra help to keep our accounts in shape. You can easily reconcile your accounts with bank statements in the app to eliminate any disparities.

    • Powerful features
    Split categories, file attachments, transaction tags, printing reports and saving them to PDF, Touch ID and 3D Touch support - all those features are at your disposal when you need them.


  • MoneyWell icon


    Commercial Mac OS X iPhone iPad Website

    MoneyWell gives you powerful personal finance organization and analysis tools in a simple, single-screen solution. Without running complex reports or having to trudge through six levels of pie charts, youll know immediately if your spending is on track.

    A trial version for OS X is provided that allows up to 200 transaction entries; this version must be downloaded from the company's website. (There is no free version for iOS.)


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    Money Pro

    Freemium Mac OS X Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Apple Watch Website

    Manage money like a pro. Change your spending behavior for good.

    Money Pro is the one place for bill planning, budgeting and keeping track of your accounts. Easy sync and iPhone/iPad versions combined in one app. Money Pro works great for home budgeting and even for business use. Money Pro is the next generation of Money app (over 2 million downloads worldwide).


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    Commercial Mac OS X iPhone iPad Website

    Banktivity, formerly iBank, is a personal and small business financial manager designed to manage bank accounts, credit cards and investments, analyze income and expenses with live updating charts, and plan your financial future with budgeting and forecasting.


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    Free iPhone iPad Website


    • Track all financial accounts in one place
    • Flexible budget tracking and goal setting
    • Bill organizer with calendar and reminders
    • Dashboard with money goal tracking
    • Private sync & family sharing through iCloud
    • Tons of advanced features like multi-currency, transaction category splitting, notes, etc.


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    Personal Capital

    Free Web Android iPhone iPad Website

    Free software to help you make smarter financial decisions

    See all your accounts in one place with our award-winning software. Our free tools let you manage your entire financial life from one secure place – so you can reach your goals faster.


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    Free iPad Website

    Never miss a penny!

    BudgetGrid lets you sync all your expenses and transaction in a nice weekly presentation. Update what you've spent and what you've left into the grid, and examine which item you spend the most. No need to link your bank account with us!

    You can track how you spend your money every month. First, select pay date and BudgetGrid will automatically set your first week of the month until your next pay cycle. Insert categories of your expense (e.g electricity, phone bills, car lease, house rental, tuition fee etc.), determine your budget and start update into the grid. Make sure you never overspend, update all your remaining income that resides anywhere including in your bank account, in your pocket, pending payment from your friends or balance in your credit card statement.


    • Sign up for free account
    • Easy update spending & balance
    • Weekly view with to-date total spending
    • Resource table for remaining balance update
    • All your data will be stored in the cloud
    • Access BudgetGrid from web or iOS


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