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Apps with 'Video review' feature

  1. A video player, interactive image viewer, and flipbook for use in VFX, 3D computer graphics and professional illustration.

  2. Deliver media projects faster by collaborating with your team in one space! Start with building a custom pipeline for your creative team. Keep track of revisions and comments. Get approvals in a matter of seconds and provide the best teamwork experience.

  3. is a cloud service for video and file management which is well suited for film makers and producers to support them in the post-production process. It's a tool for dailies/rushes, reviews and approvals.

  4. ConfidentCustomer automates the process of getting video, image and text product reviews for your Shopify store. Get product unboxing and demonstration reviews and build interactive and real social proof for your store.

  5. Vidmonials help you to win trust with video updates, testimonials, and feedback. You can create videos like a professional without skills. You can convert your text testimonials into impactful customer review videos.