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Apps with 'Rhythm editor' feature

  1. Linthesia is a game. A game of playing music! You only need a MIDI file to play, and a MIDI keyboard (or your PC keyboard). It's a fork of Synthesia, which only runs on Windows and OS X. Linthesia is for GNU/Linux.

  2. Free music toolkit with 4 million downloads. All-in-one metronome/tuner/recorder. Tuner & Metronome is the best free app for musicians. A professional handsfree metronome and the most accurate chromatic tuner app.

  3. Rhythm+ is a web-based vertical scrolling rhythm game (VSRG), you can make, play, and share any songs from and with anyone!.

  4. Quaver is a community-driven and open-source competitive rhythm game with two game modes and online leaderboards. Create your own maps or challenge the world in online multiplayer matches.

  5. ArrowVortex can be used to create or edit stepfiles for various rhythm games, such as DDR, ITG, PIU, Stepmania and osu!.