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    Embark on the journey of self-improvement towards better qualities of love, life and health. Record your daily events, secret, gratitude, and relive those moments in Journey. Trusted by millions of users, Journey is your perfect journaling companion that keeps your private memories for a lifetime.

    Future-proof digital journal

    Designed to keep journal last forever, Journey gives you full control of your private diary by storing them in Google Drive sync.

    Bring your memories anywhere

    Sync journal across multiple platforms. Write on-the-go with Android, or settle down comfortably at home and type on Chromebook, Mac and Windows devices.

    Grow your journaling habit

    Journey's simple and beautiful diary interface encourages you to write more.

    Effortless journaling

    Keeping a diary is easy with Journey; add photos or video and pen your thoughts. It does the rest by adding weather and places to journal entry automatically.

    Relive moments beautifully

    View your journal in timeline, revisit places shown in map, travel back to the past with calendar and review what you did last year with Throwback.

    Private diary with PIN

    Keep secret diary with PIN - enable password and fingerprint locking.

    Versatile journaling

    From fitness to gratitude, customize journal to suit your preferences by connecting to Google Fit and inspiration prompt.

    Share moments with friends and family

    Update your loved ones by publishing journal entry to social media.

    Import and export journal into various formats

    Import entries from Diaro, Evernote and DayOne. You can also export diary to Word docx and print to PDF.


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    Understand exactly how you spend your time and attention, with no data entry.

    Get Smarter with Effortless Time Tracking
    With no data entry, know exactly what software and sites you’re actively using.

    Beat Interruption Overload
    Clobber procrastination with Goals & Alerts and watch your efficiency grow.

    Compare Your Productivity
    See your time management efficiency compared to the average RescueTime user.


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    Smarter Time

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    Our time is limited: we only have 24h per day, not a minute more. Time is also our most precious resource, the key to all the happiness and success we find in our lives. Yet we are at a complete loss as to how we actually spend that resource.
    Smarter Time was designed to help people track their time thoroughly, easily and privately.
    Custom-made in-house algorithms make sense of location data, user input and phone sensors to produce an automated timeline of every day's hours. The automation allows the app to be more precise, as it can detect activity changes at the very minute they happen, but also fully painless for the user: after a week-long learning process, it requires no more than a couple minutes manual input per day.
    The data is then presented not only chronologically, but also through customisable analytics, a daily map and a semi-automated goal system designed to make the process of self-improvement as smooth as can be.
    Crucially, because time data is highly sensitive, Smarter Time has put every possible safety measure in place to make sure the user's data never falls into the wrong hands. No data is to be sold to third parties, of course, but beyond that, total privacy is possible by keeping the data fully on the phone and never ever sending it to an online server.
    With Smarter Time, the power is back in the user's hands. Your time to track, your life to know all about, your decision to act upon your knowledge however you wish.
    The app is available on Android, while a complementary client can be downloaded to keep track of activities on PC and Mac.


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    Keep track of every area of your life with the latest activity tracker app for Xperia and Android smartphones.


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    The Fabulous

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    Fabulous is a science-based app, incubated in Duke's Behavioral Economics Lab, that will help you build healthy rituals into your life.


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    Moves automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag.

    • Automatic Tracking: Records daily walking, cycling and running.
    • Places: Recognizes places in your daily life.
    • Storyline: Visualizes your day in an easy-to-read timeline.
    • Routes on map: See the paths you took.
    • Pedometer: Counts your steps, so you can set simple goals.
    • Calories burned for each activity
    • Connected Apps catalog

    Seeing your everyday exercise can help you think about your life in a new way. Start with small changes that can lead to a fitter lifestyle and healthier habits.

    Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    With Moves, our goal is to create an app that will keep your phone running fine if you charge it nightly. In our tests with Moves and other typical phone use, we’ve reached that goal, but your results may vary, as there are many variables that affect battery consumption. We’re continuously working on minimizing battery consumption even further.


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    Track your running, walking, cycling using your smartphone's built-in GPS. Record your entire activity history and track your performance progress.


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    Exist lets you keep track of your life with advanced analytics that work across multiple services.

    Connect with any of these services:

    • Fitbit
    • Jawbone UP
    • Misfit
    • Moves
    • Withings
    • Runkeeper
    • RescueTime
    • iCal Calendars (Google, Apple iCloud)
    • Swarm by Foursquare
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Weather from