Free and open-source password managers to keep your passwords safe

Using the same password for several accounts (messaging, social networks, online services, bank accounts...) can be a dangerous practice. One solution to this problem is to use a digital safe to store passwords and other sensitive information. This makes it possible to store all passwords in a tamper-proof safe and retain only its combination, also called a master password.

Password managers are legion. It's not easy to find your way around when you're looking for a safe, simple, efficient and secure solution. Between web browser managers, online services, smartphone applications, desktop software... It can be pretty difficult to find the right password manager for your needs.

Here's a list of free and open-source password managers to keep all of your passwords safe.

  • pass

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    Pass is a simple command-line utility that helps you manage passwords. It uses Small GnuPG iconGnuPG encrypted files to save and manage user passwords. It will even keep them in a Small Git iconGit repository if you choose to set it up that way. That means you'll need the pass package installed, along with its dependencies like git, gnupg2, and pwgen (a utility for generating passwords).


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  • KeePass

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    KeePass is a GPLv2-licensed password manager, primarily designed for Small Windows 10 iconWindows 10 but also running elsewhere. KeePass offers multiple strong encryption options, easy exports, multiple user keys, advanced searching features, and more. Designed for desktop use, there are plugins that allow direct use from your web browser, and it can run from a USB stick if you'd prefer to physically carry your passwords from machine to machine.
    There are many derivated or compatible solutions for mobile and desktop like Small KeePassXC iconKeePassXC, Small KeeWeb iconKeeWeb, Small KeePassDroid iconKeePassDroid, Small Keepass2Android iconKeepass2Android, Small KeePassSD iconKeePassSD


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  • MacPass

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    MacPass is an attempt to create a native Small macOS iconmacOS port of KeePass on a solid open source foundation with a vibrant community pushing it further to become the best KeePass client for macOS.


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  • Bitwarden

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    Bitwarden is one of the best replacements for proprietary password managers like Small LastPass iconLastPass and Small 1Password icon1Password. Bitwarden syncs your passwords across multiple devices, and the browser extensions fills in your logins automatically.
    For security, Bitwarden uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.
    Bitwarden is available on all major platforms (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux). It has browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge and Tor Browser.
    There’s a $10/year premium Bitwarden service, that offers 1GB encrypted file storage, 2FA with YubiKey, FIDO U2F, & Duo, TOTP key storage & code generator.


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  • Master Password

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    Master Password is an algorithm designed by Maarten Billemont to create unique passwords in a reproducible way. It differs from traditional password managers because passwords are not stored on the hard disk or in the cloud, but are recreated each time using the information entered by the user (the full name, the main password and a unique name for the service for which the password is intended). By not storing passwords anywhere, this approach attempts to make it more difficult for attackers to steal or intercept passwords. It also eliminates the need for synchronization between devices and database backups.


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  • LessPass

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    Less Pass is an open source password manager that can be used online or with Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Less Pass's trick is to calculate passwords instead of random generation and storage. Less Pass generates unique passwords for websites, email accounts... from a strong password and information known to you. Less Pass does not save your passwords in a database and does not need to synchronize your devices with each other (like Master Password I just mentioned above).


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  • Encryptr

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    Encryptr is a free, private and secure password manager. It is only accessible by the user and the SpiderOak zero knowledge cloud (for synchronization). Encryptr comes from SpiderOak employee Tommy-Carlos Williams. It draws on Apache Cordova and SpiderOak’s Crypton JavaScript framework, among other things. Standalone Mac, Windows, and Linux apps are available. Encryptr supports Android and iOS.


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  • Buttercup

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    Buttercup is a beautifully-simple password manager designed to help manage your credentials. Buttercup uses very strong encryption to protect your sensitive details under a single master password - Feel free to use stronger and more complex passwords for each service and let Buttercup store them securely.
    Buttercup is free to download and use and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Use it alongside the browser extension and mobile app for a completely portable experience.


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  • Passbolt

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    Passbolt is another relatively new option, with plugins available for Firefox and Chrome and mobile and command-line options on the way. Based on OpenPGP, you can check out its online demo which shows off some of the features (you'll need to install the plugin for your browser, though). Licensed under the GPL Affero version 3 license, you can check out the source code on Small GitHub iconGitHub or view the project's roadmap for a list of current features and more on what is planned.


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Passwords are everywhere. We need them to access our devices, email accounts and a lot of other services we rely on every day. Unfortunately, passwords are difficult to remember and the increasing number of services makes it virtually impossible to keep track of all our identification data. Most people try to mitigate this by composing their passwords from familiar information such as names or birthday dates, but these can be guessed easily and therefore do not provide sufficient protection. The re-use of the same password - also a widespread practice - is even more dangerous and greatly facilitates the work of pirates, organizations or governments. Password managers help you keep track of your different passwords by providing secure storage (e. g. AES encryption) protected by a unique password. It remains to choose this master password wisely so that it is complicated enough not to be guessed but not too much not to be forgotten either.

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