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Apps with 'Ruby support' feature

  1. Visual Studio Code is more than just a code editor, it provides the tools and extensions to compile, debug, compare, refactor, and even manage code repositories all within a highly-customised development environment.

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    Slim is a template language whose goal is reduce html syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic.

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  2. ApisCP is a hosting platform for modern websites. Multi-tenant with support for PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects. Automatic Let's Encrypt, passive monitoring, threat-deterrence, and Ansible-driven platform checks make administration easy.

  3. Rubyist allows you to run Ruby code on your iPhone and iPad using the MRuby 3 VM. Run code directly in the app or via the Shortcuts app or Siri commands.

  4. It’s the last minute of the game and your opponent has the ball… but he’s lost it! What a chance to score the winner… you take aim, shoot… GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!.