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Apps with 'REST Client' feature

  1. A powerful REST API Client with cookie management, environment variables, code generation, and authentication for Mac, Window, and Linux.

  2. API testing tool. Which allows web developers to create and test custom HTTP requests.

  3. xh is a friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests. It reimplements as much as possible of HTTPie's excellent design, with a focus on improved performance.

  4. Thunder Client is a hand-crafted lightweight Http Client extension for Visual Studio Code. No separate download needed, Just install the extension from VS Code marketplace.

  5. This is a tool to manually explore and test HTTP REST webservices. Runs queries from a plain-text query sheet, displays results as a pretty-printed XML, JSON and even images.

  6. If you like the interface of HTTPie but miss the features of curl, curlie is what you are searching for. Curlie is a frontend to curl that adds the ease of use of httpie, without compromising on features and performance.

  7. RESTClient can be used to test variety of HTTP communications and RESTful webservices. Friendly GUI, rich functionalities.

  8. The OPC Router is one of the leading data hubs and OPC gateways in the Industry 4.0. As an OPC UA client the OPC Router connects various systems through plug-ins to the automation. F.e.: ERP, SAP, SQL, MQTT, Telegram, REST, SOAP and many more.

  9. Wisdom rest-client is a tool supports automated testing REST API, producing exquisite report, and generating exquisite REST API documentation based on historical cases.

  10. A free open source, native Apple OS X app for testing HTTP/REST endpoints.

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  11. Rest Client feature rich rest client for developers to debug and test their RESTful web services. It can be used to request a URL using the following HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, PATCH, COPY, SEARCH, OPTIONS.

  12. Main goal of this VSCode extension is storing all HTTP request & response data automatically as files in a VSCode workspace.

  13. REST Client for VS Code icon
    • Send/Cancel/Rerun HTTP request in editor and view response in a separate pane with syntax highlight