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Apps with 'User Testing' feature

  1. Cypress is a front end automated testing tool created for the modern web. Cypress is built on a new architecture and runs in the same run-loop as the application being tested.
  2. Teston helps companies to create better digital products by providing a powerful yet easy-to-use service that connects them to local testers around the world.

  3. HeadSpin is the world’s first Digital Experience AI Platform that combines a global device infrastructure, test automation, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics.
  4. Smarlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and apps with always-on visitor recordings, heatmaps, automatic event tracking, and conversion funnels.
  5. Don’t just check for 200’s, model complex customer flows and monitor their realtime performance from around the world. Get notified the instant something goes wrong.
  6. Plerdy is a package of conversion rate optimization tools that are bundled in a single CRO platform. Today are available: Website Heatmap tools, Session recordings, SEO-checker, Popup and NPS builder, Conversion Funnels.
  7. Figma Mirror allows you to view your designs from the Figma desktop app live across all of your mobile devices.
  8. Quant UX is a research, usability and prototyping tool to quickly test your designs and get data driven insights.
  9. FullStory is a digital experience platform that helps industry leading eCommerce and SaaS Companies understand and improve their digital experiences.
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    The fastest and easiest way to report and fix bugs for apps, websites and industrial applications. Bugbattle accelerates your bug reporting process at every stage of the project.
  10. A complete ux tools & user research platform that includes card sorting, tree testing, preference testing, five second testing, and first click testing.
  11. Userbrain is a remote usability testing service with focus on continuous testing. You can order and watch videos of real people interacting with your website. You will hear what users think and see what they do.
  12. Event-based analytics for understanding users’ behavior and experiences online. Uncover what's behind the metrics.
  13. Submit your website/app to Usability Testing Exchange (UTX), then some people will do Usability Testing of it, and send you thoughts and feedback. Instead of paying, you help someone else, in exchange.
  14. BreachDirectory allows you to search through all public data breaches to make sure your emails, usernames, passwords, and domains haven't been compromised.