• My Profiles

    Commercial iPhone Website

    Take full control with Custom Alerting, Call Silencing, Location Services and more! Find yourself constantly changing the settings on your iPhone depending on what you''re doing or where you are? How about getting alerted when a critical email comes in from your boss? What about being able to sleep at night without being disturbed, unless it''s a call from a loved one? Wish you didn''t have to keep changing the auto-lock function when you''re charging at your desk? Do all of this and more with MyProfiles!

    Adjust how your iPhone behaves based on time, location, connected devices, low battery, and more.

    • Custom alerting of email based on Subject, Sender, Only to You, and account. - Automatic rules engine to enable profiles
    • Custom alerting of SMS messages and missed calls based on caller phone #. - Repeating Alerts for Email, SMS, and Missed Calls.
    • Silence Calls via WhiteList or BlackList - Escalating Rings and Vibrate 1st then Ring
    • Customized Vibrate Pattern - quietly alert to a specific email.
    • Adjust WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Push Email, Auto Lock, and 3G based on Location, Time of Day, and more.
    • Manual Override Profile by holding down the home button and pressing up and down on the Volume buttons.
      Please see the manual at: MyProfiles Manual (PDF)


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    Freemium Android iPhone Website

    Atooma makes your smartphone smarter!
    Create your Atooma to get any kind of task automagically performed on your smartphone.
    Atooma put your smartphone at your beck and call.

    • Whether you want your inbox Sms or e-mail automatically read while driving
    • Or prevent your phone from ringing or log onto a network when battery is about to die
    • What if your phone be so smart as to save in Dropbox your holiday's pictures
      No matter what need to be done, from wifi to facebook posts, gps to Gmail and photo – there is Atooma to automate it all.


    • You can set up conditional events (IF) that automatically trigger simple actions (DO), based on things like time of day, location, your favorite apps, email, battery levels, movement sensors and much more.
    • You can share your Atooma within the Wall and download Atooma from other users, for free!?
    • Manage your Atooma inside the App or log-in to atooma.com


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    Free Mac OS X Linux Android iPhone iPad Website

    Flic lets you create shortcuts to everything your smartphone can do. Snoozing alarms, sending emails or texts, control your smart home peripherals such as LIFX, Philips Hue, WeMo.

    You create a chain of one or more actions that can be executed from your phones lock screen or using the physical Flic button.

    List of third party integrations:
    Philips Hue
    Harmony Hub

    Please note: the app requires the Flic hardware smart button.


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    Free iPhone iPad Website

    Workflows connect apps and actions together to automate things you do on your device. To build a workflow, just drag and drop.

    Workflow includes actions for your device and for your favorite apps. With over 200 actions, the possibilities are endless.

    Add workflows as their own apps on your home screen and launch them with a tap.

    Discover advanced workflows that other people have made and share your own creations in the workflow gallery.