• Cockpit

    Free Self-Hosted SQLite Website

    Cockpit was born out of the need of building a simple dynamic site. Sure, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other full-stack content management systems are possible solutions for that task ... but let's be honest, often they are just too bloated and too time consuming to setup, maintain and too complex implementing custom functionality.


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  • Gentics Mesh

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Gentics Mesh is an open source API-first CMS, complete with multi-language support, versioning and roles & permissions. Built for scalability, it enables you to store & retrieve JSON documents and binaries via REST or GraphQL.


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  • API Platform

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    API Platform is a next-generation web framework designed to easily create API-first projects without compromising extensibility and flexibility:

    • Design your own data model as plain old PHP classes or import an existing one from the vocabulary
    • Expose in minutes a hypermedia REST or a GraphQL API with pagination, data validation, access control, relation embedding, filters and error handling...
    • Benefit from Content Negotiation: GraphQL, JSON-LD, Hydra, HAL, YAML, JSON, XML and CSV are supported out of the box
    • Enjoy the beautiful automatically generated API documentation (Swagger/OpenAPI)
    • Add a convenient Material Design administration interface built with React without writing a line of code
    • Scaffold a fully functional Single-Page-Application built with React, Redux, React Router and Bootstrap thanks to the client generator (a Vue.js generator is also available)
    • Install a development environment and deploy your project in production using Docker and Kubernetes
    • Easily add JSON Web Token or OAuth authentication
    • Create specs and tests with a developer friendly API testing tool on top of Behat


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  • Strapi

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    Strapi is the most popular open-source Headless CMS. Strapi gives developers the freedom to use their favorite tools and frameworks while allowing editors to easily manage their content and distribute it anywhere.


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