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    Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

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    1.  File VersioningRedmine has a version system that lets you view and go back to older versions of the project/file/document.
    2.  Gantt-chartsRedmine allows you to visualize your project plan through a timeline with schedule bars and keep track of the work done.
    3.  Task Time TrackingKeep a record of time spent on a task with Redmine.
    4.  Extensible by Plugins/ExtensionsRedmine can be extended with add-ons, plugins and extensions.
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  2. 1List is a simple app to manage several lists from only one screen.

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    1.  Privacy focused1List is considered a privacy friendly alternative.
    2.  No Tracking1List will not track you or use your personal data.
    3.  Works Offline1List can be used without the need to connect to the internet.
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  3. Drawasaurus is a drawing & guessing game for your phone and PC. Do your best to draw the word you are given while players from around the world try to guess it!

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    1.  MultiplayerDrawasaurus offers a game mode for more than one player.
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