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Apps with 'Shortlinks' feature

  1. Plink makes smart links. Plink smart links route listeners into installed Podcast Apps after recognizing their device, geo, and OS. Podcasts also have Plink Show Pages with Apps links for Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, and more.

  2. Link shortener that sends you push notifications when your links are clicked on.

  3. The CryptoLoot JavaScript Miner allows you to embed a Monero (XMR) miner directly into your website. The miner itself does NOT come with a User Interface! It is your responsibility to tell your users what's going on and to provide stats on mined hashes.


    Crypto-Loot is accused of fraud, money laundering and widespread malware distributing operations. The program uses CPU power to generate the untraceable cryptocurrency "Monero" or "Uplexa" known to be commonly used in money laundering operations.

  4. Datamatrix Code Generator allows you to create multiple Datamatrix codes easily. You can Preview your codes in the browser, export to a pdf file, download as a compressed file, download individually or even share as permalink.

  5. HEYSO is a free tool for optimising your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. You’ll get one short "" bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to.

  6. Smart marketing and advertising tools for the music industry, smart links for music.

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  7. Shorten.REST Is The World's Best URL Shortening API. Discover The Most Flexible, Robust, Scale-able, Transactional, URL Shortening RESTful API. Start FREE!