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Apps with 'Supports Telegram' feature

  1. Unigram is a third-party Telegram client specifically designed for the Windows 10 platform.

  2. Performance monitoring simplified. Never let users see your website down or with bad loading speeds. Receive alerts & insights in real-time on health and performance.

  3. Form backend for receiving submissions directly to the chat platforms: Telegram, Viber, Messenger, Slack, etc.

  4. is an independent chatbot building platform with an easy drag and drop interface driven by powerful NLP. Create and manage chatbots to automate customer service, marketing and CX across digital messaging channels like WhatsApp and Messenger.

  5. Easy-to-configure and feature-rich form backend that notifies you in your E-mail, Slack & Telegram! Don't write a whole backend for just a form, never miss any submissions again.

  6. Online Live Support allows customers to reach you out via any channel either its WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, WebChat, WeChat, Line or any other.

  7. News reader platform that currently supports Telegram public channels and RSS feeds