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Apps with 'Simon Says' feature

  1. In HyperSymon you stretch your brain and improve your memory skills with this pattern-matching game inspired by the iconic electronic game from the 80's.

  2. #Yo icon

    #Yo is the new, action-packed, super-challenging way to enjoy the good old and crazy-fun Simon Says game. Use all of your senses and take this spaceship for a crazy spin! Let #Yo finish demonstrating before you try. All you need to do is repeat the sequence.

  3. Repeat Box icon
    • FreeProprietary
    • Windows
    • Windows RT
    • Windows Phone

    A memory game that is a variant of Simon Says. Challenge yourself by repeating sequences that the computer makes. Unlike the traditional Simon Says, sequence length can be fixed or random. Speed increases after every turn. You have 3 lives.

  4. DittoBeat icon
    • FreeProprietary
    • Android
    • Android Tablet

    DittoBeat is a music game that lets you test your skills and become the ultimate rhythmic copycat. Watch to learn the multicolored patterns and then repeat back the same rhythm pattern as accurately as you can to the music.