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Apps with 'Text summary' feature

  1. Read hand-picked articles from today’s thought leaders. Save the ideas that inspire you and the methods that could take you to the next level. You absorb, remember and act more, with just 5 minutes per day.

  2. Advanced bookmark manager with automatic tagging, article summaries and full text search

  3. Have you ever abandoned a book after a few pages? Your answer is probably "yes". Instead, learn or review the key ideas of bestselling nonfiction books in minutes. For FREE. Choose between text, audio or animated summaries of bestsellers.

  4. Noty extension automatically transcribes Google Meet calls and generates summaries.

  5. Frase is the AI Layer for your Content. For anyone creating content on a regular basis, Frase helps you research faster so you can focus on creativity.

  6. LitCharts take a completely new approach to analyzing and explaining literature. CliffsNotes and every other literature guide series that followed (including SparkNotes) all use long paragraphs of summary followed by long paragraphs of analysis.

  7. WikiSummaries is in wiki format, meaning any user could edit content and add new book summaries. thousands of books summaries are available, all of which are free to access and read. Downside is that summaries are usually short with a few paragraphs.