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Apps with 'Sleep tracking' feature

  1. Sleep as Android is an Android alarm clock with integrated sleep cycle tracker for waking you up gently in your light sleep cycle.

  2. Gyroscope lets you automatically track and share your life. Gyroscope integrates with all the fitness trackers and apps you're already using.

  3. Your life on a dashboard, automatically track your activities!.

  4. Primed Mind is an Immersive Mindset Coaching App.

    With our coach Elliot Roe, we help you to both, Relax and Prepare for Specific situations. We'll guide you to perform at your best, take on new personal challenges and be happy. Get Primed now!.

  5. The app counts down your due date and gives you weekly updates and tips on your baby’s growth and the changes to your prenatal body. See how you and your baby are developing during those magical months with week-by-week updates.

  6. Plees Tracker is a simple, open source, sleep time tracker for your Android phone.

  7. Combined sports and health activity tracker.

    Only one app with all combined functionality of health trackers and sport workout.