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Apps with 'Shareable URL' feature

  1. Studyzone is a shareable and completely customizable pomodoro timer for teams and study groups. You can study alone or share a room with others. Studyzone is meant for students, developers, teams or just people that need some extra focus.

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    • FreemiumOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Online
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Android Tablet
    • iPad
    • Xcode
    • Android SDK
    • Meteor
    • Xamarin Studio
    • Android Studio
    • Electron / Atom Shell
    • React Native
    • Ionic Framework
    • GitLab

    Distribute and manage your mobile apps, all from one place. For Both iOS & Android.

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  3. Share audio from your podcast, music, or recordings on social media by turning it into custom-branded videos ready for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & more.

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