Work 06-Projects

  • VisionProject

    Free Personal Web Website

    Web based software for project management, issue tracking, collaboration, team calendar, kanban board and more... It is a powerful platform especially suitable for application development or product development organizations. Collaborate easily in your organization or your team or with customers.


    VisionProject icon
  • LibrePlan

    Freemium Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    LibrePlan is an open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control.

    LibrePlan is a collaborative tool to plan, monitor and control projects and has a rich web interface which provides a desktop alike user experience. All the team members can take part in the planning and this makes possible to have a real-time planning.

    It was designed thinking on a scenario where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the work inside a company. Besides, it makes possible the communication with other company tools providing a wide set of web services to import and export data.


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  • dotProject

    Free Windows Linux Website

    dotProject is a web-based, multi-user, multi-language project management application. It is free and open source software, and is maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers.

    User Management
    Email based trouble Ticket System
    Client/Company Management
    Project listings
    Hierarchical Task List
    File Repository
    Contact List
    Discussion Forum
    Resource Based Permissions
    Gantt Chart of project Progress


    dotProject icon
  • ProjectLibre

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    ProjectLibre is a Java-based project management solution that gives Microsoft Project a run for its money. Offering a UI similar enough to ease the transition from Microsoft's market leader, ProjectLibre packs in calendars, resource tracking, task management, and cost-tracking tools.

    ProjectLibre is a new and updated version of OpenProj with hundreds of updates/bug fixes


    ProjectLibre icon
  • BamBam!

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    BamBam!™ is a collaboration platform for people of different roles and work styles for whom regular task management software is not enough. It is the only tool that can be adjusted to the profile of its user, be it a developer, project manager, tester, client or [your_profile_here.]

    With real-time updates, smart streams, workflows, milestones, advanced reports, profiles, permissions and notifications it will help you complete any project, no matter what size and complexity.

    Add Chime™ and Anchor™ for time tracking and wiki for free, integrate with Springloops™, the fastest Git/SVN source & deploy available online, and receive the most complete and powerful collaboration package you'd ever get.


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  • Docracy

    Free Web Website

    Docracy is the web's only open collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online.


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  • Teamgantt

    Commercial Web Website

    TeamGantt is the easy way to use gantt chart software online. You can now manage your projects with easy to use gantt software, and manage projects with coworkers.


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  • Price&Cost

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Website

    The best way to stay on top of your project costs. Estimate, track, and analyse project financials.


    Price&Cost icon
  • LawGeex

    Free Windows Web Website

    LawGeex compares your legal document to thousands of others in our database. In just a few seconds we show you what’s common, what’s unusual, and what’s missing. We translate legalese into plain English, so you’ll know what you’re signing.


    LawGeex icon
  • Collabtive

    Free MySQL Community Edition Self-Hosted PHP Website

    Collabtive is a cloud based groupware, easy to use and efficient for your projects.


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  • Streamtime

    Commercial Web Website

    Studio management for humans.

    Streamtime is a project management tool made for humans, not robots. Plan jobs, track progress, and spot opportunities – with the system doing most of your team's time tracking for them.

    Log time with the to-do list (goodbye timesheets).
    Streamtime tracks your team's time using intuitive to-do lists that are auto-populated from job plans.

    Plan, assign and track jobs.
    We think your work life needs more 'life' and less 'work' – so we redesigned our job management system with your humanity in mind.

    Everything you need to know, at a glance
    We get it. You're busy. That's why your Streamtime dashboard only tells you what you need to know, in the level of detail you need.

    Everything, connected.
    Your to-do list, planned jobs and dashboard work together so that whenever you make a change in one place, it’s reflected everywhere. Streamtime also makes tasks, deadlines, blockers and budgets accessible to all team members - that way it’s not only our jobs in sync, but your team too.


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  • eversign

    Freemium Web Website

    Our global economy is shifting rapidly and the digitalization is finding its way into every department we work in. What we once sent by post is now sent via email, what was once discussed in person now happens via Skype, and what was once signed on paper is now signed using platforms like eversign. With digital signatures taking over in thousands of large companies already, taking care of business documents has become significantly easier, more cost-effective and less time consuming.


    eversign icon
  • AddProgress Inc.

    Free Personal Web Website

    AddProgress is an elegantly simple online app to create team status reports that track progress on short-term tasks and long-term goals. Create your own status report categories or use the pre-built layouts for use cases such as weekly status, annual performance goals, sales pipelines, agile development and process checklists like new employee on-boarding. Features include drag and drop ordering, comments, activity stream, due dates, sub checklists, quick statuses, percent complete and notifications.


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