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Apps with 'Todoist integration' feature

  1. Utopia P2P Ecosystem. Utopia is a feature-rich platform that is specifically designed to protect privacy of communication, confidentiality, and security of personal data. Utopia is a decentralized network, with no central server involved in data transmission or storage.
  2. Morgen is a modern and multi-platform calendar application. It connects to several calendar providers (including Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange,, iCloud) and provide advanced scheduling features powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  3. Paperform is a flexible online SaaS platform that helps small businesses build powerful no-code solutions to cut down on busy work and simplify life. Paperform’s tools redefine what forms can do.
  4. Experience a beautiful new tab page with 5K wallpapers, bookmark manager, search, weather forecast & better history.
  5. TMetric is a user-friendly time tracker for freelancers and companies of any teams size. Available in German and English.
    • FreemiumProprietary
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Online
    • Windows Mobile
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Chrome OS
    • Android Tablet
    • Windows Phone
    • iPad
    • Apple TV
    • Kindle Fire
    • Fire TV
    • Chromecast
    A wifi connected wall display for your photos, calendar, news, weather and to-do.
  6. helps users track activity in their cloud accounts as cards in an intelligent board, maintain focus and save time.
    • Online
    • Asana
    • Trello
    • Slack
    • Google Calendar
    • Todoist
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Bitbucket
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Google Drive - Sheets
    • GitHub
    • HubSpot
    HourStack is a transparent, easy-to-use time management tool customized to your team's current workflow. The all-in-one visual calendar helps you see, plan, and track your team's time across tasks and projects in a complete view.
  7. Finally. Software that eliminates the headaches Project Managers have when it comes to managing their team and all the things they need to get done! Since it's built by Project Managers, it will dramatically slash stress & overload from your team.
  8. Half form builder, half database and fully customizable. Join the makers using Dislack to create, collect and connect with users, customers and so much more.
  9. Pleexy boosts your personal productivity by channeling tasks from your email, note-taking, project management, and collaboration apps into Todoist or Microsoft To Do.
  10. Haystack helps you make the most of your time, by searching all your cloud files, documents and browser history in one place. It's been built for privacy from the ground up, so your data isn't stored on a server, just your computer.