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Apps with 'Response time tracking' feature

  1. Statsignal is the simplest and most cost-effective way to monitor your website or server and publish a status page of your system. No plans, pay as you go. Free monitors available.

  2. Performance monitoring simplified. Never let users see your website down or with bad loading speeds. Receive alerts & insights in real-time on health and performance.

  3. Monitor uptime,response timeandapdex indexes of your website or api for free and receive instant updates through e-mail or Slack with real time announcements. Don't leave your customers in the dark during downtime & outages of your website.

  4. Monika is a command-line application to monitor every part of your web app using a simple YAML configuration file. Get alert notifications through SMTP, Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and many more when your site is down but also when it's slow!.

  5. LANState is a simple NMS with the network topology mapping and device monitoring functions. Add hosts to a graphical network map and monitor their state in the real time. Receive failure notifications when hosts and services go down.

  6. UserExperior is an enterprise grade qualitative analytics for mobile apps provides session replays, heatmap analytics, journey analytics, user segmentation & response time tracking.