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Apps with 'Whois Data' feature

  1. WebCargo provides robust and responsive REST APIs across all categories, backed up with fast support and clear, pay as you go pricing tariffs enabling large bulk usage discounts.

  2. JsonWhois is the leading cloud hosted Whois API. The service serves WHOIS records for domains and IP addresses through a fully RESTful API. Additionally, the service offers IP geolocation and URL to screenshot services. Free usage per month!.

  3. WhoisAPI is the premier provider of freshly parsed whois data for domain names and IP addresses, also providing IP to geolocation, HTML to PDF, and domain availability RESTful HTTP APIs. Billing is performed on a pay as you go basis, free monthly use.

  4. Daily dump of latest websites created on Internet with emails and phones. Each day thousands of domains are created on the Internet. We make sure to deliver you all the domains created with all the public information in order to prospect them.

  5. WHOIS lets you search any generic domain to find out the registered domain owner and related information. It can also get information of any IP address. You can get data from more than 300 TLDs.

  6. scans every IPv4 address and crawls every known website and web application utilizing such protocols as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SMB/CIFS, SSH, Telnet, SQL and others. Collected data is enriched with additional info and available in Search Engine.

  7. Extract email addresses of the domain owners. Get support of all types of domains, extra data gathering. Get a free trial now!

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  8. Bulk Whois API is a provider of parsed WHOIS data in JSON with simple API, competitive pricing, and top notch support. We support all TLDs including new gTLDs as well as IP addresses. Spend no more than necessary to get WHOIS data for your business.

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    With over 1.5K new gTLDs created so far and more on the horizon the days of everyone rolling their own WHOIS data parser are over.

  10. The Whois API in JSON and XML formats aims to simplify complex data forms, accessing public information for specific domains. Sample code in PHP, NodeJS, and Java are available on the main site.

  11. Domains Index’s WHOIS Database Download provides domainers with a massive domain dataset. It covers more than 80% of the 340 million registered domain names to date, ensuring they get an all-inclusive and up-to-date domain and zone file list.

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  12. provides domain data and appraisal services that help domainers make crucial business decisions. The company has evaluated more than 280,000 domain names using self-learning statistical models for its pricing index.

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  13. With Domain Name Stat’s WHOIS Database Download, researchers and data analysts can obtain updated and comprehensive WHOIS data for reports and studies.

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  14. IQWhois provides an up-to-date and easy-to-use WHOIS Database Download that can be custom-built to suit the needs of any organization.

  15. With Whoisology WHOIS Database Download, marketing professionals can come up with better domain branding strategies while protecting their brands and trademarks.

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