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Apps with 'Page refresh' feature

  1. Development Environment, Tooling Platform and Application Framework.


    Python plugin for NetBeans (nbPython) has been discontinued since v8.1

  2. ReloadMatic automates the periodic reloading of browser tabs. It is the spiritual successor of the ReloadEvery add-on but with additional features and updated for new browser versions.

  3. Convert your HTML, CSS, JS and all other web content into an Android App within seconds.

  4. This is a modified version of ChromeReload ( It is a Chrome/Chromium extensions that can be configured to automatically reload webpages & how often each page reloads. It uses a visual count-down to show time until the next load.

  5. A very powerful and easy to use Chromium Base extension that automatically refreshes the current tab, without requiring any user input

  6. This Firefox add-on adds auto reload options to the tabs context menu & a toggle button to the toolbar.


    The extension seems to be no longer updated and it doesn't work on Firefox 57 and later.

  7. Refresh web pages automatically like never before. This is a great tool for kiosks and pages you want automatically updated at any interval.

  8. Site Reloader is a featured website reloader: it supports list of reloaded windows, reloading in tabs and windows and much more.

  9. Auto-refresh (reload) pages, if they are idle, on a selected interval.

  10. Automatically reload webpage in actual tab. You can set refresh interval. Automatically refresh can be easily activated via the context menu by clicking the right mouse button on the web page. In options you can set refresh interval in seconds.

  11. Easy Auto Refresh automatically reloads pages and tabs in Google Chrome after a specified number of seconds.

  12. Auto-refresh and auto-reload pages after any number of seconds.

  13. Web Reloader will auto reload the web page by timer at custom interval. Auto refresh the website to keep you update with latest information from web page. Monitor the real time stock, news, weather, sport score from website with live update data.

  14. Shuttle is like a small web browser made to access faster your favorite websites and web applications.

  15. Our Web2Apk Builder Tool helps to turns your website into android based mobile app within 2mins and playstore compatible.we have free and paid version of android app for Web2Apk Builder.