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Apps with 'Team discussion' feature

  1. Wikifactory is a social platform for collaborative product development. It offers an all-in-one workspace to accelerate the way your team works. Inspired by best practices in software development, built for product developers from the ground up.

  2. IceWarp integrates all communication & collaboration features in one unified solution. Available in cloud or for on-premises deployment, IceWarp is a great tool to share and exchange all information and ideas online, offline or via mobile devices.
  3. Bloo solves the problems that growing businesses face by ensuring that all discussions are where they are supposed to be, so you have context. Having one place for everything means not opening five different apps, and having clarity of mind.
  4. Create prediction games for various sports and leagues for free with live scores integration as well as individual betting rules and administration of up to 300 individual users.
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  5. OmniDebate is a platform for climate activists to debate and crowdsource information and sources. You create, vote, and revise posts with your team members. Only the top voted posts are made public on the topic page.
  6. Tool for fast and easy creation of live real-time Q&A sessions for smaller and bigger teams and audience with possibility of anonymous interaction and question/reply voting.